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Sam Lutfi

Britney OD'd on Amphetamines

The Night She Was 5150'd

10/18/2012 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Britney Spears
took a huge amount of amphetamines the night she was strapped to a stretcher and placed on a 5150 hold -- so claims Sam Lutfi's lawyer in the opening statements of his defamation case.

Lutfi's lawyer, Joseph Schleimer, told the jury, on January 28, 2008, Britney had an amphetamine script filled. Schleimer says she took 6 to 8 pills early in the day, and several more later and went off the rails.

Lutfi's lawyer also said he tried to get Britney to meet with a psychiatrist 2 days before she was 5150'd, but Brit refused. 

And there's this ... during Britney's disastrous appearance on the MTV Awards in 2007, Lutfi felt she was such a mess she shouldn't do it, because she was overweight and didn't rehearse, but Britney wouldn't hear it.


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Funny how Brittany's downward spiral with drugs and such came beaming into the light once Lufti the shiekster came into her life. I wonder what was in that In n Out combo he bought her when she was in the hospital??! The man is up to and by all appearances NO GOOD for anyone.

684 days ago


Go Brittney Go!

684 days ago


hell!! why are you saying this?? you fed the **** to her!!

684 days ago


Well, if what he says is true, he just proved that he can't manage for sh*t. If he says "A", and she does "Z", then he's not a manager. This dumbass keeps digging the hole deeper & deeper for himself...

684 days ago


For not having rehearsed at all and supposedly being as high as a kite, she did great. And yes. She might have been a little "fat" FOR TV, but she was not fat for real life. 90% of us sitting behind this screen don't look half as good as she did that night. Sam Lufti is a big effin jerk.

684 days ago


It's disgusting of you to even post this trash. Lufti is a deplorable human being. He is undoubtedly the one responsible for whatever it was she took or was on during that time. He completely took advantage of her situation and is the reason she got as bad as she did. She has some pretty serious issues and she's proven that when she is surrounded by decent people who love her and actually care about her well being, she's fine. Lufti is just a creepy sleazeball who inserts himself into peoples lives, when they are at their lowest and can easily be taken advantage of.

684 days ago


Meanwhile, it's a slap in the face to people who actually suffer from mental illness and have to battle is every fu**ing day to no end. I questioned the whole "bi-polar" diagnosis from the beginning. Those of us who don't have a choice get ticked off at those who willingly destroy themselves.

684 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Lufti, you are a low life. That is all.

684 days ago


She is such a piece of crap.

684 days ago


Did Sam Lufti give Harvey some lovin' ?

684 days ago


Once all the lawsuits are over with, that conservatorship will be over…you watch. She is hiding behind it.

684 days ago


She was with him and she was a mess, she is not with him and she is doing great. That's all that needs to be said.

684 days ago


Maybe if Britneys family didn't pimp her out as a child she would not have been susceptible to someone like Lufti. All of this negative crap is now out there in public, her kids are going to hear all of this for the rest of their lives. Call me stupid but I think she should have settled out of court with a confidentiality clause and move on with her life.Even if these claims are not true they are now out there forever.There will always be people that will believe the worst.There will be no winner's here.

684 days ago


Sam Lutfi said she was "over weight". I think she looked great. What a real woman looks like. Maybe she wasn't all there mentally, but her body was and it was bangin'.

684 days ago


man if all this is true why NOW hes had years away from her he could of pulled at this crap

she is mentally ill and it is sad but its very real and hard to go through LET HER BE not even a fan of her but come on!

684 days ago
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