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Sam Lutfi

Kidnapped Brit's Dog

Twisted Affection Play ... Allegedly

10/19/2012 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi was so heartless ... he would hide Britney Spears' precious pooch from her and watch her cry and then save the day by "finding it" ... so claims lawyers for Britney's family.

In their opening statements, lawyers for Lynne Spears and the conservatorship told the jury ... Sam tried to look like a savior to Britney and would stoop so low as to emotionally torture her. 

Britney's side is painting Sam as a master manipulator who would prey on the singer's weaknesses to build himself up and at the same time create distance between Britney and her family.


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Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

Seriously can't believe how naive some people are. Britney was unhappy before Kfed. Everyone wants to dump things on kfed or Sam but they were simply the people who showed up at the right time the take advantage of her. The split from Justin threw her off kilter. Britney was needy. She married the guy from back home because she was trying to reach out for help. Kfed was a similar case. She was starting to get unhappy then her and Justin split and it got worse. She had made up her mind she wanted marriage and kids by 23 and she was gonna have it whether it was with Justin or whoever came along. she made stupid choices but she essentially put a bandaid on a bullet wound by marrying kfed and having her kids and trying to give herself a reason to carry on. She was given a chance to stop playing a role for a few years and then people wanted her to go back to pretending to be perfect and she couldn't. She broke after years of toughing it out.

735 days ago


This man is a creep leave the poor woman alone. I totally believe this story and what he did was so cruel and evil. This poor woman was obviously just looking for a friend at this time and he saw she was weak and abused it. People like him make me sick I have no doubt that she was mentally ill before she met him BUT when she got with him she went downhill very fast I hope karma hits him real hard. I think Britney needs to just live a quiet life away from LA and Hollywood and showbusiness life and live in a quiet area where she can just live a normal or at least near normal life with her kids. Its obvious she doesnt want to be in the public eye anymore and I think the people around her at the moment should respect that. I hope she has the freedom soon to do what she wants again so she can start over again I wish her the best.

734 days ago


She was on Meth. It was obvious. Im getting really tired of the Britney is such a victim crap. She was a drug addict who put the lives of her children in danger. Her team did an amazing job spinning it into a mental breakdown. But im not fooled.

734 days ago


I was sams roomate at one time. He got pissed at me because i had a password on my lap top , saying that it was insulting as if he couldnt be trusted, he took my phone once and let me think i lost it, a short time after sam found it, my contacts started getting calls from " me" sam impersonated me and spoke of topics that sam questioned me about prior. Hes a real sick guy folks, nobody deserves to have thier life spun up by this manipulator.

734 days ago


Get inside sams head from a doctors perspective, read The Sociopath next door. First 17 pages explain Sam pretty accurately.

734 days ago


Every guy has his hobby, Sam gets his kicks in the social realm, he enjoys seeing how far he can push people mentally, emotionally and when he feels he is losing control of the situation, the guy gets real unstable, i have seen him become violent , i have seen him destroy personal property, i have recieved numerous death threats from him in which i was awarded a permanent restraining order, threatened my mothers life, my sisters life, some i still have on audio numerous vm he left me. He really cant control himself. Stay out of this guys radar, cause he doesnt let go.

734 days ago



734 days ago
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