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Soup Kitchen

Paul Ryan DID

Wash Dirty Dishes

10/16/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

101612_brian_antal_launchThe guy who runs the Ohio soup kitchen that Paul Ryan appeared at this weekend tells TMZ ... contrary to his earlier statement, Ryan DID get dirty with dirty dishes.

Brian Antal tells us ... the V.P. hopeful was only at the kitchen for 10 to 15 minutes and only interacted with one of their "clients."

Antal -- who wasn't at the soup kitchen at the time of the Ryan visit -- said his volunteers left some dirty dishes in the kitchen for Ryan to clean.

But when we asked him if the Ryan people had orchestrated the dish-cleaning stunt, Antal said, "No comment."

There is video floating around, showing Ryan giving a pan one scrub -- and that was the extent of the washing.


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TMZ campaigning for OBAMA again. Where was the president Giving an important press conference? Meeting with world dignitaires? No he was probably giving an itnerview with the ladies of the view or people magazine That is just such an insult by the president and revelas his lack of judgement on how to reach out to the american people

715 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Dear TMZ,
Thanks for skipping reporting on my hideous debate.

Joe "I'm A Clown" Biden

715 days ago

OH NO!    

Great , the Cult guy and the P90X guy are getting desperate. That's as much as you will ever see them do, if they get elected. We are screwed.

715 days ago


More libby BS from's become so predictable

715 days ago

Action Jackson

715 days ago


TMZ ought to stay out of politics. Both sides do photo ops all the time; it's what they do. Let's stop pretending that only one side does it, and let's stop making something out of nothing. Let's stop covering this as if it's some kind of outrage. It's stupid.

715 days ago


And Obama kisses babies, goes on Late Night TV more then any other president while in the midst of a crisis but that does't make news. I hope that soup kitchen guy gets fired and I hope the donations stop. The positive media slant towards obama is out of hand.. and each story gets Mitt my vote.

715 days ago


Get off Obama's nuts TMZ!

715 days ago


OMG - who freaking cares! While I (sadly) think Obama will win re-election....the Obama-Biden-Mainstream Media Obama Filled Supporters seem to be losing putting two seconds into a non-story like this.

Hey, Libya massacre, dead ambassadors, gas @ $5.00 a gallon, inflation, underemployment, unemployment, Obamacare hidden taxes for middle class.....and this is what the news gives us. It isn't just TMZ, mainstream 'news' shows gave us this too.

Your guy is at 50/50, when as an in***bent, he should be 10 points and comfortably preparing the re-election party. Hey, wake up. Personally, keep talking about nonsense. Romney and Ryan are hitting a cord: jobs, taxes, big brother govt., personal freedom, growing business, growing jobs, etc.

Later today, Mitt Romney opens a door. Did he really open the door, or was it staged? Obama pours a cup of coffee...did he, or was it staged?

Back to the Obama man boobs and Ryan abs.....Mitt's hair, is it really his hair, or is it fake?
Pictures of Romney sipping , yikes, a cup of tea w/ caffeine! Oh no!

715 days ago


Yeah, A-political interview my @$$. Sounds like Mr. Ryan stopped at the kitchen late morning on a Saturday to help out. Didn't realize that they closed early on a Saturday. Went in and helped out and talked to whoever was left. I'm sure the Ryan team didn't want to take up too much of the Soup kitchens time since they were closing and the Volunteers were on their way home. After Ryan left, he talked to some homeless men outside the kitchen. this all ya got TMZ.

715 days ago


Either way, do you think he would be at a soup kitchen helping out in any way if it wasnot caught on camera? Puhleeze..

715 days ago


Love the one sided view of politicians doing good deeds on film, TMZ stick to what you do, filming low life celebs in sex tapes and getting DUIs. Romney and Ryan have proven rack records of real community service and giving.

715 days ago

There's a problem here    


Asswholes both.

715 days ago


I'm thinking this Antal guy is a Demoncrate.... Seems like he dosent want to say anything good about Ryan. Either way if he did go there to help its political if he did it out of the kindness of his heart, yep its political too.... The only difference between Politicians are their skills they have to be deceitful and everyone of them are! Oboma included!

715 days ago


Come on TMZ, is it a slow news day?? You think it is ok for Obama to waste his time on American Idol comments while the US is in tragic times, but not for Ryan to campaign? Obama spends more time campaigning than doing his job, as President!!! Do you honestly believe that this is the first photo op in campaign history? That Obama or Clinton have never done this?? Please dont become a member of the stale and desperate Libral Media! It is not attractive on you.

715 days ago
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