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Sam Lutfi

Kidnapped Brit's Dog

Twisted Affection Play ... Allegedly

10/19/2012 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi was so heartless ... he would hide Britney Spears' precious pooch from her and watch her cry and then save the day by "finding it" ... so claims lawyers for Britney's family.

In their opening statements, lawyers for Lynne Spears and the conservatorship told the jury ... Sam tried to look like a savior to Britney and would stoop so low as to emotionally torture her. 

Britney's side is painting Sam as a master manipulator who would prey on the singer's weaknesses to build himself up and at the same time create distance between Britney and her family.


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Wait......oh, I was just checking to see if I gave a **** (I didn't)

732 days ago

She's baaaack    

... and this is surprising because? Tell me this, if half of America if not half the planet knew Britney was totally off her rocker at that time and she was being hung on to by Lufti and that also that Adnan guy with the French wax landing strip on his face, why didn't her parents figure it out? They put her and her children at peril and only stepped in when they knew they were going to lose bank.

732 days ago


If someone did that with my dog he'd be in the hospital afterwards.

732 days ago


I remember when this was all happening. She would be crying for her dog and saying it was missing and suddenly it would show up...with Sam "finding" it. That is very Sam-like. He did similar things to other people. I wonder if his past is allowed into court. The others he manipulated and emotionally hurt, one going so far as to get a restraining order and go to the police....

732 days ago


Her family watched her for years but finally came forth when she was about to lose all of her money. Adnan was probably going to marry her and take half her fortune. I don't rethink that highly of her family and especially for blaming Justin Timberlake. That is insane!

732 days ago


In my opinion...allegedly....including the 4 restraining orders my family has against Sam Lutfi, he has/had 11 restraining orders against him. Same m.o. with each of them. How many restraining orders does it take before someone is deemed a menace to society? 20?

732 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....everyone KNEW this crap was going on with Lufti manipulating her...just took time and patience for her father too be able too intercept...Lufti was krafty alright...nothing unique about slime balls like him...eventually they get outed...this trial will be over pretty fast...and hopefully we hear the last of this creep!!!!!!!!!

732 days ago


sam lufti has borderline personality disorder.

He thinks that he and brittany are soul mates. And, brittany is playing hard to get

732 days ago


you can't blame leeches for sucking. he should be held accountable for whatever was lawbreaking... but also she should be own up to her kerfluffles/ f-ups and screws loose in the head or addictions. then everyone can learn.

732 days ago


That's that pimp S@#$ bro...

732 days ago


Lufti is a pimp predator-he was going for the jugular when he was with her-it's obvious he was getting her meth as a control device-I was never a Britney fan but I am glad his horrid scheming did not end up killing her-she has her Papa to thank for that-Lufti's kind are all too common these days-beware

732 days ago


sam lutfi is so great . I respect you.

732 days ago


I honestly do not believe Britney's problem is drugs. I think she is Bipolar or possibly schizophrenic . Which why she has a conservator making decisions for her. Drug addicts don't usually have one but people with mental issue do.

I believe Sam knew she was messed up in the head so he exploited that.

732 days ago


Sam Lutfi is so great. I respect you.

732 days ago

Blue Lake    

No attempt to even present an unbiased story. What bull****. I've got no dog in this fight, but TMZ, you're a bunch of biased idiots. Are you on Brit-Brit's payroll?

732 days ago
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