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'Honey Boo Boo' Star

I Was Brutally Gay Bashed

10/19/2012 11:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Honey Boo Boo's Uncle Poodle says he was -- and still is -- the victim of some horrible anti-gay attacks ... suffered at the hands of violent homophobes who broke his ribs and dislocated his jaw.

Poodle -- real name Lee Thompson -- dropped the bombshells in a video to commemorate GLAAD's Spirit Day -- which was created to fight intolerance and violence against the LGBT community.

Poodle explains, "Being gay in the South ... people don't like it."

"Growing up as a kid, I was bullied day in and day out ... broke ribs, dislocated jaw, cars vandalized ... I've had cars vandalized to this day."

Still, Poodle says he was able to get through it all because of his family and friends who stand by him.

"It is OK to be who you are ... don't let anybody change that."


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To be treated like that is f*k'd up. Your personal life is just that personal. Glad he has a voice in the public and the he gets heard.

734 days ago


It doesn't matter if you don't agree with it. You should NOT bash someone because of it, you should not hurt or want to kill anyone because of their personal life. It does NOT involve you. Again not saying you have to think its right because you don't, but that doesn't mean hurting someone because they live different then you do.

It is not your job to control how other people live and think... end of story.

734 days ago


Why won't bullies ever mess with me? I beg one to!!! I'd even pretend to be gay just to whoop a bitch ass when they do

734 days ago

Cirrus Unicus    

This is why I love Honey Boo Boo and her family. They just accept each other for who they are, and don't try to fight each other about changing anything.

734 days ago


Sad to hear that happened to him! Maybe this video will help the southern people to tolerate differences!

734 days ago


3% of people are homo and 26% of people are mentally ill. Do the math, you're a psycho.

734 days ago


maybe he can move to SF and he'd fit right in.

734 days ago

Fools Rush In    

I hope that some of the major anti-bully campaigns step in. This is a reality show personality and they get their share of bashing just for being on a reality show but how many kids that are gay, or otherwise "different," see things as hopeless and kill themselves?

Rosie wants to get them a new home, I hope she puts more attention on building the community a bridge to stare down the bullies.

734 days ago

B Yeo    

Good for you Lee you are a role model for young people going through the same things you did and are. Everyone has the right to be themselves without others being asshats.

734 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

Guys who Gay Bash are attracted to Men themselves and don't want to admit. They are deep the closet gays themselves. They over compansate by acting all macho and beating opening gay men up.

734 days ago


"It is OK to be who you are ... don't let anybody change that."

Nice sentiment...but not a general rule I'd base my life on. Would you say the same thing to a child molester? No, of course you wouldn't. Does it suck a dick that you like to suck a dick...and others find that a little "odd"? Yes, it does. Could you avoid all the gay-bashing by keeping your sexual choice to yourself? Absolutely!

This is the real world...not some gay sitcom on TV. People have hated other people since Cain slew Abel. It's not like you didn't a heads-up on the "hate" thing.

Life's tough...wear a cup!

734 days ago


well we all know how white trash is......not only is he gay, but he phks his brothers and cousins and probably his daddy..........hillbillies usually are an inbred bunch of trash...and this guy and his family are just that, trash with a lil bit of money!

734 days ago


People just want to hate on that family for any reason. Hopefully he just ignores the ignorance.

734 days ago


Why is he gay? He has a perfectly good sister.

734 days ago


You're going to hell Uncle Poodle!..x

734 days ago
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