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Lindsay Lohan

Blows Off Voice-over Gig,

Ripped By Screenwriter

10/19/2012 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan screwed up again ... no-showing at an important voice-over session for her upcoming movie ... and now the screenwriter is BLASTING her for being a flake.

Bret Easton Ellis -- who wrote Lindsay's new flick "The Canyons" -- claims Lohan missed her Automatic Dialog Replacement session on Wednesday ... and posted a tweet, saying he sent his bloodthirsty character from his 1991 book "American Psycho" over to find her ass.

Here's the tweet -- "Patrick Bateman has just headed over to Lindsay Lohan's hotel to confront her as to why she missed her f**king ADR on 'The Canyons' today..."

Of course, punctuality hasn't always been Lindsay's strong suit ... she has a history of running late to things like movie sets, made-for-TV-movie sets, "Glee," court dates, community service, airports, alcohol education classes, birthday parties ... and lunch.



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Windsay Wohan?
It’s me Windsay Wohan, Wed Cwoudy Boo Boo.
Windsay Wohan? If I say I bewieve you can you touch me in my pwivate pwace?
I cwy fo you Windsay Wohan.
Pwease Windsay Wohan?
Youewe Fwiend,
Cwoudy Boo Boo

732 days ago


Nikki asked me a question this morning, and I just saw it.

I think Lindsay is still in LA, a few of the sightings have mentioned LA. Just a guess though, I don't know for sure.

732 days ago


The drugs and drinking have finally effected her memory.
I just don't see why she is still in the business. why producers still hire her.

She is such a c**t

732 days ago

go home!    

Well Bret, those are the consequences you get for hiring this idiot. That, and no one is going to see this movie because she is starring in it. You should have used an actress that works hard & would kill for a job. Instead, you tried to go with a quick promo opportunity but failed miserably as no one cares about Lohan anymore. Sad.

732 days ago


Haters are jealous of Lindsay, she's climbing really "high" up her ladder of fame. While "blowing" her burnt ashes around

Out, out, out for now
Red Cloud

732 days ago


Pretty soon it will be "Lindsay Lohan forgets to return a library book" and "Lindsay Lohan can't find a parking spot at the mall" and "Lindsay Lohan can't remember how to make a gin 'n tonic".
Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! I just want to be back on set!!!

732 days ago


The 'TRICK' with these producers hiring her for TRAIN WRECK rating is great if its for tv like SNL or possibly even Liz & Dick as ITS FREE! But ask anyone who isn't a Scary Movie fan, if they'd shell out 10 bucks to see SM5 because Blohan is in it, the answer is a stern NO! The CLAMyons will be cheaper than going to the theater going straight to dvd but the outcome is the same, NO ONE will spend a nickle to watch this TWIT in anything!

732 days ago


Too funny.
They knew what they
were getting into when
they cast her for that flick.

I'd be pissed too though

732 days ago


Bret Easton Ellis is a drama queen. No, Lindsay wasn't there, she had to reschedule because of the promotion work for Liz & Dick, she thought she could do both , she couldn't. Both the director Schraeder and producer Braxton Pope were informed and fine with it, check Braxton Pope's twitter page. The Canyons is being released in 2013, Liz & Dick next month, Lindsay had to set priorties...she did the right thing.

Bret Easton Ellis was being his usual bitchy self and trying to get some publicity for The Canyons and himself at the same time, he knew exactly what he was doing. He's a nutjob.

732 days ago


Blew Work, Does Blow, same difference.

732 days ago


great comments on Huff:

"Yet Lohan says that “jobs are important now” and supports Mitt Romney even though she’s not registered to vote… lmao

I’m starting to think that people hire her for movies just to get the media buzz knowing she will fail at something."

732 days ago


Where on earth did Messenger come up with his excuse from this tweet from Braxton Pope???

N Braxton Pope ‏@Braxtonpope

@Dayz_Nites bee was joking. all is well.

Sheesh...amazing how enablers can spin something.

732 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

> If Nana Sulivan's Stunt Teats can be used to replace Lohan's much older looking udders in all the Clamyon's closeuups, then why doesn't Ellis just use Nana's voice too?
> Lets face it, Nana's voice sounds younger, it's less raspier, and her breath no doubt smells better which means the crew will be happier. And most importantly, Nana's lips won't have the remnants of last nights peen still stuck in the folds of those bloated Lindsay Lips.

732 days ago


Everybody keeps saying "I feel sorry for her, hope she gets things in order, etc etc etc|" She has been given enough chances. She seems to be taking her idolization of Marilyn Monroe way too far and should remember that even the Never to be duplicated Marilyn was fired from her last film before she passed away. And Marilyn Monroe was not a starlet, SHE WAS A MOVIE STAR!!!!!!

732 days ago


it's his own fault for giving her the opportunity. people apparently haven't learned she is worthless as the lies she tells.

732 days ago
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