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Mitt Romney's Son

I Wanted to CLOCK

The Prez

10/18/2012 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mitt Romney
's son, Tagg, says he had the urge to take a swing at President Obama when the Chief Exec called his dad a liar.

Tagg made his comment on a radio show, when asked how it felt to hear Obama accuse his father of fibbing.

As for why Tagg resisted ... his first reason -- lots of secret service around. Tagg went on to say ... accusations of lying are all part of the political process.

No word on what Sasha wanted to do to Mitt.


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It is against the law to threaten the president wit any kind of violence. He should be arrested for threatening to do anything to the president. These type of people are un worthy of being in the whitehouse. He should be held accountable for his remark against The PRESIDENT of the United States.

696 days ago

G. St. Anthony Miller    

A spoil little twitt!! I would have him locked up for threaten a United States President.

695 days ago


don't feel bad i wanted to punch him shortly after he took office

695 days ago


Romney’s son clearly violated the President of the United States of America and needs to be apprehended. If it was anyone else they would have been arrested and charged accordingly. After a comment like that he should not be walking free in my opinion he is a terriorist. And yes Romney is a compulsive liar who will turn this place inside out if he was to become President. Are you people blind or is it only the racist who will vote for that S***.

695 days ago


This guy's is just a fool, Like his father Mitten.

695 days ago


I'm just going to vote for the guy with the best record! Mitt Romney, and a VP. that actually has a brain in his head,Paul Ryan!
Obama has done nothing but destroy this country and divide ethnic groups, need proof just look at the posts here!

695 days ago


This guys dad is running for president ? LMAO real professional people they have there.

695 days ago


This man is an idiot, just like good old dad,

694 days ago


Who does this lame POS think he is threatening THE MAN!

694 days ago


The Romney's appear to be an angry bitter White family this is another reason that would make many Romney supporters switch to Obama

694 days ago


Tonight should be enlightening_Let's see if The White House_comes up with some new lines to fool the American people some more.

After the last debate_with the deck stacked in their favor_Future Pres.Romney still easily won by not resorting to lies as Obama did. In both debates Obama had a five or so minutes advantage_In ALL THREE debates_the moderators are leftists who SYMPATHIZE with the DEMOCRATS(_(bleeding heart_liberals_make_me_sick. ) took every opprotunity to interupt Mr. Romney and Ryan_ led the questions for Mr. Obama_helped him lead the People down a pretty little primrose path !

Tonight le'ts HOPE Romney stays away from the entire LIBYA questions_as Obama's ACTUAL ACTIONS in the TERRORIST ATTACKS _SPEAKS VOLUMES all on it's own_

W would like to hear from Mr. Romney how he plans to repair our relationshios with some of our closet allles after THIS REGIME has run ROUGH_SHOD over many of them. THat's it. Oh. whatever happens on NOV. 7, Wed.: PLease Fire Hillerey Clinton

693 days ago

ken schaefer    

TAGG??? what did Mitt and Palin have a child together? what is with these rich peeps and their stupid preppy names????

693 days ago


I have to agree with Jay W, can't we all just be civilized? Check out the facts before you jump any conclusions, please.

692 days ago


Romney's son is as fake as his father and hiding behind his racist religion. Shame on you Romney!

691 days ago
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