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Lindsay Lohan

My Dad is Full of It

I Don't Need Rehab

10/20/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is predictably pissed at her dad who tried to stage an intervention Friday, and she says she does NOT need rehab because she does NOT have a drug or alcohol problem ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Michael Lohan showed up at Lindsay's Bev Hills house with a posse that was planning to take her to a facility 100 miles away, but Lindsay wouldn't open the front door and called cops.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she is steadfast -- she has not relapsed and is not drinking or doing drugs.

Lindsay believes Michael is doing this because she has cut him off completely after he recorded their conversation in the middle of LiLo's blowout argument with Dina, and the recording ended up on TMZ.  She says Michael is feigning concern as a ploy to get back in her good graces.

Lindsay says she's more resolved than ever to keep daddy L out of her life.


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Dennis Johnson    

This is just the same old CRAP,nothing new here!

670 days ago



In a last gasp, last ditch effort, Lohan Inc is seeking seed money for a Clamyons like harder core porn epic that includes most of the family! The Easton script includes pretty much everything a sicko/fan could want to see happen to this family…

Milo doing an Around the World Tour of Lindsay with close ups of the Firecrotch! Lilo eats his balls in a Grand Finale!

Ali fisting DUIna up to the elbow! Followed by Yodeling in the Valley! Duina shows what a mother of four looks like down there…!

Cody dog styling the pregnant Kate, who is blowing Milo Jr! Everyone changes partners!

Be part of this ground breaking Art Flick, send $10.00 to Harvey @ TMZ! I’ll pay to see it twice, eh?

670 days ago


I am so sick of hearing about this woman and her dysfunctional family - bad as the never ending Kardashian garbage.

670 days ago


Everything about her life says she is using again. And she lies all the time.

670 days ago

Josie Wails    

Howard K. Stern could settle all their leagal woes once and for all when the truth comes out Lilo's blood was being used by Lance to win 7 tour de Fraudzzzz. Michael should hire Sam Lufti to rep him and they should all go to Joe Francis island getaway for the trial proceedings and let Lance be Da judge! Lance could easily pay their airfare with the donations he collected as a fraud. Thanking them of course for their support!

670 days ago

kilgore trout    

Dude, you're over 50 and white. Turn your STUPID baseball cap around. You look like a red-necked MORON.

670 days ago


Lindsay has been sober since 2007, and there's no proof she has been drinking since then. Her father is only doing this to get his name in the press. How disgusting.

670 days ago


Oh well, looks like Lohan Inc purchased TMZ package deal again for this weekend like know the 5 story deal that runs all weekend ...two paragraphs of teasers and lies at a time with appropriate photos to generate the hits....keeps the hits coming in for TMZ and Lohan gets its usual pay.....
Lindsay's only income now.... Some said down stream "shes working lately and daddy just wants money" and I choked on my coffee it was so funny...Worked ? Worked ? one day 3 hours at the most setting in a chair having her picture taken and lying through her teeth...and that was a obigation she had to do from the movie which she got NO pay.......So What Money ?????
NEXT....what house in Beverly Hills...the rent ran out on the one Lifetime rented when she moved back into CM in August...and they all ran from the Burgerly thing.....She has no house unless the the warehouse in east LA that is listed on her tax records...She sqatting with good friend Claus the drug dealer...

670 days ago


New thread...Dina's got to get her press time too!

670 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

as bizarre as this may sound, i predict that liloh will steal a necklace from a retail outlet. uh, what? the hell you say!

670 days ago


Good Morning ZEPHYR, you have mail. (No you don't), but it REALLY pisses off SnarkyBear when people say that. ROFLMFAO

670 days ago


I think I am going to jump on the "Leave Lindsay Alone" wagon...........
Not because I think she is pure innocent pick on little girl...
But because she is One mean assed dirty, nasty, evil drunken whore who doesn't want anybody intervention and doesn't want to change.....Thank You very much...
So I say let her, let her drink her ass off, let her snort up coke and meth and whatever hell else she does to get her high, let her infect every man stupid enough to have sex with her cause if he isn't dirty and desiesed he will be from now on...just keep her ass off the roads and throw it in jail if she throws another temper tratrum in public..and DO NOT give her want she craves the MOST...MEDIA attention....if the drugs and drinking don't kill her the lack of attenion will...
Lindsay your aura in now JET BLACK....... change now or Syanora BAby !!!!

670 days ago


We all know what goes down when the lesbos gather to party at Chateau Marmot. Hot lady action. If she missed her gig because she was getting some (from a non-employee) then she alright.

670 days ago


Lindsay only has a glass of white wine in social situations, just like anyone else, but she usually only drinks spring water and tea. That's not drinking like her despicable father wants people to believe. Her Mom knows the truth.

670 days ago


Ha....the whole family is full of it!

670 days ago
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