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I Think My Mail Lady

Is Spying on Me!

10/20/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_octomom_03Octomom believes her mail lady isn't just delivering the mail ... she's delivering information about her to other people ... and Octo wants her fired for it!

Octo's rep tells TMZ her security caught the mail lady snapping pics of Nadya's car and home on Thursday. She says security confronted her and she claimed she was taking pics of the car because she wanted one for herself.

Octo and her security team didn't buy the woman's story, so Octo filed a complaint with the Palmdale Postmater for violation of privacy. Octo tells TMZ she believes the mail lady has been giving out her address and says she's noticed an increase in traffic in her neighborhood as of late.

Octo tells us, "I am so shocked by the behavior of the USPS, now I know how people have been getting my address. It is very disturbing that this woman is handling my personal mail and possibly taking pictures of that as well. I certainly hope they are going to take this situation seriously. It is disgusting."

Octo says the Postmaster told her they are investigating the situation.


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Lay off the vodka, you poor excuse of a mother. Either you are trying to keep yourself in the news and making crap up, or you are getting paranoid. You aren't that special just because you found a quack with a baster willing to inject you with embryos.

731 days ago


OMG she's been there just over two weeks. How does she know how much traffic is normal? It's not against the law for people to take pictures. Privacy, yea right! She didn't care about that or she wouldn't have advertised where she moved to. Nadya don't you get it, nobody cares. Just go away and shut up!

731 days ago



731 days ago


This is just octocamps way of distracting readers about the real truth that is now surfacing....why is it not being reported that the police were called on her eldest sons destruction of a neighbors property in Whittier.........if she is doing so well financally, why did she get a charity to pay off her 900 plus electric bill in Aug when her power was cut off.....people all over Palmdale, tweeting everytime she uses her food stamps on groceries......driving both vehicles that have no insurance, tags expired, Dmv putting a hold on her drivers license cuz she doesn't pay her fines & outstanding tickets....yet has money for Latisse, Rogaine for woman, expensive cover-up for her legs & still, eye-lash extensions which she denies...but still wonders why the public perception is sooo against her......also, with 5 different nannies, coming forward, being in her employ at different times, but all are reporting the same travesties that happen in her home....that will soon be made public...but still her porn star manager keeps trying to re-invent her public persona...Demi Delia has the most exhausting job ever.....kudos to her for that....but the public will never be fooled again...too many facts.......

731 days ago


This is, of course, a story posted on the website that only a few days ago posted pictures of broken eggs in Nadya's driveway. I'm failing to see the difference between when TMZ does it and when the mail carrier does it.

731 days ago


A lot more information from very reliable sources is suddenly coming out. And it is all truly horribly awful.
And just so tears in your eyes heartbreaking about the effects on the kids of having to live trapped with a tweaked-out sociopath that personifies criminal maternal neglect.

Anyone who hears it is going to be haunted by it. Great, we know have an actual ghoul who preys on her kids,. Justi n time for Halloween.
Why Harvey who must know is sitting on this is a real mystery.

For example: since it has already been mentioned, yup, in August her elec was cut off for a $995 bill. Despite her having been given 6 figures in quite possibly non reportable cash by her manager 5 months before. Remember she paid no rent, either. She then proceeded to call a local charity and get them to pay that bill--depriving other families who needed that money in this economy

And it gets much, much worse. Since when is child neglect , including medical neglect, only worthy of gosssip and not criminal investigation.

731 days ago



could you be a little more specific? Show Harvey up

731 days ago


I might had cared about her if she wasn't so anti-male relationship oriented. I can ONLY feel sorry for all those children who are going to have so much baggage to live with on account of her stupidity. She is truly a dumb woman - but of course she can't see that because she is so selfish and bent on her own agenda.

730 days ago

nor rain,nor sleet,nor snow will keep Octomom off TMZ.

730 days ago


As hard as jobs are to find this woman is probably going to lose her job because she is dumb enough be gathering info on Octomom. Really? I'll take the postman job.

730 days ago



if this woman loses her job, she is free to sue Nadya, if Nadya can't adequately prove that what she claims happened.
Getting her into court, especially with a manager who may possibly be participating in welfare fraud, would be one way to reveal to the greatest number of people what extreme level of neglect the children have been subjected to.
What Has to be asked is why her lawyer/previous manager and raving Christian fundamentalist did not do anything to alleviate the surfer king of 14 children for 4 years. As well as the teachers and childcare workers who should be mandated reporters and haven't done their job.

This will just keep going on well into the next few decades. As the kids get old enough , they'll be suing those "professionals" who should have protected them from this nightmare and haven't.

How can someone be so squarely in the public eye, be so gratuitously literally and figuratively overexposed, and yet feel so entitled to abuse her own children is just amazing.
It is just shameful that this has one on so long before one courageous women decide d she had to do the right thing.
Too bad TMZ refuses to recognize what goldmine they've got in this woman and instead of licking the sewer by promoting a serial child abuser.

730 days ago


you're an attention whore, you're loving every second of it, truth is, if you weren't giving tmz some kind of kick back they wouldn't even bother giving you a headline

730 days ago


Nobody cares where she lives or what she does. She just keeps trying to get in the lime light, thinking she is so popular.

730 days ago


Octotrash is just a paranoid freak. She has so much to hide she is afraid of anyone who looks at her twice.

Thankfully, a lot of her nastiness towards the 'tups is coming to light. I've always said the truth will always out and it looks like she is about to be outed big time.

A lot of the nannies that signed her bogus 'confidentiality agreement' have come to realize that not revealing child abuse and neglect is required on their part and nothing will be done to them for breaking a confidentiality agreement.

Any former nannies out there? Your help is needed to rescue 8 pitiful, neglected and abused babies. Speak up now. Orange County CPS and LaHabra Police Department are busy compiling evidence of child neglect and sexual abuse of the octuplets. You will not be sued by Octos*** for breaking her bogus confidentiality agreement. Child abuse and neglect are things that MUST be reported. You have to speak up for the children who can't speak for themselves.

730 days ago


she should thank the mail lady . atleast there is someone out there who is showing a genuine interest in her .

730 days ago
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