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Lindsay Lohan

Blows Off Voice-over Gig,

Ripped By Screenwriter

10/19/2012 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan screwed up again ... no-showing at an important voice-over session for her upcoming movie ... and now the screenwriter is BLASTING her for being a flake.

Bret Easton Ellis -- who wrote Lindsay's new flick "The Canyons" -- claims Lohan missed her Automatic Dialog Replacement session on Wednesday ... and posted a tweet, saying he sent his bloodthirsty character from his 1991 book "American Psycho" over to find her ass.

Here's the tweet -- "Patrick Bateman has just headed over to Lindsay Lohan's hotel to confront her as to why she missed her f**king ADR on 'The Canyons' today..."

Of course, punctuality hasn't always been Lindsay's strong suit ... she has a history of running late to things like movie sets, made-for-TV-movie sets, "Glee," court dates, community service, airports, alcohol education classes, birthday parties ... and lunch.



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Ben Choad    

Here is a thought. Try not hiring a crackhead and you might get your production completed.
Hiring her leaves you no ground to complain when the inevitable happens. No soup for you sunshine!

712 days ago


hey, loser. guess what happens when you hire a flake?

712 days ago

Celeb Gossip Maven    

Seriously at this point, why even bother to give her more chances? She has been pulling this same crap for years!!! Her reputation is shot to hell. Why would anyone want to associate with Lindsay Lohan? Her name alone is synonymous with lying, stealing, drugs, alcohol, partying, diva antics, law breaking drama. Hollywood should be giving these chances to actors/actresses that actually deserve them.
Its sad when the only way you can get her to show up is to offer her some liquor and cocaine.

712 days ago


She might be mad because she couldn't blow off the star of the movie.

712 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Well, I've been digging deeper into whether or not NetFlix is going to be showing The Clamyons and all I've found from Netflix is squat - nothing - zip - nada. I've used two search engines, all kinds of criteria and all I got were two very dead links from any official NetFlix associated site. Even their "community pages" have been scrubbed of anything for "The Canyons, Lindsay Lohan, Brent Ellis, James Deen" - as far as NetFlix is concerned, the project doesn't even exist.
I did find something a little telling however. Older stories put out by the Canyons production team originally used the word "NetFlix" in terms of the actual company and discussed how NetFlix was going to provide the content over the Web. The latest propaganda has changed the wording to "VOD/Netflix style" distribution - quite a difference.
I'm getting the feeling, especially after Lohan blew off her voiceover sessions on the flick so she could spend a couple days/nights with Mr, Pink, that those Clamyon big wigs are feeling more than a little bit of buyers remorse. Could the oral sex before the contract signing really have been that great a deal?
If you think about it, they shot the "movie" on handheld digital camera's "guerrilla style". That means cheap microphones, lots of background noises, the inability to have retakes because the people eating at the table next to Lohan and Deen probably don't want to see her masturbate him while someone is standing over them filming and repeating dialog because Lohan can't read the cue cards. If any kind of film cries out for overdubbing, this one does. So what does Lohan do? She stands them up so she can have her picture taken with an energy drink that contains enough Ginseng to kill a toddler.
Bottom line? Lohan has fuqued over another group of powerful people. And when you get right down to it, is there even a real reason for any of this other than the fact that Lindsay Lohan can no longer even be trusted to professionally execute the simplest Hollywood jobs. She can't even sit in a room where they'll let her chain smoke her Parliaments, drink her bottles of half Ginseng/half Vodka, and croak out a few lines to the point where the majority of people will understand what she is saying. She isn't even capable speaking into a microphone any more.
The strangest thing? She is actually burning the last few bridges to the only community in Hollywood that would touch her - the Porn Community. A lot of the people who worked on this film did it for scale to try to show that they are better than just sex workers and porn movie crew. And here they are getting fuqued over by some self imagined superstar who is proving she doesn't even have the acting chops or the professionalism needed for a career in porn.
What a truly stupid, useless, vapid ****.

