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Candy Crowley

CNN Ducking Controversy

10/17/2012 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You'd think CNN would be thrilled with all the controversy over Candy Crowley's performance at last night's Presidential debate, but we've learned network honchos are NOT happy she's become part of the story.

Multiple sources connected with CNN tell TMZ ... the honchos think Candy did a good job, but they're freaking out over allegations that she was pro-Obama and harsh on Romney. As one source put it, "They want to make all of the publicity over Candy just go away, because it calls into question CNN's impartiality."

Another well-connected CNN source scoffs at the reaction, telling us, "It's typical. This type of publicity is great. More people know who Candy Crowley is than ever before, and CNN is blowing the chance of exploiting it."

A CNN source says putting Candy on the network last night immediately following the debate was not because CNN was bragging about her performance ... it was "damage control." 

The source added, "What CNN cares about is the brand.  It's all about the brand." 

So 1980.


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No doubt that she was in Obama's camp, that right there makes her not so good.. it should be a fair debate. > don't like her and now never will. Even if you are on the same side, no one should know it. I am not even a Romney fan and that's how I took it

734 days ago


Please all conservatives here, get everyone out to vote. This is our chance to save this great country. Romney will have his work cut out for him due to the overwhelming debt. We are bankrupt and it could get real ugly. We are one welfare and food stamp card load from a total breakdown of society. If those cards didn't load on time there would riots and looting within hours. Obama's only plan is to continue spending. We cannot afford 4 more years of Obama spending. Do you liberals realize that even if everyone who makes over $250, 000 was taxed at 100% it would not even make a dent in the debt. It's that bad.

734 days ago


Candy should not have interjected herself into the debate...Then she showed her pure Bias for the Obama ticket, by saying he was right...Then later saying Romney was right. In my opinion BOTH Female moderators, Candy & Martha, from the Mainstream Media, Sucked "Big Time" they let their bias for Obama/Biden Show!

734 days ago


Amertca's very own answer to Pravda, CNN [COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK] is getting it's due and will remain at the bottom of the ratings swill. Last night's debate was a prepared Obama rah-rah session - courtesy of CMM, yhe LEAST TRUSTED television network.

734 days ago


She wasn't hard enough on Romney. Constantly jumping up when it wasn't his turn to speak, interrupting, putting his hand out at her saying 'stop' because he kept wanting the last word despite his time being up or it not being his turn to speak. I don't what debate others were watching but Mitt was a completely rude little ****.

734 days ago


Have you ever noticed they never have hot chicks as the moderators? This is what's missing? If they used that chick on the Bloomberg network who looks like Kim Kardashian (Deirdre Bolton), this program will go from a snore to a ratings boom.

734 days ago


I love how the debate was set up with time limits, but once Candy so blatantly blew off the time limits in favor of Obama the CNN representative starts talking about doing a word count. Way to change the rules after the game is played, how is that impartiality???

734 days ago


Candy could not resist inserting herself in debate!! She talk trash on CNN promoting Obama. Oh yes, one more comment, she was looking like a f**king bitch!!! Who selected her for a moderator?

734 days ago


goes without saying CNN is one of the reasons no one believes the media. CNN is extremely liberal and shows extreme bias favoring Obama

734 days ago


Candy could not resist inserting herself in debate!! She talk trash on CNN promoting Obama. Oh yes, one more comment, she was looking like a f**king bitch!!! Who selected her for a moderator?

734 days ago


Candy covered Obama's Ass !!! Coward Obama need some one to hide behind like always!!

734 days ago


It was apparent from before the debate that she could not be impartial. Listen to any of her appearances from weeks ago. She did do as well as could be expected, given her bias. Now they have to walk back her interruptions and misleading statements.

733 days ago


So one gets to speak longer if they talk slower? That is a new one for the books that is for sure. CC was the moderator not the fact checker and on top of that her facts were wrong and they put her own CNN after to walk it back and admit that Romney got it right but his words were odd. This is not going away as she changed the whole tone of the debate/even Obama spoke after to the man with the question and explained why it took him two weeks to call it right/however as usual what he said in private very different than what he and Candy claimed.

733 days ago


We can chalk up this last debate as a circus. Despite the propping up of Obama by Cowley, most of o bama's answers were from former speeches trite, worn-out, used up phrases. And NO ANSWES to the really important questions, bEcause the important questions were never asked.
Whatta joke, Obama and CNN

733 days ago


CNN doesn't give a crap about damage control! You're all a bunch of assmunching Liberals over there. The American people arent stupid....we can see right thru your selfish liberal antics! And Candy was just one more example of how shady and corrupt you all are! Go Mitt!

733 days ago
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