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Britney Spears

You Be the Judge

10/20/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Sam Lutfi tries to drag Britney Spears through the mud in his defamation trial against mama Lynne Spears, we gotta ask ....


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TMZ Superfan    

I find some of the answers of those polls to be quite funny. People actually think Britney is a bigger star than Christina? C'mon. Britney got her gig AFTER Christina and Christina has been consistently putting out good music while Britney has been consistenly making headlines for the wrong reasons. People actually think Britney is a good mom? People think her legacy is Superstar over Troubled Star? There must be a lot of idiot Britney fans that come to this site. Britney is a ****ing loser.

732 days ago

wow ew    

Britney is not fine now. She just hides it better.

732 days ago


Well, almost all of us agree on one thing. Sam Lutfi is a s***bag!

732 days ago


Why is she dressed up as Norma Desmond?

732 days ago


scleimer, lutfi - the usual tribe looking to milk the get rich quick libel industry (which in america they invented and then infested the rest of the world) - total s*** the whole tribe

732 days ago


Britney is not bigger than Christina. The Voice is doing better than X Factor. If Britney wasn't under conservatorship and watched all the time, she would dress, and look horrible. At times under the conservatorship she went out with her weave all messed up in the back that looked like a birds nest. I feel bad for her but this is what happens when a person becomes full of themselves, cheats on Justin, does an uncontrollable amount of drugs and who knows what else. A person always reaps what they sow. This girl and Lindsey are fine examples not to do drugs. Britney had mental issues that probably could have been kept under control had she not took so many illegal drugs to completely destroy her mind.

732 days ago


Britney is not competent to testify at the trial but she's competent to Marry? This whole thing is still fucqed up.

732 days ago


Well in a way, Christina is the bigger star...

And I don't mean in the fame / popularity way

732 days ago



732 days ago


well personally I think it was a mixture of drugs and mental disorders. Sometimes drugs can inhib a mental disorder. But it's okay she got through and fine now.

732 days ago


schleimer, lutfi - the usual tribe looking to milk the get rich quick libel industry (which in america, they invented) - total s***

732 days ago


I checked it out and it's a scam the site stole 485.$ from me and won't give it back

732 days ago

Holdon McGroin    

Britney is fine now? Really? Whitney Houston was fine too; so was Michael Jackson for that matter. Then their lives ended and everybody was soooo shocked. BS is not fine, her troubles are just being hidden and she will likely never be anything other than a mental midget.

732 days ago

탑 TOP    

Christina is bigger, definitely. Have you seen her? bitch looks bloated.
she will always live in Britney's shadow. Lol

732 days ago

Give me a break!    

I think Brit's problems started of mental, and like most young people with mental or emotional issues they use drugs to alter their feeling or self medicate and THEN it can quickly turn into a drug problem. Lufti is a dealer/ opportunist/ enabler and or user, but I do actually believe him when he says she shaved her head to hide a long term drug issue. Happens ALL the time. You hair can hold up to 90 days with of drug taking history. If she knew she was going to be possible tested, the only thing she could do is have her hair off. Sad all the way around. Hope she true has found some stability, because its not just her, bu ther kids mental health at stake.

732 days ago
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