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Mel Gibson's New Chick


10/17/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson and Ashley Cusato
Mel Gibson has a brand new lady friend and she's TOUGH AS NAILS ... with a brown belt in karate ... and a serious penchant for danger ... TMZ has learned.

The new woman in Mel's life is Ashley Cusato ... an actress and stuntwoman who's actually been featured as a stunt double for big stars like Emily Deschanel and Denise Richards.

Sources close to the actor tell us ... the two have been dating for about a month -- and things are going so well, Mel has already introduced her to several members of his family.

In fact, sources close to la familia Gibson tell us ... they LOVE her and are convinced she's gonna be around for a long, long time.

Now for some fun facts -- Ashley's training for her black belt in Yoshukai karate ... she's a former NCAA Division I swimmer ... she won "Best Body" in high school.


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Well, at least it will be a fair fight this time ...

737 days ago


Well I hope she blows Mel when he comes home, otherwise, I can’t wait to hear about it in he's next phone rant.

737 days ago


You flucking, FLAKING idiots.
Mel is now with a new woman, like the LAST woman that you claimed was his one and only.
Get over yourself. Yup, new girl is close to his age, can kick your damn arses. OH, scuks to be you, TMZ.
If she's he's new squeeze, good for him, WHATEVER. He had one date with her, let's tie him down with her, EH!!!
Martial arts expert, I hope ANY and ALL media you send out to him, she kicks YOUR ASS on a regular basis. Are you people that STUPID?
How pathetic...

737 days ago


Do you know what's REALLY funny about this thread?
It was posted TWO DAYS AGO Via a few other GOSSIP SIteS. All of a sudden TMZ decides to post more Mel crap, wooohoo.
Explain to me, WHY, you didn't post or boast about Russell Crowe splitting up from his wife of NINE YEARS, Danielle Spencer?
You people are pathetic.

737 days ago


Did you just call Denise Richards a big star? Snicker. She is not a big star. She is a big celebrity because of who she has screwed, and who she has children with.

737 days ago


The first time he calls her "sugar tits" he's going to need his jaw wired.

737 days ago

Spicy mag    

I bet she's not Jewish.

737 days ago


Ridiculous!!! She looks like she should be his daughter. What could she want in this vile old man?

737 days ago


Oh please! Martial Arts Chicks are a dime a dozen. Just because she is training for a Black Belt does not mean squat in a "real fight". I've seen many Martial Arts people both men and women choke in an actual fight. Mel has himself another self glorifying pain in the arse to deal with. Now they can both get drunk together and pat themselves on the back.

737 days ago


You better not try any rough stuff with this one Mel. She will beat the **** out of you.

737 days ago


Good for Mel, I am glad he is getting laid on a regular basis. And the Russian chick deserved the punch in the mouth for trying to embezzle money from him :)

737 days ago

Mae White    

That way when he gets his next angry/racist/misogynist attack she'll be right there to belt him!

737 days ago

BB not bb    

Well he can't get along with sweet little Russian singers, so maybe this is the right type for him. I wonder if he will try to yell at her and call her foul names. Maybe she will karate chop him to the ground.

737 days ago


@Majestic, you sound like a scorned lover, What ,did you get it on with Mel and he rejected you.Why are you defending him so much? Are you jealous that he has a new chick?

737 days ago

BB not bb    

She has a husky kind of build that looks like she might be a good fighter. This should be very interesting. Maybe she is really a secret feminist waiting for a chance at revenge on behalf of women. When she takes his old drunk whiny butt down, she will vindicate all the horrible things he said about women.

737 days ago
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