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Travis Barker


10/21/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1019-travis-barker-getty-tattoosTravis Barker believes an LAPD officer pulled him over, and immediately labeled him a drug-toting gang member -- and says it's second time he's been "profiled" by law enforcement ... TMZ has learned.

Travis was on his way to pick up his daughter in L.A. Wednesday, when he got pulled over for not having a front license plate on his custom Chevy.

According to Barker's rep ... the officer gave him the ole once-over, saw his head-to-toe tatts ... and "then accused him of having drugs and weapons in the car."

Barker's rep tells TMZ ... he was also accused of having gang ties, and was asked to have his car searched by the officer -- which Barker allowed him to do.

Barker's rep tells TMZ , the drummer ultimately got off with a fix-it ticket -- but he's still pissed because the same exact thing happened about a year ago ... when an LAPD officer slapped him with a ticket for no plates and tinted windows.

Barker believes profiling is NOT okay -- but acknowledges that not all cops do it.

TMZ spoke with an LAPD rep who refused to comment on Travis' profiling accusation. The rep did say Travis is welcome to come in to any station to sit down and talk about the situation.


No Avatar


Hey idiot....put a freakin' front plate of your car and wouldn't be "profiled" as a law breaker.

700 days ago


OKayyy......So WHEN did getting stopped with NO PLATES and tinted windows become "profiling"?? Is Barker nuts?? oh nooo, just another spoiled rotten celebrity who feels entitled! How does it feel to be fitting LOCOHAN's profile Travis??

700 days ago


easy answer, put the plates on your car, ITS THE LAW!!!

700 days ago


You like a piece of ****1ing trash, who wouldn't profile your dumb ass.

700 days ago


profiling is WRONG, but don't give police a reason to pull you over!

700 days ago

The Lorri    

Maybe if you just slap some plates on your car no one will pull you over anymore.

700 days ago


Welcome to real life Travis. Happens to me at least once a month and I dont have ANY tattoos, NOT ONE. The racism in the LAPD is ridiculous. Youre lucky youre white. Stop your bitching.

700 days ago


how about making your vehicle legal and you wont get pulled over.

700 days ago


He is a dumb **** to expect that not to happen, with the way he looks.

700 days ago


Now he see how a black man feels!!! He's lucky he got away with only a ticket and not arrested for drugs being planted in his car!!! Tattoos are an expression of ur individuality. I have 13 tattoos and still managed to go to college and land a position as a x-ray tech. Save all the appearance bs bc had it been an old white man in that classic car they would not have wanted to search the car. Young people are often stereotyped bc of the way they look,dress, talk or the kind of car they drive. I drive an 08 Cadillac cts with custom chrome rims and when I get pulled over cops ask if I object to a search I always tell them yes 1. Being I have that right 2. 9/10 my daughter is in the car with me, if not her car seat is always in the back seat . In the state of Florida we get pulled for everything from tint being to dark to music being played too loud.. U can get pulled over for a broken tail light and cops want to search ur car if u look suspect. I fool them every time tho bc im licensed and insured with no criminal record, college degree with an established career and I have tattoos and dreads. "give me my ticket and plz get outta my face"

700 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

If he'd get the licence plate setup fixed, he wouldn't be "profiled".

What a fecking moron.

700 days ago

Bad Dog    

Hmm so a year ago he got a ticket for no plates and when the cops stop him now for "no plates" he is being profiled? I thought cops profiled for color or race, didn't know they could profile stupidity

700 days ago


I agree that if you make yourself look like a stereotype people might treat you that way. That doesn't mean it's right but I have no sympathy. The reason why is he consented to an illegal search. He is someone that can afford to fight it and he could have made it into a case that might help other people that really are harassed and profiled. He's like "I dressed up and they believed it. That's not fair." It makes him sound bad
all around. Hadn't he ever heard "99 Problems?"
Well the glove compartment's locked, so is the trunk in the back, and I know my rights so you gonna need a warrant for that"

700 days ago


If he doesn't like getting stopped, why doesn't he fix his windows and tag? What a s***bag.

700 days ago


I think there are a lot of corrupt cops out there, but why do you insist on making yourself a target by REPEATEDLY not installing your license plate properly. The window tinting thing is also a a cop magnet. The law explains how much tinting you can have, look it up Travis.

700 days ago
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