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Tries to Blunt Romney

Criticism Over Candy

10/17/2012 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CNN's Managing Editor sent an email around the office today, praising Candy Crowley and trying to blunt criticism that she was unfair to Mitt Romney.

The email -- sent by Mark Whitaker and obtained by TMZ -- is almost a series of talking points to address Candy's critics.

Here's the full email:

"Let's start with a big round of applause for Candy Crowley for a superb job under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. She and her team had to select and sequence questions in a matter of hours, and then she had to deal with the tricky format, the nervous questioners, the aggressive debaters, all while shutting out the pre-debate attempts to spin and intimidate her. She pulled it off masterfully.

The reviews on Candy's performance have been overwhelmingly positive but Romney supporters are going after her on two points, no doubt because their man did not have as good a night as he had in Denver. On the legitimacy of Candy fact-checking Romney on Obama's Rose Garden statement, it should be stressed that she was just stating a point of fact: Obama did talk about an act (or acts) of terror, no matter what you think he meant by that at the time. On why Obama got more time to speak, it should be noted that Candy and her commission producers tried to keep it even but that Obama went on longer largely because he speaks more slowly. We're going to do a word count to see whether, as in Denver, Romney actually got more words in even if he talked for a shorter period of time."

TMZ broke the story ... some honchos at CNN want the criticism to go away, even though it's shining a light on one of their most high-profile personalities -- and you just can't buy this type of publicity.


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Let's call it like we saw it... Romney was bullying her. He spoke to her like she was beneath him. People want to vote for this guy?? He clearly has no respect for the "little" people so how would he respect the "little" people if we give him an office? There's more of us "little" people that there is of you...

To clarify: "little" people = The majority of us that have advanced college degrees, but have to work 60 hours a week at minimum wage to pay the bills.

744 days ago


RomneyCare is a Failure.....

744 days ago


She did a horrible job. She constantly interrupted Romney, and stopped a critical discussion by interjecting her comments pertaining to Libya. Clearly, she was wrong, and clearly Obama is involved in a cover up pertaining to Libya

744 days ago


I thought this woman Candy did a great job. At least she shut the cartoon character's mouth.LOL. Romney never had a chance to interupt her or our President. He is such an a..hole. There is NO WAY he will be the next President. He's totally all about himself and the rich. He actually had the nerve to say he dislikes white people, and they should go out to work? What about white, or any other color of poor people? God I hope he leaves the country. He totally lost last nite. LOL LOL

744 days ago


Candy Cow had an agenda, and it was against Romney. So sick of the liberal hacks in the tank for Mr. Primetime. She had to hold his hand while he lied about Benghazi to the nation - AGAIN! How this plant got the job, I'd like to know.

744 days ago


CNN, just another biased Liberal media outlet, as USUAL!.

744 days ago


As someone who was forced to watch the debate with my boyfriend, a huge Obama fan, what I saw was Obama in Crowleys and the audiences faces wagging his bony finger, pointing his finger, kind of like Clinton did when lying. Candy interrupted Romney 32 times, and Obama only 3. 9% more time for Obama. Word county? Nonsence, its not word count, its a time limit. Disgraced CNN can't just admit when they are biased. From what I hear, all the debates so far we got much more time than the Romney side, and when Crawley backed up Obama, I went and read the transcript on line, and it was pretty clear, about 15 paragraphs in the Rose Garden and the final sentence said someting about terror in general, so my conclusion was that Obama lied and Crawley faked like she had the transcript, which was really suspect. Seems like Obama won the debate based on that lie, but not the war so I have to give it to Romney on telling the truth. I hate liars. CNN, you really suck.

744 days ago


i don't know about you but i think (Barry H. Obama) did a great job at the debate....

744 days ago

paul a.    

Word count? Please.........

744 days ago


moment pertaining to Obama's cover up of the Libya issue, she interjects herself with inappropriate comments. Romney will win this election because Obama has done nothing for this country. He is a liar and never had the knowledge to be President. We gave him the job, he failed, and now he needs to be fired.

744 days ago


She was wrong for interjecting her big fat opinion into the debate. The fat chick from Wilson Philips was not a debater yet she was getting into semantics and it was BS. Even AFTER the debate, of course after everyone turned off their tv sets she said that Romney was right and that O didn't say it was a terrorist attack but she said that "he did use the word terror" Give me a flipping break. And for TWO weeks people were told it was because of a bogus youtube video. Funk that. I hope she goes the way of Mama Cass.

744 days ago


It's a shame CNN has become so biased. "John Candy" Crowley bent over backwards to help Obama win the debate.

744 days ago


I was undecided and last night I was moved to vote for Obama because as a woman I do not appreciate Romneys approach of letting his binder full of women and his cabinet of women go home to cook dinner for their family. Seriously! Oh and he is trying to stream line the occult of Mormonism by calling himself a "Pastor" the LDS church does not have pastors. They have stake presidents. He is was very rude and condescending.

744 days ago

Don Martin    

Oh it would be so nice if the back alley critics at FOX, MSNBC and everywhere else would just shut their pie holes and go vote.

744 days ago


Well first of all, Candy Crowley should not have been the moderator because she has said negative things about the Romney campaign such as calling Paul Ryan's selection as Vice President a "death wish". During the debate, Candy interrupted Mitt Romney 28 times compared with only 9 for Obama. Candy was also wrong about the attack in Benghazi because Obama was asked point blank on multiple occasions about whether the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack and Obama would not say yes or no.

744 days ago
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