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Court Showdown

Over Secret

Mitt Romney Testimony

10/23/2012 4:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The Boston Globe is going to court tomorrow, reportedly to ask a judge to unseal the sworn testimony of Mitt Romney in a confidential matter in family court. 

Gloria Allred -- who insinuated she might have a bombshell that could affect the presidential election -- has a client who is somehow involved in the case and who wants to go on the record.  

We're told the Globe will ask the judge both to unseal Romney's testimony and lift the gag order imposed on everyone involved in the case.

As for what the case involves ... it's a secret ... and Gloria's not spillin' the beans. But we do know the court in question handles lots of sensitive family law matters, including those involving high profile people.

Stay tuned ...



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Gloria Allred is always looking for a cheap thrill and masturbating a diseased syphilitic pr--- [male appendage] to get her rocks off.
Her reputation precedes her

667 days ago


personally, i dont care if he has another kid, we need a BUSINESSMAN...not a Lawyer in the WH. Obama either dont care or JUST dont have the capability to change/effect unemployment at 8% AND GAS prices at $4.00!!!

667 days ago


Regarding this guys post:
William Alford He says:

The Allred story is about the woman in the story in the link below. She wants to have a gag order lifted and records unsealed so that the woman can speak out about her ordeal with Romney. Very serious stuff here folks. Mitt Romney will potentially appoint 2 or more Justices to the US Supreme Court and they are going to reflect his beliefs whatever they happen to be at that time. Please read this carefully and pass it along by Twitter or email. Thanks
3 hours ago


So what?

If you don't like the Mormon faith and what they have as values...then leave the church.

Remember the Latino singer thay say was murdered...Selena...they say she could have lived after being shot, but her family is Jehovahs Witnesses and they refused blood transfusions. She died. That is the choice they made following their religion.

Mormons don't want he counselled a woman on that belief?

Once again, if you don't like the Mormon doctrine..leave the church.

That is what they news here.

OOOOhhh Romneys scary..give me a break.

Most peopel don't believe in abortion with or without religion. Or g * y marriage or poiltical correctness.

No news.

667 days ago


a NON STORY the REAL STORY is that OBama and Hillary were in the Oval Office and situation room getting REAL TIME information describing how Chris Stevens was being killed...they did NOTHING to help him...they LET him be slaughtered

667 days ago


Oh please. Allred is as bad as that creepy Trump. Both will do anything for attention. If she has a bombshell, i hope she drops it on Trump's head, and he can do the same with his bullsh*t.

667 days ago


Sounds to me like both Gloria and Donald are engaged in election tampering.I am beautiful woman and I love good man…..inter racial romance is my dream… so I joined —blackwhitePlanet.С0M—–it's where to- connect with beautiful and excellent people! So baldy the duck will say the president sold coke and this bitch will say Mitt beats women. Makes no difference, people will vote for who they wanted to anyways.

667 days ago


At least Democrats know Gloria Allred is bat**** crazy and is to be ignored. Republicans, on the other hand, LOVE Donald Trump and his best friend, Willard Mittens. Apparently, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump found old divorce filings concerning Obama - that are over a decade old. Hilarious since The Donald is on his 3rd wife to a former porn star. His first two wives - Donald Trump threw overboard to hook up with other whores. Yet, this orange combover clown is judging Obama???? Same on Mitt Romney for being a part of this spectacle.

667 days ago

For Sooth?    

Gloria Allred should spend her time defending Kim Smiley so that LeAnn Rimes won't take her house. This is a mother that has adopted four handicapped children, besides having bio kids, and LeAnn is stooping so low as to sue her and rip the rug out from under her family. Cry all you want to Katie LeAnn, you made your bed and flaunted it in front of Brandi and her boys, and proceeded to have your minions gang up on her on twitter. Where is Gloria when Kim needs her? She's messing with the voting public AGAIN. So why didn't Gloria spend all this time vetting OBAMA since no one did it the first go round? Gloria are you out there? I've got some questions to ask you.

667 days ago


This is NOT a sex scandal. What it means is that Romney helped his friend" hide assets" in a divorce case, saying the Staples stock was "worthless". so his friend could cheat his wife out of a fair settlement. It also means for Romney, lying under oath, which is perjury. If anything it goes to Romney's character, he claims to be a real holier than thou. but by now if you don't know Romney is a liar, you're brain dead. He changes his positon on things every other day, so it will make no difference to Romney Voters, they already know he's a liar and they don't care.

667 days ago


lol we're going to find out that romney has more then one wife...................

667 days ago


Gloria Allred and the entire DNC belong in the same toilet.

667 days ago


unseal the sworn testimony of Mitt Romney in a confidential matter in family court
People be on notice that when the court tells you your testimony will be really is not

667 days ago


Gloria Allred should be disbarred - she's like a three ring circus looking for a place to set up .... SHUT UP, GLORIA!!!! NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!!!

667 days ago


She and trump need to just gp away, Who cares.

667 days ago


Gloria just made up my mind. If she is out to get Mitt, I'm voting for him. Anything and anyone she is involved in is seedy.

667 days ago
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