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I Think My Mail Lady

Is Spying on Me!

10/20/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_octomom_03Octomom believes her mail lady isn't just delivering the mail ... she's delivering information about her to other people ... and Octo wants her fired for it!

Octo's rep tells TMZ her security caught the mail lady snapping pics of Nadya's car and home on Thursday. She says security confronted her and she claimed she was taking pics of the car because she wanted one for herself.

Octo and her security team didn't buy the woman's story, so Octo filed a complaint with the Palmdale Postmater for violation of privacy. Octo tells TMZ she believes the mail lady has been giving out her address and says she's noticed an increase in traffic in her neighborhood as of late.

Octo tells us, "I am so shocked by the behavior of the USPS, now I know how people have been getting my address. It is very disturbing that this woman is handling my personal mail and possibly taking pictures of that as well. I certainly hope they are going to take this situation seriously. It is disgusting."

Octo says the Postmaster told her they are investigating the situation.


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Palmdale insane asylum is located at
40924 Knoll Drive, Palmdale, CA
Just push the button until the gate opens.
Hi Nadya.

699 days ago


because of what she FEELs she wants this woman to lose her job this from a cnt who doesnt have a job besides diddling herself for money

699 days ago


You made yourself into a circus freak and now you dont want people to point and laugh?

699 days ago


If she was really worried about it she'd just set up a PO box. No one's giving out her address though cause no one cares about her and people sure the hell aren't just gonna go driving through her neighborhood just so they can gawk and say Oooo there's Octomoms house. LOL

699 days ago

Lynn M    

I wouldn't wanto to be that postwoman if what Suleman is claiming is true. It's probably a FEDERAL offense.

699 days ago


I dislike Nadia but the USPS worker should be fired if she was taking pictures for the purposes of exploitation whilst on the job and/or if she gave out any information on Nadya from her position as a post delivery person. I see NO reason for a postal worker to take pictures of anything while on the job and if she did take pictures, there is nothing she can say that will have me believe it was for anything other than exploitation. I wouldn't want the postal workers going through my mail and the fact that this is Octomom makes it no less deplorable.

699 days ago


the world knew where you stayed you posted it all over the net you dumb a--. you are disgusting yourself, you just want fame and that word does not need to be in the same sentence with your name. get a life go to school and get a real job for those kids. when are family and children services going to step in and take those kids from this disgusting female. did you see the bedding and the house, with all my tax money and everyone else, she should have better things in that house. such a loser. that's why she had all those kids because she needed all our money to take care of them, she will never be a mother, mama maybe .

699 days ago


So Ocotskidmark is is true you've got scars all over your legs where you screwed up getting the tats of the babydaddy's name removed?
It would be pretty dumb to put his name on you prominently and indelibly, wouldn't it.
And the barfkini pictures show what looks to be a word running down a sword bleeding right though the concealer right by your crotch on your upper thigh.
So what does it say?

699 days ago


How does someone who claims they have no money and said they had to resort to doing porn afford a security staff? Octoscam is delusional and i believe she has serious mental issues. It's not that hard to find an address for anybody. If she didn't want any publicity she would move somewhere in the middle of nowhere and not contact the media every time she wants some attention. She just needs to go away. Nobody cares what she does.

699 days ago


Why is this lady always on TMZ? I see more stories on here about her, then I do actual celebrities. No one cares about this lady.

699 days ago

who dat    

A fabricated story. Octo needed a story to sell.

699 days ago

Barb Cranfield    

GO For it...that is 100% WRONG!!!

699 days ago


Don't **** with people's jobs, you paranoid bitch.

699 days ago


Right, TMZ staff are sitting back and laughing their arses off. All of us that have been following this beyotch's saga know this story is so full of holes. She took pictures of the new house, sent them to TMZ, inside and out to try to prove she's the GOOD MOM. Now, she claims all those photos showed up on TMZ because of the Mail lady. Hate to tell you this, OCTOMUT, if the MAIL LADY was doing something that was a federal offense and taking photos and selling them, TMZ would NEVER have bought the photos. You took them, YOU SOLD THEM and now you are going to blame a long time postal worker of wrongdoing? I hope you die a horrible death you useless tw*t of a human being.

699 days ago

Whats The World Comin To    

They need to investigate to make sure that they really arnt doing this to her. But it seems like she enjoys calling TMZ a lot.

699 days ago
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