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Britney Spears Trial

Justin Timberlake Blamed

For Her Meltdown

10/19/2012 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lawyers for the defense in the Britney Spears trial have just blamed Britney's breakup with Justin Timberlake for her downward spiral that ultimately got her 5150'd, TMZ has learned.

According to a lawyer for Lynne Spears and Britney -- who made opening statements for the defense just moments ago -- the breakup with Justin ended in pain and sent the singer in a downward spiral. 

According to the lawyer, prior to the relationship with Justin, Britney was a "ray of light." But after the breakup ... she became "angered and depressed."

Interesting ... because based on JT's "Cry Me a River" video, we were under the impression that he dumped Britney's ass because she cheated on him.

Story developing ...


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Has anyone seen her on X-Factor? If she is sober, she is a total WACK JOB! Totally strange, and uncomfortable. Can't stand to watch. What is with her little golf clap?

732 days ago


She shouldn't have cheated on him! He was good for her at the time. She let fame & boys go to her head. Too young to realize what she had!

732 days ago


Just because she may have cheated on him doesn't mean she wasn't very distraught over the breakup. Look at Kristin and how distraught she was. Things like that can really mess up a bi polar person and put them into a downward spiral. I think she was having bi polar issues even when she was with Justin.

732 days ago

Don Martin    

Justin you whimp! If you would have gotten her to just off herself we wouldn't have to read all this crapola on the TMZ site.

732 days ago

She's baaaack    

So he should have stayed with her? I would have run for the freakin' hills if I was with someone who was so immature, dependent, and riding on top of the crazy train. Maybe her parents should look at themselves, having made bank on sexualizing a young teenager.

732 days ago


Terrible of her family to blame Justin. They should look at themselves. I have a friend who is bi- polar who makes horrible decisions all of the time and cries and wants sympathy when she is "down". With all the drugs that Britney did for so long, I am sure her brain is severely damaged. It's probably way worse than bi-polar. When she was talking in an English accent, I thought she had a split personality.

732 days ago


I don't think it's Justin's fault at all and I don't think her family implied it. I think it's more of they broke up and she took it hard and went on a downward spiral. Britney dated Justin since she was a teen, they dated for years. Justin's song Cry Me A River was about Britney cheating on him. He broke up with her over it. Then after that she married an old childhood friend. It lasted only a short time because her mom Lynne told her to get it annulled. She either didn't like the guy or thought Britney wasn't ready. Not long after that she dated Kevin Federline and married him. 2 kids later and Kevin hardly ever home due to partying they divorced and Britney showed the world her mental breakdown. I do believe it's drug use and mental issues and it could've stemmed from the break up with Justin because maybe she never got over him. Regardless both have moved on. Hopefully this trial can end soon so Britney can put it all behind her.

732 days ago


UUUUUUUUUUUUUM Why are they even bringing up ?? She got married after that to Kevin and had kids? Why is her long ago relationship with Justin being blamed for her behavior? My god grow the f*ck up and stop blaming everyone else for your daughters problems, perhaps it was her mothers fault for feeding everything to the news and making her do this sh*t through out her whole childhood and so on? Stupid.

732 days ago


This was a stupid claim to bring up from the spears lawyers it now makes more since that Britney drug addiction was fueled by britney because she was hartbroken over justin.

731 days ago


As I remember it...she broke up with Justin and he was the one who was heart broken.....but Justin moved on and has had a great career. And he got married today what great timing for Brit's attorneys! Guess you gotta blame someone....just not Brittney! She took drugs, she messed up and so what, grow up and face the music, If she can't then she needs to move on.....lots of people would love to have her money and have the studio 'fix your voice' to sound good too! Yea, I'm all in!

731 days ago


Who's on trial and for what

731 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

Ok I just read all the live tweets. TMZ are so stupid. According to the tweets, Britney became more angry & rebellious after the JT breakup but they did not say that that was the beginning of her downward spiral. And more importantly, they NEVER stated that JT was to blame for her brkdn. TMZ's title is completely misleading. The lawyer then went on to say that the beginning of her downward spiral was her quicky Vegas marriage in 2004. They then go on to say that after he divorce, Britney's parents realized that this was the beginning of the end.

731 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

Also - comment from a britney forum:

Guys its obvious her breakdown was after Justin. When they broke up Britney lost herself. She blamed herself since she was the one that cheated on him. She didn't grieve the relationship well. She went on through life trying to fill in the void and escaping the reality of what occurred between her and Justin. She got married with in Vegas. That was the first sign of cry for help. She wanted attention. Then she met Kevin Federline. She got with him all for the wrong reasons. She tried to replace what she once had with Justin. She rushed everything too fast, the marriage, two kids. She tried to create her fantasy of this "Happy Marriage" yet didnt really realize the mess she was getting herself into. Her manager, friends, family tried their best to keep her away from Kevin since they saw the reality of the situation yet Britney was stubborn and ended up firing and eliminating anyone who went against her decisions. She realized the mistake she made at the end and filed for divorce. This is what made it worse for her emotionally because she dug herself in a deeper hole. Not only did she not grieve the relationship with Justin but then she had to deal with the consequences of the decision she made with Kevin. She felt embarrassed, used, humiliated since at the end of the day she know she ****ed up and that her manager family and friends were right all along. This caused her a great amount of stress and she went over the edge. She lost herself, gave into the wrong people (Sam who leatch of her weakness. and was able to manipulate her when she was at the most vulnerable stage in her life) she was in a huge mess all because she didn't know how to handle her break up with Justin. Justin was her first love and till his day she still loves him.

731 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

& those who want to read about the trial as the lady tweets ....

twitter url: writerchica

731 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

Seriously can't believe how naive some people are. Britney was unhappy before Kfed. Everyone wants to dump things on kfed or Sam but they were simply the people who showed up at the right time the take advantage of her. The split from Justin threw her off kilter. Britney was needy. She married the guy from back home because she was trying to reach out for help. Kfed was a similar case. She was starting to get unhappy then her and Justin split and it got worse. She had made up her mind she wanted marriage and kids by 23 and she was gonna have it whether it was with Justin or whoever came along. she made stupid choices but she essentially put a bandaid on a bullet wound by marrying kfed and having her kids and trying to give herself a reason to carry on. She was given a chance to stop playing a role for a few years and then people wanted her to go back to pretending to be perfect and she couldn't. She broke after years of toughing it out.

731 days ago
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