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Sam Lutfi

Pants On Fire

Over Britney Head-Shaving

10/19/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Sam Lutfi lies ... because we have video of the man going after Britney Spears' family in court ... saying THE OPPOSITE of what his lawyer claimed in court -- that Britney shaved her head while in a paranoid, drug-fueled state.

TMZ shot video of Lutfi back in 2010, and we asked him about the incident. Sam NEVER said anything about drugs. To the contrary, he told our photog he thought Britney shaving her head was "a cool thing ... somebody expressing their artistic side."

Lutfi went on ... "I think she was just expressing her independence and her freedom ... there's nothing wrong with Britney. She's awesome."

Was Sam lying to us and just protecting Britney ... or is he lying in court? Either way, he's lying about something.


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James B    

I know a little about Britney. One of my closest friends has worked with her (I won't say when or in what capacity, or if she still is or not, as I don't want to get her into any legal trouble). Britney was most definitely doing recreational drugs 6,7,8,9 years ago, if that drug use then escalated into methamphetamines then I'm sad, but not at all surprised., although that hasn't ever been specifically mentioned. Many people in music do the same, so she's hardly a special case in that regard. I'm sorry for Britney that she had such a very public breakdown (she was very young at the time) and from what I know I think it was a question of too much, too soon, coupled with financial pressure from her family. The press intrusion into her life must have been problematic but she did also court it. Her ex husband isn't to blame as I don't think he realised what he was getting into when they married. I know what her mental health issues are (which I won't discuss as it's not my place to, suffice to say that some posters on here have guessed correctly). She had been having symptoms for some time beforehand. Had her parents not stepped in, she would have been left in a very precarious position and it's a lifelong condition. Her lifestyle did not precipitate it, although it might have contributed to it. Personally, I think she should retire from showbusiness as the pressures of an entertainment life isn't good for anyone in her condition. I think it's mistake that she still tours and that she's on TV. And TBH, I'm surprised that the production company would hire her at all as I would have thought her incapable of being legally compelled to complete a contract, but hey, it's their problem. As to Sam Lufti, whether or not he's "exposing the truth" about Britney Spears, I don't really know or care. Her father's legal team will settle with him at the 11th hour to make him go away and he'll be forced to sign a gagging clause so this is all tactics on his part to up the cash out of this situation. I don't expect it to run and run. I do think that Britney Spears should be honest about her issues. Someone as high profile as she is could help destigmatise her condition. But ultimately, for business reasons - whilst she's still working - I can understand why her management are reluctant to allow it. I know that she has many fans who want to see her perform, but if you really knew a bit more of the situation you would probably not think it a good idea that she carries on in the showbiz circuit, whether or not she wants to.

699 days ago


Now we're starting to hear what was going on back then! He's a total sleaze, but those are the kinds of people druggies choose to hang around. Everything he's saying would explain so much. I always thought it was weird how her family never came out later to explain her very public, embarrassing meltdownby saying she is bipolar or whatever. This would explain it, because she was just a defiant, bratty, arrogant druggie at the bottom of the barrel. You wouldn't want to come out with THAT explanation!

699 days ago


Amazing how most of you fail to understand that it matters not if she was a drug addicted, bipolar nut case, it matters that this man still wants to be around her, yet was the one who was supplying her the drugs he knows so much about. He would know about the drug use, wouldn't he, since he was front and center. Amazeballs how, if she was such a difficult "client", that he didn't walk away, like many managers do when a client will not listen. Her father came in and took over, and saved her life, not Lufti, and IF she is everything this bottom feeder says, then at the very least, it paints him as a totally incompetent and ineffectual manager, and at the very worst, the man that almost robbed her fortune blind and tried to kill her by supplying an ill woman with the ammo to kill herself. Lets all try to keep in mind that drug addicts are ill, both physically and mentally. She owes it to no one to discuss her issues and what really went on. The bottom line is, tis creature is a filthy con man who is determined to further ruin this woman more so than he already tried to do. Big whoop if she did drugs, what celebrity hasn't/isn't at one point in their lives, the thing here is this man is a con, a stalker and a sicko. He needs some meds for his delusional thoughts that he was helping her.

699 days ago


I'm glad he is being caught in his lies, but I think the fact that he is a liar is pretty well established. He's s***, who seems to use trashing Britney as his only defense. Karma--can't wait for it.

699 days ago


Well I doubt at the time he was going to tell TMZ "Yeah, she shaved it so people can't detect she's on meth in a hair sample and her kids get taken away." Sorry, but it sounds like, maggot or not, this dude was involved in a big cover up with Britney to try to save face and hide the fact that she kind of lost it for a while. The same way everyone tried to hide Michael Jackson's health/substance abuse issues.

699 days ago


I believe Sam Lufti was the one who got Britney hooked on drugs and he was her supplier so that he could make loads of money selling her drugs. Looking back at her videos, she didn't become wobbley on stage or start looking like a real wacko until HE started coming around. Kevin Federline needs to step in and testify on Britney's behalf. Kevin knew, and that's how he got the kids AND the money from Britney.

699 days ago


Can't believe the judge hasn't thrown this out yet. Seriously they claim she was always drugged up and out of it yet want to hold her to a contract that she signed while in that state. Ridiculous!

699 days ago


He is obligated to tell the court the truth...he is not obligated to tell tmz anything, duh. So does the question really need to be asked, who he was lying to? Of course he lied to you, tmz...he was not obligated to tell you anything, and of course he's not going to talk to the press about her private issues to TMZ...he was saving it for court, the people that mattered...this little "newsflash" you have posted is completely irrelevant and can't even be used to prove he has a questionable proved he lied to tmz? and what does proving he lied to tmz mean? How is that going to make him look bad when it shows he was trying to protect her from the press? Which in turn shows he may have been trying to continue to help her...Great job tmz, great job...smh...

699 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

Britney either a) did shave her head due to drug evidence (even though they could find drugs many other ways)
or b) she felt too controlledand indeed was having a meltdown, and decided to shave her head and "free" herself, because if you guys remember, she was heard saying something that didnt really make sense to the rest of us, "I dont want them touching me. Plugging me in." (mk ultra?) - maybe it was her way to say EFF you since she is worth millions, her shaving her head is messing with her image.

699 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

& this guy may be a douche, but her family members aren't the best people either. Poor Britney is a money making machine to them. I still feel she should be able to testify in court herself. Even if she has whatever mental problem.

and agan, Sam may be a douche and perhaps did supply drugs to her, but I'm sure he's not lying about some stuff either.

699 days ago


Wasn't he somewhat "with" her at the time of that comment in 2010?? He isn't anymore...he is shut out. It makes sense to me (not that it's right!). You have to kiss the a$$ of the person who could potentially take care of you.

699 days ago


Of course she did drugs back then. She was WAY unstable! What a jerk to even keep bringing this crap up. She has done a remarkable job getting her life in order, and he needs to get a life.

699 days ago


He's lying about EVERYTHING! He should be charged with perjury among other things.

699 days ago


This guy seems like a real **** head!

699 days ago


Really, just what IS raising your right hand anymore? Place one hand on the bible? Never seen that done in traffic court but I think it's still assumed. What if you don't believe in the bible? Is lying in court all that different from lying on your taxes?

699 days ago
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