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Leno's Near Miss

Who Caused GNARLY Wreck?

10/23/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Jay Leno narrowly dodged a nasty motorcycle accident on a California freeway -- and now we have video of the wipe out. One woman's being blamed for causing the pileup ... but we'll break down the footage and get her side of the story.

Plus, Justin Bieber accused of stealing money to get a penis enlargement ... and Rihanna accused of giving Chris Brown an STD? Two totally false, and hysterical lawsuits -- but we'll explain why there's not much the celebs can do about it.

Also, Kyle Richards from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" joins us to talk about the beauty treatment that makes you look like a mummy ... temporarily, anyway. Is it worth it?


(0:00) Two of the craziest lawsuits you'll ever see -- one accusing Justin Bieber of stealing money for a penis enlargement ... and one accusing Rihanna of giving Chris Brown herpes (by someone who's not Chris Brown).
(4:30) Lindsay Lohan thumbs her nose at her father, attorney, and management team -- by going out until three in the morning just days after the attempted intervention.
(10:00) Cops swarm Will Smith's mega-mansion -- because they have the impossible task of securing his massive property for Michelle Obama's visit.
(13:30) Another ridiculous lawsuit -- the ex-wife of NBA legend James Worthy is suing because she claims "The Talk" is a rip-off of her idea. Because a group of women sitting around talking is totally an original idea. "The View" anyone?
(18:00) Jay Leno narrowly escapes a nasty motorcycle accident -- and we have video of the crash. One of the riders involved in the accident calls in to clear her name of any wrongdoing.
(24:00) "Real Housewife" Kyle Richards joins the show to talk about her latest facial -- which looks like something out of "Silence of the Lambs."
(30:10) Eva Longoria is finally having her Tony Parker tattoo removed -- Mike strongly defends getting your loved one permanently inked on your body.
(34:45) Leeza Gibbons is targeted by a crazed man on the run.
(36:30) Felix Baumgartner (the guy who jumped from space last week) is smoking hot!!! Who knew? Harvey thinks Red Bull missed an opportunity to promote Felix's hot side.
(39:00) The floor is yours!

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How did you (TMZ) find out about these lawsuits, does the court call you when these bogus suits are filed?

728 days ago

Flying Blind    

i want to hang with lindsay .....

728 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Do people care today Harvey?

728 days ago

OH NO!    

Leno's chin could block traffic on it's own.

728 days ago

Flying Blind    

tumble weeds blows by ..............

728 days ago


Another tax payer funded trip for Mo. Great.

728 days ago


Harvey said "Jay Leno was almost seriously hurt in a motorcycle crash"....What about the people that was actually hurt you ****ing idiot.

728 days ago


Sometime you feel like a nut and sometime you don't Kyle Richards

728 days ago

nee nee    

Kyle obviously gets a kickback from this joint

728 days ago


Harv working out at 2,30 in the morning is working because he looks like he is not a day over 50 not 60+.

728 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Not for nothing but a couple bikers in the Leno video looked like they were weaving in and out, maybe this caused some confusion resulting in the crash?

Kyle Richards is beautiful and did not need any work done. None. If anything she could have cut her hair to be more age appropriate, but if she starts with the surgery crap she'll end up looking like that new female who just joined them. Yuck.

728 days ago


the jay leno video was so much hoopla for nothing. oh jay almost got wiped out.. haha what a fizzle!

728 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Sorry i missed some of the show Harvey but there's paint drying here.

728 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    


728 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

These skypers are always on.

728 days ago

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