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Soup Kitchen

Paul Ryan DID

Wash Dirty Dishes

10/16/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

101612_brian_antal_launchThe guy who runs the Ohio soup kitchen that Paul Ryan appeared at this weekend tells TMZ ... contrary to his earlier statement, Ryan DID get dirty with dirty dishes.

Brian Antal tells us ... the V.P. hopeful was only at the kitchen for 10 to 15 minutes and only interacted with one of their "clients."

Antal -- who wasn't at the soup kitchen at the time of the Ryan visit -- said his volunteers left some dirty dishes in the kitchen for Ryan to clean.

But when we asked him if the Ryan people had orchestrated the dish-cleaning stunt, Antal said, "No comment."

There is video floating around, showing Ryan giving a pan one scrub -- and that was the extent of the washing.


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Obama carried pizza boxes in a room....did he really order the pizza's and buy them...then deliver them??? Is he a pizza delivery guy or POTUS?

703 days ago


If Obama bought or had someone delivery pizza to his campaign workers, at least someone was there to receive and eat the pizza.

703 days ago


What's really shamefully about the whole incident, is that his son was standing right at his side, watching his day disgusting display of deceit! What a role model for your own kid.

703 days ago

Arcadia Rink    

He should wash out MITT ROMNEY'S MOUTH with SOAP! #LIES #47%

703 days ago



703 days ago


But just ignore the first Ambassador assassinated in 30 years and 3 other brave dead Americans, and the Obama camp's shameless lies and cover ups, Fast and Furious and a doctored unemployment rate of 7.8 (still crappy!) percent because they conveniently forgot to include the state of California. Please, by all means clutch your pearls with indignation over what may or may not be a photo op. Look who's thinking with their lady parts now! (Or man parts, same fricking results when you don't use your brain).

703 days ago


So Obama covers up Benghazi and bold face lies to the US public and all you can do is question whether Ryan really cleaned a pot? Pathetic attempt to take the glare off Obama

703 days ago


Again, TMZ, I come to this site to be amused by the Hollywood goofballs. If I wanted biased reporting on elected officials I can go somewhere else. Do you actually want most of us to go somewhere else?
I thought you had learned your lesson when you posted Ryan's prom picture, FGS.

703 days ago


Romney/Ryan 2012!!! Can't wait to vote!

703 days ago


Watch the video they were clean...hello

703 days ago


Please, is he really the first politician to pose for a photo op? Really???

703 days ago


This is what Biden would be doing for a living if the liberal wackos in Delaware didn't vote him in a as their senator 100 years ago

703 days ago


This what goofy Biden would be doing for a living if the liberal wackos in Delaware did not vote him in as their senator 100 years ago. Think about it, both Obama and Biden have never had real jobs, they just live off taxpayers money...any person who votes again for Obama and Biden has some type of mental disorder....they have been complete failures and have no record of success to run on.

703 days ago


You need to understand that in large kitchens there is more than one "dirty" sink. So although you only see him swipe a pan once and put it in another sink, it's ridiculous to assume it was a "clean" sink, and therefore a "clean" pan. The film is cut before you can determine if more cleaning is done to the pan, which leads me to believe he DID finish cleaning the pan, because why else would the film be cut at that point?

703 days ago


contrary to his earlier statement, Ryan DID get dirty with dirty dishes.
Of course he did but first they had to spread a lie..

703 days ago
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