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Lindsay Lohan

You Be the Judge

10/21/2012 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
can't go a week without cops and drama, and she was true to form Friday, after she called the cops on her dad ... who was trying to stage an intervention. So we gotta ask ...


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Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Did you notice how CAREFULLY I said that? My few days away and I didn't come out with "I like waking up with Andy and Zephyr stuff". God I am a slag, ROFLMFAO.

Yanno, admission is the first step to recovery, Uppy. :-P

Andy and I both know that you can't live without us! heh.

699 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Lindsay- Cut the bull****. Listen to your ****in' daddy or I'm gonna com whip your young ass with love myself.

Quit doing stupid **** Lindsay. You are too gifted. Take your ass home.

699 days ago


Why do I feel this compulsion to click "LOSER" on the poll every time I see it?

699 days ago


Every day a story involving a Lohan.
She is and adult. She and her mom do cocaine and drink. Her father was an abusive alcoholic and drug addict. She makes sure everything she does is captured on tape or film. If her Dad did want to help her the cameras unfortunately are always there so it looks fake and bad.
She will not live long and it is sad but her choice.

699 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I don't need to see Lindsay's boyfriend, Matt's description of him set my gay-dar bells a-ring-a-ding-dingin' and when somebody sets off straight peoples' gay-dar--they're extra gay. Super gay. Gay plus.

699 days ago

kanye east    

Where was Linds' phantom "boyfriend" when she was staggering out of the Collusco Lesbico Italian lesbian bar in lower Manhattan this morning? My guess - he was at some celebrity-free clinic, begging for antibiotics.

699 days ago

International Pedophile Awareness Day June 25    

International Pedophile Awareness Day June 25

✫✫✫✫ iPad Prayer✫✫✫✫

-Oh Heavenly Father,

As We Gather On This Happy Sabbath Day
We Thank Thee, For Removing A
Sick Pedophile From This Earth

We Thank Thee, Oh Lord That The Children Of
The World Are Now Safe From The
Evil Pedophile Known As Michael Jackson

We Thank Thee, Oh Lord For Delivering
This Tortured Soul Unto The Gates Of
Hell, That He May Dwell Therein For All
Eternity, For All The Innocent Souls Of
The Children That Were Abused By This
Evil Serpent

We Pray & Ask Thee, Oh Heavenly Father
That On This Day, The Children That Were
Victims Of Abuse, Be Blessed, That They
Can Forgive & Forget The Horrible Acts
Committed Unto Them By Michael Jackson

We Ask Thee, Oh Heavenly Father, That The
Rabid Fans, Repent For Their Sins Of Supporting
Such A Evil Pedophile, That Their Eyes Be Opened
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And Repent The Bad

"Father, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do"

And We Say This In The Name Of The Son, The Father & The Holy Ghost

~ Amen~

699 days ago

kanye east    

That is NOT her "boyfriend". It's not even a boy, it's just AA Aliana with a new haircut and a little photo editing. This also explains the "modeling in Laos" fiction.

699 days ago


Please lock this family up with the kardashians and maybe we wouldn't mind reading the entertainment news.This family is so drama filled it's sickening!!!!

699 days ago


I like her big ass tits

699 days ago

Peter Sc    

She needs to move to Europe. She cannot have a normal life living in the same country as her parents.

699 days ago


FREE TIP: on photoshopping a photograph........

When photoshopping a persons face to cover a problem (aka) double MUST shop Both sides of the chins even is hair is hanging on one side...the lines and shadows will still show up.......
PRIME example.......Facebook : "Free Lindsay" headshots of Lindsay Lohan and her comb over hair style...the right side of her face her chin and jowl have been cleaned up and blurred but they only went to the middle of her chin under neath and then you can see the double chin start...up again......LOL also on the eyes when blurring and blending out brown circles under the all do the Whole eye area not the corner please...Thank You......
End of Lesson.....

Sorry had to do it ...It was so dam obvious.....Notice that she hasn't had the money to reinflate her lips lately so she just using lipstick and liner to make them bigger ..and she has on a piece to as well as extension....Hell that much fake hair she might as well go a Brittney and shave that mess and wear a full wig and let it grow in again....

699 days ago



699 days ago


Lindsay has never been ON the wagon to fall off of.
Bitch has been high since her first line.

699 days ago


TMZ I think yuo missed the mark here. Michael is not Lindsay's biggest problem. Michael wants to be the one to save Lindsay. Hewants tobe known as the one that saved Lindsay like Jamie Spears was for Brittany. But he is NOT the parent that is Lindsay's problem. I don't think his motives are pure. But I also don't think he wants to see her die. Lindsays problems are and always have been her MOTHER. Dina has always had the most influence over her. She is the one that took her 15 yr old daughter clubing so she could be on the A list. Dina is the one that even now drinks and takes drugs in front of her recovering addicted daughter. Dina is the one that has REPEATEDLY said her daughter has no addiction problems. Although I think Michaels reason for getting Lindsay help are self motivating he is not the cause of Lindsay problems. The one parent that has had consistent influence over Lindsay is Dina. Michael's has no influence over Lindsay but I do agree with one thing Michael has said the moment that the spotlight is shifted to DINA'S role as a parent she strikes back by taking the spot light off of her. Dina should be the parent you are focusing on,NOT Michael herealy has ZERO influence.

699 days ago
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