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Obama vs. Romney Debate

The Bin Laden Body Count

10/22/2012 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1022_obama_romney_gettyTonight's Presidential debate is about foreign policy ... which begs the obvious question -- How many times will Barack Obama say the words "Bin Laden"? 

The debate is raging here at the TMZ office ... Harvey's going with "3 times," Charles, Chad and McDaniel say 2, Beckerman says 1 ... Evan's going with 7.

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Mitt Romney. The question: How many times will Mitt utter the words, "Failed policies"? 

Harv says 5, Charles 4, McD 6, Beckerman 3 and Evan's going with 2.

There can can only be one winner -- or 2 ... because some people picked the same numbers and screwed everything up.

What do you think?


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Im a big fan of yourself a favor stay out of politics.

730 days ago

BIG E    

How About a Poll asking how many times the leader of the free world will say um. He says it before and after everything..

730 days ago

BIG E    

How about a poll that ask how many times nobama says um... It seems to be his fav. word.. He says umm before and after everything..

730 days ago


Mr. Romney should say to Mr. Obama concerning Osama Bim Laden :

With all due respect Mr. EL Presidente

YOU didn't kill that

730 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

He will say it nine times. 9 times. 9 x's
Phishie from Philly

730 days ago


Oh i made up a new word today : you may use it but must send me some royalties ; Harvey will forward it to me. Actually , one of Rush Limbaugh's callers saud ut as a malapropism (accidentally mispronouncing a word) so i guess she coined the word , but i hear it and this is it. She was talking about how All of the past American presidents have been flag waving patriots, i mean, that's how you got to be president coz they were the most patriotic ever. Obama is the opposite of being a flag waving _loving America_would happliy die for her_kind of guy_he hates AMerica_wants to 'CHANGE_American_Plans to give away the wealth of AMericans_even JZ and BEyonce will have alot less to blow_the entire NBA_NFL_and all of baseball players will soon be enjoying less extra cash on hand_When Obama speaks about 'REDISTRIButing " HE IS TALKING ABOUT THEM TOO__FYI IT will be the poorest folk who will suffer the greatest hardships_because there will be no further place to fall_we will simply fall to the bottom_and that will be that.

When Obama was all about HOPE and CHange_or as i think_of it now_NO HOPE and CHUMP CHANGE_the Demmidiots_now using 'FORWARD"_for this campaign_or brother_they really should be saying_GET OVER IT._

Hateriotic_the opposite of Patriotic

730 days ago


We know 2 things are dead and will not ever show signs of life:
1. Bin Laden
2. Obama's failed policies

730 days ago


Remember how Romney flubbed when he went to Olympics ..know dick bout policies..oh wait selling companies to china

730 days ago


All of the victims of 911 are due a mention that we got Bin Laden.

730 days ago

uncle tom    

obama looks like a school kid being taught by mitt romney

730 days ago

uncle tom    

this weak president looks like urkel show that shot of him riding his bike a total failure all around

730 days ago


Romney won't even answer the questions, goes off on a million tangents - omg lol

730 days ago

shela west    

this is my oppinion...
Mitt Romney isnt made to be presedent
from how i see how he clown every one
and acts like he's all that
honestly i think all mitt romney is all about who gives a fluckin duck ass... mitt romney dosent...

730 days ago

shela west    

mitt romney your only about your self, not the people
not the poor, not the older folks your only about you
and this i pray peeps like me donot vote for a loser like you.

730 days ago

shela west    

this is why our countries are messing up going broke
guys like mitt romney is stealing every last dout we peeps have, i thought this countrie meant we the people, hummmmmmmmmmm honestly i think we the people donot have a say.

730 days ago
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