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Donald Trump to Obama:


If You Release College Records

10/24/2012 9:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump
has just issued a $5 million challenge to Barack Obama -- if POTUS releases his college records, Trump says he'll donate $5 mil to a charity of B.O.'s choice.

Trump just made the "announcement" via a YouTube video -- saying, "If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications ... and if he gives his passport applications and records I will give to a charity of his choice -- Inner City Children of Chicago, American Cancer Society, AIDS Research ... a check immediately for 5 million dollars."

Trump continued, "The check will be given within one hour after he releases all of the records  ... he'll be doing a great service for the country if he does this."

"If he releases these records, it will end the question and indeed the anger of many Americans ... they'll know something about their president ... their President will become transparent ... like other Presidents." 

Trump had been teasing his "announcement" for days -- saying it could have an impact on the election.


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THIS is the big announcement? I literally can't stop laughing. Trump is pathetic.

732 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

What a waste of time. I feel like his spit is all over my monitor. Please don't waste time having him on TMZ Live, you guys look stupid promoting his antics.

732 days ago


Seriousl, this was your big election changing moment. lmao I know I'm so full of anger because I haven't seen the Presidents college or passport applications. **** off Trump. I want to see all of Mittens tax returns. How about offering him that deal.

732 days ago


How about, you just donate 5 million dollars? Why do you need college records to donate 5 million? Lmao. what a ****ing joke man.

732 days ago

Rude Boy    

And if the president says no, then the charity isn't worth getting the money, anyway?

Way to keep it classy and represent your party, Don. *rolling eyes*

732 days ago


All of that is on a PBS Do***entary of both of them.

732 days ago

lost in ohio    

I am so proud of the donald, this is the only way to see who this imposter in our white house really is. come on obama it is for charity. release your records. or do you really have something to hide.

732 days ago

joe joe    

really??? sounds like a wounded dog barking for attention

732 days ago

Michael Wallach    

I am offering Mitt Romney $5 million to release his tax returns and prove he didn't get amnesty in the IRS's 2009 program for high-income tax-evaders

732 days ago


Trump is yesterdays news, very old & tired man. He need to get a life, really. And this is the BIG news he had on OBAMA?? Really...doesnt he have a family a wife and kids to love?? A "huge" empire to run??. Give me a break already. Did anyone ask any of the previous Presidents who were all white to submit college & school transcripts & records?? What a looser...

732 days ago


Trump should be put in jail for bribery and treason. He is showing his true republican mentality...throwing cash around. Shame on hin.

732 days ago


OMG did anyone else feel that they were watching a partial clip out of Austin Powers??? I wouldnt mind seeing the info but seriously.... I really thought his pinky was going to his mouth

732 days ago


What is this nonsense? This isn't the bombshell reveal that Donald Trump promised. This is just a challenge. Shame on Donald Trump for lying and for wasting everybody's time.

732 days ago


Wow, this was worthless.

732 days ago

Yours Truly    

I think whenever he opens his mouth I lose brain cells...

732 days ago
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