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Mitt Romney's Son

I Wanted to CLOCK

The Prez

10/18/2012 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mitt Romney
's son, Tagg, says he had the urge to take a swing at President Obama when the Chief Exec called his dad a liar.

Tagg made his comment on a radio show, when asked how it felt to hear Obama accuse his father of fibbing.

As for why Tagg resisted ... his first reason -- lots of secret service around. Tagg went on to say ... accusations of lying are all part of the political process.

No word on what Sasha wanted to do to Mitt.


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uncle tom    

this president is a wimp looks like urkel anyone calls my dad a liar and i'll mop the floor with that brillo fro head anyday

682 days ago


What a DORKY name TAGG....He must have gotten his butt whipped all the time with that name. What a BOZO

682 days ago


LMFAO! Just proves that Mitt did not teach his kids any manners. Republicans have been bullying people far too long and it is time for change. What is going on is far from what our forefathers fought for or founded our great country upon. We need to all go back to school and study the constitution in its original form and then re-align ourselves with it. Every single person that is voted into office, as well as the employees, agents, contractors, and etc.. that are paid by the taxes of hardworking Americans should have to grant access to ALL of their financial information in and out of the USA. All the dirty politics would then crumble and those paying for votes would be exposed!

Come on - Cheney made $1 BILLION DOLLARS in his first 4 years in office thanks to his shady deals and awarded them to a company he was on the board of!

Obama is THE President of the USA - the GREATEST Country on the planet and we should respect him even if we disagree with him. If you don't like it - VOTE! That's what FREEDOM is all about! Respect the President and don't trash-talk or bash him, but feel free to say anything you like about the issues you disagree with. Bashing someone's beliefs whether religious or policital is flat out wrong. We are a civilized nation and should act like it!

As for Tagg Romney and him being upset about Obama calling his dad a liar, he needs to realize a half-truth is still half-lie. All politicians should tell the ENTIRE story and not the part they like about it or what will help them. Run an honest campaign and win the office on truth and the issues, then do what you say when you get in the Oval Office! Mitt claiming Obama didn't try is a flat out joke! Boehmer and crew tried to override everything all throughout his campaign. Imagine how much good they could have accomplished if they would have set aside party lines and truly worked together and voted exactly the way their hearts believed and not the "party line".

We, as a Country, need to step back and take a deep breath to move forward and getting our country moving in the right direction again! The first step is to help each other and that starts by reaching out... Man up!

682 days ago


Yeah right!!! Play at your own risk.

682 days ago

Spicy mag    

He looks older than his dada.

682 days ago


sorry kiddo, but your daddy is a lying punk. ask the fact checkers. and not just a liar, but s***bag too! he made his money by destroying American businesses by gutting them and selling them, or moving them to China, putting thousands of American's out of work. Then he has the balls to say how China is evil. If this s***bag is elected i'm movin to Canada.

682 days ago


A bully, just like his dad. Why don't you and your brothers join the military, Tagg, if you really want to do something for your country. Bunch of rich, privileged frat boys. Reminds me of Neidermeyer in "Animal House."

681 days ago


So it's okay to say terrible things about G.W. Bush, throw a shoe at him, etc. while he was still the sitting POTUS, but make a crack about Obama and people are crying foul. All these double standards and outright lack of common sense are the reason why I will be voting third party straight down the ticket this year.

681 days ago


It is kind of funny how calm cool and collected the comments are from the people favoriing Mitt...but those against him? Hate, venom, you name who is racist? Mitt probably wont' win because ol' Barry will have to cheat again with his goofy Black Panthers threatening whites at the poll. Again.

681 days ago


Romney lied about as much as Obama did. They are both liars. The only problem is when Obama lies, the press all fawn over his lies and when Romney lies they call him a racist white man trying to keep the poor man down. The man made money. Everyone hates him because he made his own way without help from the gov't. When did it become our gov'ts job to pay YOUR way to the top? While we are on the subject, who paid for Obama's way? He never held a job before congress then didn't do that very well either.... Just sayin.

681 days ago


I remember him while in boot camp at parris island...One tough dude...I'm pretty sure that's him

681 days ago


I'm pretty sure that many of the 47% would have like to take a swing at Mitt. Anyways, I thought Mormons were suppose to be non-violent.

681 days ago


Of course he felt like he wanted to hit him. Romney's son has that typical sense of entitlement and superiority. Obama's lucky a tree and a rope wasn't around because Mitt's son would've strung him up like it's always been done in the past. Just further incentive for me to go to the polls and vote for Obama. We CANNOT have Mitt's family in the White House. Do you need more evidence?!

681 days ago


Should he be in jail for that comment that was said on national TV? It sounded like a threat to me.

681 days ago


its against the law to threaten the president. He should be arrested and held accountable for threatening THEPRESIDENT.

681 days ago
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