712 days ago

LA Native    

Nikki, you out there? check your twitter quick

712 days ago

Red Cloud    

SUPER MAXIMUM LOL!!!!! This is such a non-story. Maybe Lindsay was late or ????, but she most certainly showed up to do what was required. Silly haters won't accept that, of course not. How can any sane person reason with clowns who see Lindsay Lohan no better than Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson, Susan Smith??? Do you have any idea how delusional and stupid you are????? Naahh. Who the fk would want to be a hater? Poor things.

"When you hate, it does more damage to you than the person you hate."

----- Charlie Rose

quickly away>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

712 days ago


This is typical of lindsay lohan to be a no show, and you should have expected this to happen when she signed the contract to do the voice over gig.

So what do you do? Tell everybody she's a flake, and washed up to give lindsay a bad reputation beyond her already bad reputation?

The grandmothers don't care anymore. You got what you paid for so enjoy your hollywood accounting overruns with lindsay.

712 days ago


Real actors like Mel Blanc had to beg for a chance. "What's up Doc?"
Why did you hire this coke fiend? Fess up.

712 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Here's an interesting Web article from some kiss ass site that piles it on so high, it's hilarious. It supposedly an "exclusive" interview that Lindsay Lohan gave at the Mr Pink Red Carpet Extravaganza. It's also funny as shyte that they would think anyone would belive this garbage.

My Favorite part of the Interview:

Other items on Lindsay’s horizon? Charity work.
Lindsay told us that walking the carpet for Mr. Pinks’ energy drink inspired her to give back.
“I really appreciate what Mr. Pink’s doing…I work with a lot of kids and he wants to get into charity work and that’s something that I inspire to do.”

ROFLMAO - Lohan actually said: "walking the carpet for Mr. Pinks’ energy drink inspired her to give back" --AND-- “I really appreciate what Mr. Pink’s doing…I work with a lot of kids and he wants to get into charity work and that’s something that I inspire to do.”
"Inspire to do"? What fuqueing language is she speaking. Another Magna *** LOUDa graduate of the Dina Lohan private school for promiscuous, drug addicted girls.
Charity Work? Working with KIDS? She calls him Mr.Pink??? This fuqueing bytch is as delusional as they come if she thinks there is one person in the world who would buy this stinking pile of shyte she is selling!!! Wait, I forgot the MAXIMUM CATHETER, Regurgitated Red Penis - - so there might be one.

712 days ago


As usual you all have it wrong. It was just a misunderstanding, it is someone trying to bring Lindasy down when all she wants to do is work, her mother wasn't drunk or high, that guy jumped in front of her car, her father is at fault and so is Dr Phil. What is wrong with you people these things happen all of the time if your last name is Lohan. Oh the humanity!!

712 days ago


Red Cloudy Boo Boo got a prune stuck in his feather socket, which of course acted as a laxative on his brain/hamster and caused it to **** storm all over his wheel and all over the inside of his piñata of a skull.
This happens frequently, as you can tell by the quality of his comments.
Poor little thing. His queer little psyche just aches for some Lindsay, but she wouldn’t touch him to save her life. Lindsay does a lot of things but she doesn’t do pu$$ies.

712 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Linds sure has a whole lot of "misunderstandings".

712 days ago


What?? A no show Blo? How surprising. Well, maybe one of her chins had something else to do. Perhaps some kind of overtime for Pinkie?? I'm sure she'll show soon as they send a net for her.
On another note, Blo seems to be taking on the appearance of a weathered sherpa (apologies to weathered sherpas everywhere.) Brown as leather one minute and pale as a stoned ghost the next. Look at those pics. LOL Well, you get what you pay for Clamyon people - enjoy the new version of Where's Waldo, now titled where's Blo?

712 days ago


from a site that actually does some fact checking.

Canyons producer Braxton Pope also tells E! News exclusively, "Lindsay has been busy doing press for Liz & Dick. Bret was jesting since he was going to the Chateau [Marmont] that night. Inside joke between us all that has been misconstrued."

"I saw Lindsay last night, post is proceeding smoothly on The Canyons," he adds. "There are certainly no ADR issues, and she has seen the movie and is supportive of it. All is well in Canyonlands."

712 days ago
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