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Jerry Sandusky

Molestation Victim

Goes Public

10/19/2012 6:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Sandusky Victim Aaron Fisher
Aaron Fisher -- the young man who first blew the whistle on Jerry Sandusky -- has done an interview with ABC News and says he's not looking for sympathy.

Fisher, now 18, met the convicted child molester when he was 11 at Sandusky's summer camp, Second Mile. A year later, the boy was being sexually assaulted in Sandusky's basement.

Fisher says he kept the secret for 3 years out of embarrassment and fear he wouldn't be believed.  When Fisher finally told his school principal about the molestation, she told the boy and his mom to "go home and think about it."

Fisher, who's written a book, will be featured on 20/20 tonight.

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No Avatar


He wrote a book? What's that I hear? Oh, the gravy train.

673 days ago

Shema Bryan    

Wow!!! Great Mom - super brave boy/man....Oh man - your so strong!! GOD BLESS YOU!! Your helping so many children - and your making me cry. Your also helping a black woman not give up on white people, I am just about ready to throw in towel on whether there are any white people out there with a soul - CLEARLY - you have one.

673 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I understand the principal telling them to think about it because fighting this kind of fight is almost as hellish as the abuse. Still it would have sounded better if she encouraged them to press charges to protect other children.

673 days ago


"Go home and think about it"? Did they send that principal home to think about it afterwards too?

673 days ago


I think we should start petitioning the lawmakers and the President to make it a Federal law that if you are told of abuse or see abuse taking place and DO NOT report it directly to the police (not robocops) you are subject to a year in jail. This has to stop. Our children are being raped and abused daily and this country as a whole needs to make sure we have Federal laws in place so everyone is playing by the same rules. Different states pass luke warm laws requiring reporting of abuse that some how never get to the real police. This could have been stopped 15 years ago if someone would have reported it to the police. Instead many, many more children were abused. Personally I'm sick of it and I plan on writing letters to all lawmakers requesting a Federal law and making it very public about the reporting requirements. Children should be safe everywhere but especially in the schools.

673 days ago


He was brave to come out and expose that creep!

673 days ago


School personnel have a legal responsibility to report things like this. I hope this school principal is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What a piece of trash, telling him to go home and think about it.

673 days ago


The last sentence is why he's OUT and ABOUT!!!

673 days ago


The principal remember "You reap what you sow!" Karma Bitch! Also, why are you still a principal??? Blessings to the brave victim. May you be delivered from all past wounds and continue to move forward and free ( :

673 days ago


When I was 11 years old if some old guy said he wanted to have sex with me I'd have said Fvck You and thrown a rock at him.

To any kids who don't know any better , if an adult wants to have sex with you, RUN! They are mentally ill and might try to act nice but its all fake.

673 days ago


You can't blame the mother, the school has to report it. If she went to the police, they would have not done anything either. I'm talking from experience and when a child that young says something like that and even draws pictures of things they shouldn't know, they say they want them to recant their story of who did it bc of their age! I've been in a 2 year battle and got my child taken away and put with the accuser bc they want the child to recant and when you spend 20,000 and that was more than you even have, you have no choice to but to quit fighting and all you can do is pray it doesn't happen anymore and that when the child gets older then they will listen and have to pay for what they have done to our family! God bless this boy who stood up! That takes a lot of courage!

673 days ago

Jeff Becker    

I hope this kid gets a million dollars from Sandusky, Penn State and the POS principle who did not do his/her job and report this to CYS!

673 days ago


That poor guy! Good for him too!!

That whole area...Ped State, the local schools, everything....should be shut down & started over! Joe Ped KNEW about Sandusky 8 YEARS before this poor guy got raped by that perv!! It could have been avoided! What a F#cked up place!!!

Go home & think about it????? Really??? UNreal...

673 days ago


Money money money, Gottsta have that money.

673 days ago


I am so sorry for what happened to you. I am a victim as well and it's best to get this all out and over with...then move on with your life. Don't give him space in you head!

673 days ago
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