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Sam Lutfi

Britney Shaved Her Head

To Hide Drug Evidence

10/18/2012 3:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Britney Spears was super-paranoid that her hair contained traces of the hardcore drugs she was using -- and that's why she SHAVED IT ALL OFF during her infamous 2007 meltdown ... at least according to Sam Lutfi.

Sam's lawyer, Joseph Schleimer, has been telling the court ... Britney was a serious drug-abuser ... who had a penchant for crystal meth.

Schleimer suggested Britney was concerned that a judge would test her hair for drugs -- and when it turned up positive, she would lose custody of her kids.

So, Britney ... being Britney ... believed that if she chopped off her hair, she could beat the drug test ... at least that's what Lutfi's lawyer is implying.

Britney's side has yet to respond.


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i believe it! K Fed was threatening to take her kids away by taking a sample of her hair so she shaved it

735 days ago


This guy is certainly a douchebag but I believe him on this point. She was clearly on some major drugs back then and they ultimately f*cked up her brain permanently, which is why she's so heavily medicated now and not able to make her own decisions.

735 days ago


That is a very believable reason.

735 days ago


As creepy as Lufti is I do believe there is truth in his allegations. But why it is relevant now is questionable. I understand why people are defending Britney I think they have forgotten just how out of control she was. More than likely she was self medicating.And as far as her shaving all of the hair on her body come on -if she was battling mental illness and drug abuse she was not thinking clearly. Her behavoir at that time is pretty consistant with someone abusing drugs. Remember those lollipops she was always sucking? Many thought they were drug pops. And yes there is such a thing as drug laced lollipops. Whatever she is doing good now leave her alone.

735 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

I actually read that back at the time

735 days ago


Die you worthless POS. Look at her face. That isn't drugs that's mental illness. You knew it and took full advantage. I'm sure if she was drugged it was thanks to you.

735 days ago


What a jerk, she would have to shave all the hair on her body including areas she can't see to hide the evidence of drug use. Maybe some had the wonderful job of helping her out with that task.

735 days ago


DUH!!!! I had a friend do that once for the same reason, urine test? NO PROBLEM! That's why there are products out there that beat urine tests!!

735 days ago


IF that's true, I wonder who GAVE THEM to her. I bet it was HIM!

Jesus, this idiot needs to go away.

735 days ago


I think anyone who gave it any thought of all, knew that.. duh

735 days ago


And this is news ???

735 days ago


The fact that this s***bucket Lufti is telling all this nasty stuff about Spears, true or not, shows that he never had her best interests at heart. He was using her for her money. What a rat.

735 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

I wouldnt doubt it with that freak - but what does ANY of her bat****craziness have to do with that POS Lufti in her life?

735 days ago


Except that hair follicle drug testing is not limited to hair from your scalp. Any hair will do. Eyebrows. Eyelashes. Armpit hair, pubes, the hair on toe knuckles... And shaving does not remove the metabolites in the follicle, only makes the follicle harder to grasp. But give it a few days and it's ready to be tweeted and tested!

735 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

So freaking what??? How much money is this guy spending or need to spend for what we could have told him for free? And you know what...tell me what mother would not shave her head to keep her children? He preyed on her knowing she had mental and emotional issues. Sour grapes on Lutfi's (poor FiFi) part is my honest opinion.

735 days ago
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