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Sam Lutfi


Britney Adderall

10/23/2012 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Britney Spears' former manager just took the stand in his defamation case against the singer's family ... insisting he NEVER enabled Brit with Adderall ... despite allegations to the contrary.

Sam Lutfi testified in open court moments ago .. that he has an Rx for Adderall because of his ADD -- he takes two doses a day -- but he's adamant ... he never shared his meds with Britney ... or anyone else.

Britney's mother Lynne had accused Sam of fueling the singer with drugs, but Sam says that's just not true.

Britney's parents Jamie and Lynne Spears were photographed arriving to court this afternoon looking battle-ready.



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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

But, if Britney's mom makes these claims, how does she know? Did Britney tell her that, Britney who is not of sound mind to testify?

698 days ago


from what i've read britney still has psychological issues because if she didn't she would not need a conservator.
maybe she was off her medication and that caused her to become out of control.
i'm happy she's doing better.
no one can make you take something you don't want to take.
people can honestly be free thinkers.
i can't believe that people can't just take responsibility for their actions and own it.
i guess that's all in the personality traits.
born leaders and followers.
britany had 2 small sons when she went crazy. if that would have been one of us our parental rights would be taken away. where is her responsibility?

698 days ago


oh how i wish this turns out real bad for him.

698 days ago


Obviously he didn't GIVE them to her, he is trying to get paid for them now, so he sold them to her.

698 days ago


When Sam Lufti loses, he is going to be sued for the Spears' legal costs, and that is going to damage his credit for life when he can't pay the exorbitant bill. The longer he drags this out, the higher the legal bills will be. He's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

698 days ago


Take off that hat

698 days ago


So what DID Sam dose Britney up with?

Let's see. IIRC (and I'd ask for someone to please correct me if I'm in error but I'm sure someone will and, as such, does not call for such a request) Sam took over as Britney's manager shortly before Britney hit K-Fed up with a divorce, which quickly led to the partying and drugging and head shaving.

If so, odd timing that.

698 days ago


He didn't give her the Adderall, he gave her the crystal meth.

698 days ago


Sam Lufti is a piece of crap. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, but smells like crap it MUST be Sam Lufti.

698 days ago


this guy has been setting her up for this since the day he walked into her life. he has proof that meth was in her carpet, but who's to say he didn't give it to her, or plant it. no i do not like this michael lohan wanna be.

698 days ago

Tabloid Diva    

The only time Brit was screwed up was when him and that Adnan, or whatever his dumb name was, were in her life. She was fine b4 him and thriving now w/out him. Hope he doesn't get crap from her, he's a POS loser who should be in prison where he belongs.

698 days ago


Hey TMZ, stop calling sc*mbag lufti her "former manager". It's completely incorrect. He claims he was her former manager & is due part of her fortune, but any do***ents she may or may not have signed are invalid because she was stark raving bonkers out of her mind at the time. So, stop calling him her former manager; you lend creedence to something that's not the case...

698 days ago


U guys...stop...if he gave her adderal...

he would have ben in jail... He didnt give her that sht ....Britney took it herself cuz she was gaining baby weight n she needed a quick fix

694 days ago
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