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Will Smith

Cops Sweep House

For Michelle Obama Shindig

10/23/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith
and Jada Pinkett Smith got a visit from L.A. County Sheriff's deputies Monday, who were there to secure the property for a little lunch the Smiths are throwing for the First Lady of the U.S. of A.

Will, Jada and Salma Hayek are hosting the $2,500-a-head lunch for Michelle Obama this Thursday. That's the bargain basement price. If people want their pic taken with Michelle Obama, the price of admission goes up to $10k a couple -- the good news, that includes lunch.

Several units from the Emergency Operations Bureau of the Sheriff's Dept. showed up to sweep the grounds ... inside and out. 

The Smiths live in Calabasas, behind a massive gate with a long, winding road that leads to the main house. Sheriff's deputies -- along with Secret Service -- were everywhere, looking for possible security breaches.


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It is not intelligent to report this event in advance.

727 days ago


well i see the usual bull coming from the repubs as if millionaires by the bus loads have not come out of the woodwork to give to rommney --so called christian conserative's people like the koch brothers are as wealthy and live as extravangtly as any movie star so why don't you all tell the truth for a change most of you are racist and trying to convince yourself it obama's policies that your against give me a break we suffered through 8 years of your last christian choice for president remember the one who sent hundred of thousands of our young men and women to war the one who did not even know gas was at 4.00 a gallon the one who so easily let the likes of rove and cheney make poor decisions that helped create the problems that obama has had to try to fix--lets see now--8 yrs of debt,credit wars homes sold to people who could not afford them a runaway wall street that looked really good on paper but proved a disaster--and you want it cleaned up in 32 months IDIOT'S!!!! if you get rommney you will eat your words about what he says and what he really does

727 days ago

Delbert Warren    

Come on who would want a picture with an ugly woman that also lies, must less paying 10,000.00.Give me a break she also has bad taste in her man and his character.Color his hair woman

727 days ago

Delbert Warren    

Please tell me are we the American Tax Payer paying for all the (SECRET SERVICE) that is and I quote Sweeping the grounds for a 2,500.00 dinner, all the ball games, the shoping trips to Paris,all the date nights and the privete use of Airforce One? If so pay for it yourself,or your high rollin friends can you bum that would give the (middle class ) a big break in taxes.Brack you & Michale are milking us dry.We are so far indept we are drowning. Give us a break move on you have screwed us enough.How can you look at yorself in the mirrow after lieing to us American's giving our money to our enemy's.Fool us one time shame on you.Fool us twice shame on us. VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY. God will forgive,but wait do you believe in God?

727 days ago

Connecticut Sam    

I think most of us wish that we had some of Smith money. It is the tax payers who is going to pay this bill.

727 days ago


You know it bugs when you see what the 5% can afford but you know what they work hard for what they have. They are only reaping what they sow from their hard work. If we want something like what they have we have to work hard and long hours, are you willing to sacrifice your time like they do? Bet you don't. My boss makes 5 million pays the IRS 1.5 to 2 million. He works for what he earns. Quit blaming the rich for what they have or can afford, they worked for it.

727 days ago



727 days ago


talk about a carbon footprint, and they claim they are for the enviroment, what gall to preach to the rest and then do what you like. hypocripts

727 days ago


Wow! What money will buy.

727 days ago


You could play hide and seek for months on end...he hide with another woman and she hide with another man...that much space is dreadful.

727 days ago


Palatial Palace for the Prince!

727 days ago


Did you say house! Looks more like an industrial complex to me, which is what it probably is. Makes sense to your business into your domicile I suppose.

726 days ago

Just Sayin'    

Okay - firstly, my old studio apartment - the entire thing - was about the size of that trampoline in the bottom right corner. I now live in an even smaller room, thanks to the economic downturn.

But what I REALLY want to know is: When is some high-falutin' bazillionaire going to buy her or himself 2 MODEST homes and donate a huge chunk to a local health clinic or something so that MASSES of people can benefit from their generosity? If Brad Pitt can spend his own dough to rebuild homes in Louisiana, why can't more wealthy people help out the little guy? Why are we waiting on government to bail us out when wealthy people alone could change this nation? When are the uber rich going to start dumping money into food banks for those independent contractors who need help but don't qualify for food stamps or unemployment? I think so many celebs and politicians are way out of touch because they isolate themselves in these gargantuan houses the size of small countries and then preach to everyone else that they understand when clearly they don't. You can't take this s.h.i.t. with you when you die, so why keep it all and buy a house that looks like a small university? What good is that? How happy does that make you feel? No one is saying they can't live very well, when they can AND help others. Who needs a gift wrapping room or an indoor bowling alley in their home? How many days of each month will they spend bowling? And how much money would they spend at a real bowling alley bowling as much as they normally would at home? $500 maybe? The truth is, this whole article screams of the irony of the great divide .... wealthy people give to powerful politician in hopes that that politician even wins and then turns around and bails out the banks. Okay, not cool. I vote for these politicians but I have come to realize we can do more to help one another rather than to sit around and wait for Congress to get their heads out of their behinds. If this country's going to change, we all need to pitch in and Jada & Will can start by matching what they give in these fundraisers by giving an equal sum to a local food pantry that could literally help tens of thousands.

726 days ago

Evelyn Scales    

This is really sad, to see so much house being wasted, as you can't possibly live in all this house. Why don't they share some of this money wasted this way with the poor and homeless who have to shovel thru trash cans for food? I would never want anything like that when others are suffering, and today there are many suffering .They need to put there money where it can help others

726 days ago


The First "Lady" should be ashamed of herself. In these economic times she could not be more inappropriate. However, considering her travels low these last 4 years, why should today be different than any other day. Jackie Kennedy she ain't.

726 days ago
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