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Presidential Debate Questioner

I'm STILL Undecided

After Crappy Answers

10/17/2012 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The woman who claimed she was torn between voting for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney last night during the Presidential debate tells TMZ, she's STILL undecided -- even after both candidates answered her tax cut question. 

You probably recognize her -- her name's Mary Follano, and she asked what the candidates' positions were on tax breaks, and how each prospective administration would make up for losses in government revenue, blah blah blah.

Mitt and Barack both gave stock responses -- feel free to argue, we don't care -- and 54-year-old Follano says she's no closer to a decision now than she was before last night's debate.

Follano tells us, "I see positive things in both their plans ... I look forward to the next debate."

As for her little slip-up -- when she blanked on part of her question -- Follano says she did her best to memorize, but she stumbled at the last second.

FYI -- Follano's a registered Republican who claims she voted for John McCain in 2008. In her words, "He's an American hero."

Still, we gotta ask ...


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Mr. Clean    

I want less arguing about hypothetical plans. It drives me nuts!
Give each candidate an hour. I want an PowerPoint presentation and an Excel doc showing what the plan is and where we will end up at what time. Give me a P&L sheet and walk me through where it will balance.
ANYONE can just stand up there and say it will balance.

734 days ago


Undecided voters = Stupid People

That's all these debates and ad are for at this point... stupid people. If you don't know by now who you're voting for.. well, you're a moron that probably shouldn't be voting anyway.

734 days ago

Lynda Jones-owings    

Well this is a no brainer. If you have not decided who you are going to vote for by now, I really don't think you will decide. Rom-ney-bush/Ryan have just made a complete game out of the election with more lies than you can count them all. It is very easy to look at the facts if you are a intelligent person and decide on a candidate. think about who has your best interest at hand, who will best provide you with what you and your families needs, who cares about your needs. I am sure you have not just been lying around not observing what has been going on though the campaign. This is clearly not rocket science.

734 days ago


if you believe Romney then you probably believe that Chris Hemsworth is really THOR.... --------------------

734 days ago


I agree with this lady, they both had crappy answers,

734 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Without question, "Presidential" debates -regardless of format- have become glorified Dog and Pony shows, with the moderator relegated to a mere shill.
By most accounts, the normally overbearing Candy Crowley, unsurprisingly, muddled the debacle.

Republican "Election"? Democrat "Re-election"?
The Almighty God SELECTION:
The House of David 20Twelve

734 days ago


I agree with this lady they both had crappy answers. Candy asked straight forward questions and both Romney and the Pres danced around all the questions, and didn't get to the point knowing they had only 2 min. By the time they answered you forgot what the question was....very poor

734 days ago


Both plans?? Obama hasn't had a plan for 4 years. Unfortunately, he has no clue what he's doing. Grow up people, this country is hurting and we need a serious adult in the white house that knows something about business.

734 days ago

R. Cortez    

Undecided = Stupid , You should of known by now either way. If you are white, rich or stupid, hate gays and love guns then vote for Romney. If you care about the future of America and love all Americans, then vote for Obama.

734 days ago


I'm more concerned with the decision she made about her hair.

734 days ago


this is insane!!! obama had 4 years!!!! 4 years!!!! nothing is better, its time to give someone else a chance. plain and simple! obama drove this country into the ground. so let a new guy try his method

734 days ago


She needs to cut and style her hair. She looks like mother of all hippies.

734 days ago


If you are voting for Obama at this point , you have a bag over your head while it is buierd inthe sand, all while yuou have Rachel Madcow blasting in your earphones!

734 days ago

your own luck    

If you do not live in one of the swing states and the polls show that Obama or Romney will definitely win your state, here is an alternative if you are not happy with either of these two. Vote for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate. If we could get enough support for a viable 3rd party that could participate in debates, maybe we would not have to listen to these mindless stock answers and the candidates and both parties would realize how fed up the American people are with what is going on in Washington regardless of which party is in power.

734 days ago


Who could be undecided after 4 years of the worst economy imaginable?? Romney is trying to explain that a slow recovering economy with no new taxes is the way to safely get out of this mess . . . instead there are still those out there who ignore lodistics and plan on voting for Obama who continues to borrow money that our children's children will not be able to repay. Wake up people!!!! How much do we have to lose?? BTW, why is Obama's SS# such an odd number and how come he and Michelle never have family members around them at the debates . . . these are some very wierd times my friends . . . very wierd whether you admit it or not.

734 days ago
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