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Tries to Blunt Romney

Criticism Over Candy

10/17/2012 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CNN's Managing Editor sent an email around the office today, praising Candy Crowley and trying to blunt criticism that she was unfair to Mitt Romney.

The email -- sent by Mark Whitaker and obtained by TMZ -- is almost a series of talking points to address Candy's critics.

Here's the full email:

"Let's start with a big round of applause for Candy Crowley for a superb job under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. She and her team had to select and sequence questions in a matter of hours, and then she had to deal with the tricky format, the nervous questioners, the aggressive debaters, all while shutting out the pre-debate attempts to spin and intimidate her. She pulled it off masterfully.

The reviews on Candy's performance have been overwhelmingly positive but Romney supporters are going after her on two points, no doubt because their man did not have as good a night as he had in Denver. On the legitimacy of Candy fact-checking Romney on Obama's Rose Garden statement, it should be stressed that she was just stating a point of fact: Obama did talk about an act (or acts) of terror, no matter what you think he meant by that at the time. On why Obama got more time to speak, it should be noted that Candy and her commission producers tried to keep it even but that Obama went on longer largely because he speaks more slowly. We're going to do a word count to see whether, as in Denver, Romney actually got more words in even if he talked for a shorter period of time."

TMZ broke the story ... some honchos at CNN want the criticism to go away, even though it's shining a light on one of their most high-profile personalities -- and you just can't buy this type of publicity.


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thats like a ref making wagers on a game they are officiating

703 days ago


The debates are absolute bull**** no matter what. If someone is undecided at this point they should just shut their eyes and pick a candidate. Obama and Romney are SO completely different and stand for such different economic, moral and social issues, I just can't imagine even needing to see these 2 debate to make a decision.

703 days ago


Obama was all BLUSTER, NO SUBSTANCE, NO VISION for the future, just sound bvtes from the last four years

703 days ago


As a woman who was raised in Mitt's church, I thought he talked to Candy in a dismissive, arrogant, condescending many Mormon men whose wives pledged "obedience" to them during their temple wedding. This practice stopped in the 90's.

703 days ago


If Obama wouldn't speak so slowly and pause after. Every. Word maybe he would have said more! What's with the dialect? Thought he was from the Midwest

703 days ago


"under the most difficult cir***stances imaginable. "Really? Those were the MOST DIFFICULT CIR***STANCES IMAGINABLE??? Wow what a relief for the rest of CNN. Their news is so clearly biased I thought it was common knowledge how "In the bag" they are for Obama. Because of their coverage this undecided voter made a decision...

Maybe those at CNN have never had a debate class, but if you talk fast or slow that's not in the rules. Sticking to the time IS IN THE RULES. But again, CNN is in the bag for Obama and can't even see it.

703 days ago


She was totally on Obamas side.... She had to comeback on tv today and say she made an error....Obama Did not say Terrorist the next day....

703 days ago


A moderator shoud be just that, a moderator and not a participant. CNN blew it big time on this one.

703 days ago


I'm still trippin' about how Obama deserted his post after the TERRORIST ATTACK __ it was more important for him to go PAR_tay with JZ and BEYONCE"S cheddar ! Cinderella should have stayed in Washington_instead he stayed too long and turned into a pumpkin_

703 days ago


They wanted somebody impartial - this was a set-up.
The media can put lipstick on their pig all day long bit they can't change his record of failure.

Even Ray Charles could see and smell the bullshyte in this debate.

703 days ago


Proof of media bias. TMZ is just as guilty. Surprised they even broke this story.

703 days ago


All I know is that Myth Romney acted like a meth addict . What an embarrassment to have this guy negotiate with foreign heads of state. He will get us all killed. Moron.

703 days ago

Umm ok...    

Watching CNN today, I saw this ad that is actually being run by an immigrant who came to America to pursue the dream, work hard & become successful. It is an amazing ad. Watch it. Share it. Post it. People need to see why America is great and socialism is not the way.

703 days ago

Leave It Alone    

I saw this happen, and felt it was very inappropriate. I would say the same thing if she defended Romney rather than Obama. It's not her place as a moderator to defend either candidate.

703 days ago

R Smith    

This is Candy Crowley's last debate. She can't even get her facts straight. Anyone that votes for Obama is not paying attention or is on the govt dole.

703 days ago
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