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Kim Zolciak to Judge

My Mother is an

Unfit Grandparent

10/19/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Zolciak's two young daughters have sworn under oath ... they DO NOT want to be forced to spend time with their grandmother ... claiming she's nothing but a disrespectful old lady.

The kids are responding to a lawsuit filed by Kim's mom Karen Zolciak -- who wanted the court to FORCE Kim to let her spend time with her granddaughters.

In her docs, Karen had claimed Kim cut her off from the kids back in 2011 ... simply because she used an off-limits indoor bathroom instead of a porta-potty at Kim's televised wedding to NFL player Kroy Biermann.

Now, Kim's kids -- Ariana and Brielle Zolciak (ages 11 & 15) -- have submitted sworn affidavits to the court ... in which they beg the judge to shut Grandma down, explaining, "We both love our grandparents, but due to their actions at the wedding of [Kim and Kroy] ... we have grown apart."

The girls say they have no real desire to see their grandparents ... and insist they have too much going on in their lives to be forced to hang with Granny for overnight visitations.

In the docs, the girls also fire back at Grandma's claims that Kim pushes them into the spotlight -- saying, "We do not live a crazy or abnormal life. We are not forced to appear on television with our mother."

The girls -- and Kim -- are asking the judge to throw out Karen's case. Kim also wants her mom to pay for her legal costs.

Gonna be a fun Thanksgiving.



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Tis is realy stupied. The gandma claims to be a chistaine wellc hristiane dont sue or take thier kid to court. I think her mom is jelaous of kims mooney and fame and wants to be apart of it but kim treats her mom like tralior trash.
Kim needs to show some respct for her parents so what if she used a indoor batyroom ensteadof aporta potty. a prota potty for wedding guest who spendt thousdands on thier out fits just to have them draged threw poop who does that any way,
Kimthinks shes so much better than her mom but kim was a hooker to a marriedman for many years. Her mom never stoped that low.
Kims husband wellfinaly relasied what trash hemarried and get the hellout.
shame on you kim! your a hooker with a heart of stone!!

684 days ago


Kim is a gold digger whore!!! Kim was with a married man, Big Popper for 5years. Her Mom and Dad always watched the girls. Now she married the dum good looking football player and came into money. So no need for your Mom and Dad, you are evil !!!!

684 days ago


i watched her wedding and the fit her mother threw and it wasn't that big of a deal. either there has to be more to this or kim is the pettiest bitch around. my mom has done way worse and i would never think of alienating my kids from her. whatever your issues are they aren't worth cutting out a person who loves your daughters enough to fight in court to see them. you can never have too many people who love your kids. very short sighted of kim.

684 days ago


Dear Kim,

You are "Believing the hype". I hate to use a out of date hip hop reference, but it's more than appropriate. They say you are the best, the most beautiful..and you believe them, forgetting about the soul that has to live inside of a shell that is dying more every day, no matter what kind of surgeries you get. You are a soul, born of a woman who you are taking to court? I am sure that you will say that we dont know the half of what she's done to you, but what I do know is pretty awful. You wouldn't let your Mom use the house bathroom, but the stylist could? Whom ever is sitting around you telling you that that is okay, is not your friend. Your husband was way inappropriate and it looks to me like he doesn't like your mother, so you don't any more. His Mom seems to be a sweet Christian woman and maybe he resents your Mom for being different. That's awful because had your Mom been demure and quiet, you would not be the woman that became a superstar ..which is really the reason why you met your husband. I feel so sad for your children, because they are trusting you to make choices for them that they will later resent. Why don't you just take them to the tattoo parlor and get tats that say " I hate Grandma" . When she passes away or even your Dad passes away as a direct result of all of the stress you are going to feel like sh**, and rightfully so.

684 days ago


She may not be the best grandmother out there, but I don't doubt that both of Kim's parents love and adore their grandchildren. Kim should be ashamed. Kroy too.

683 days ago


Kim's mother is a drunk drugged out piece of garbage.. She was SUCH A BIT CH prior to the wedding. She almost didnt go cuz she didnt get to shop w/ Collin Cowley ( sp ) Then she told Kim she wasnt going to the wedding. WHO does that? What mother acts like that? Then she got wastie pants at the wedding and went into the house when asked NOT TO. Heck it wasnt even Kim and Kroys house.. They were RENTING it. But the mother was too wasted and wanted to start drama. So did that ungrateful aunt. This whole thing is a mess.

683 days ago


The mother is obviously anorexic. Maybe she doesn't want her children to pick up her eating habits.

683 days ago


.... I think money and fame got the best of Kim and her daughters.... I would to know how kim would feel if one of her daughter would not allow her see her grandkids just like she is doing.... Disgraceful

681 days ago


The only time Kim becomes relevant is when RHOA is about to re-air and she wants her name in the news.

674 days ago


Kim is a disgusting fame pig that looks like a tranny. She is so disgusting and a very poor example of a mother. Makes me want to puke that this wh re makes a living by acting like a tramp. I feel bad for Kroy...he seems like a nice guy and his family seem disgusted by Kim.

670 days ago


Kim's children are growing up to be entitled pigs just like her. Their grandmother is unfit? Did Kim mother whore herself to the highest bidder like Kim? I can't stand Kim. Her mouth is so filthy...I don't see how Kroy can stand to touch her funky lips. Talk about unfit mothers. When K.J. was born she spent so little time nuturing him that she had to ask the nanny,,, why was K.J. cryin?. Kim children will probably end up like her. Kim has been such a horrible example for her daughters that I'm sure she is already coaching them in how to garner a married sugar daddy. This is the same woman that popped out her breast for Kroy to nibble on right in front of her children and one of Brielle's male friends. Kim better check the dictionary when she wants to label someone an unfit mother...because her picture will be right next to the definiton. Pig!

668 days ago

miss baldwin    

are you kidding me this from a woman who show her girls it's ok to sleep with married men and get paid be a hooker mommy dose it all the time sorry kim but you cant call anyone unfit

653 days ago

Amber gantt    

It is a shame that Kim would treat her mom like that I promise God is not sleep she will not have any good luck period. Kim is trash and i hope Kroy leave her lying ass

604 days ago


I know some people may say somedsy she won't have her parents (mother) so does that mean her mother can disrespect her, her family on twitter? Sell info to media ect. I back up the Biermans 100%.

24 hours ago
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