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Mildred Baena

Reads Arnold's Book

Why'd He Skip The Sex?

10/18/2012 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking to relive her adulterous glory days, Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby madre Mildred Baena has decided to read Arnie's tell-all book "Total Recall" ... but the problem is, Arnie didn't really tell all.

Mildred shamelessly brought the book out to a cafe in Bakersfield yesterday -- in full view of a photog who just happened to be there -- where she may have finally learned that the steamiest parts of her affair were CHOPPED from the final version. 

Seriously ... when Arnold brings up Mildred in "Recall," he goes from "she worked in the house" right to "when she gave birth to the kid" ... completely blowing off the dirty details of the courtship.

Here's the exact passage:

"Mildred had been working in our household for 5 years and all of the sudden we were alone in the guest house.

When Mildred gave birth the following August, she named the baby Joseph."

Pretty big gap -- but Mildred can fill them in for herself.


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john johnson    

ya mean at every truck stop clearance aisle.

714 days ago


Lordy Mercies! I am sipping some ginnnn delightful tonic and lime on my porch a rockin with my wifi (whoozoo) and seeing this porkied up womans all about her wanting to be something.. Oh honez... you no where around the Sunset Blvd you far away... far away from class from the beautieis of Marie You need to cleanz your houses a little faster to lose some weights!

714 days ago



714 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

Praise be that there are NO SEX TAPES of this bimbo...yes bimbo for she knew he was a married man.

714 days ago


And poor Arnold,was just overcome with passion!!! LOL!

714 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

Because it was not worth mentioning, he had better in his wife. Stupid women - think it is your super fantastic sex that makes a man lie with you, when it is just a horny guy and your convenient and he is weak. The truth is, it's in their kiss, not their pants.

714 days ago


Mildred -- Arnold left out the sex because he loves his x-wife Maria and his children and did not want them humiliated by writing about his sex minus love with a disloyal housekeeper who was able to look his wife in the face for years knowing you were helping to destroying her and her childrens lives.

714 days ago


When I first saw the picture I thought it was Maria?

714 days ago


Expensive looking clothes and hair. Oh and is that a iphone she's got in her hand? Probably out celebrating her c*nt. I mean cut.

714 days ago


Ha ha..the gap is pretty FUNNY. She can write her own book. I bet they did it more than once. I actually admire the fact that she has been quiet. We don't even know what she sounds like.

713 days ago


Awww...her 15 minutes of fame ended prematurely.
Totally cool that the book is already 30% off.

713 days ago


Oh please. Who arranged this photo op, her? There she is with extentions sewn to her brain, sunglasses on for the front shot, and off for the back, her nails all long and pink. Why, she's a star! LOL
And there just happened to be a photog in dusty Bakersfield and he would know her on sight?? Right.
Well, at least we know the $$$ old girly man is paying her are going to a good cause. She doesn't look like she's housekeeping these days.

713 days ago
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