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Lindsay Lohan Intervention

Michael Lohan Asked

Dr. Drew for Help

10/24/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
recruited rehab mastermind Dr. Drew for his massive Lindsay intervention last week, TMZ has learned -- but Dr. Drew declined, believing he would accidentally sabotage the entire operation.

Michael tells TMZ, he had been planning the Lindsay intervention for months ... and a couple weeks ago, he approached Dr. Drew to spearhead the mission.

But Michael tells us, Dr. Drew declined because he thought Lindsay would freak if she saw that he was involved -- defeating the entire purpose of the intervention.

According to Michael, Dr. Drew believed Lindsay needed someone with a lower profile ... someone less intimidating ... so Drew referred Michael to another intervention specialist.

Michael says he ultimately settled on someone else entirely -- someone with a connection to Lindsay's lawyer Dave Feldman -- but as we first reported, the intervention was a miserable failure ... and the cops were called.


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Twenty-six going on 40? Lindsay Lohan's lifestyle leading to premature aging, experts say
By Hollie McKay
Published October 24, 2012
NOW & THEN: Lindsay in October 2012 and in 2007, just weeks before her first arrest. (Reuters)
LOS ANGELES – “Lindsay Lohan Looking Old” is one of the top Google searches associated with the actress’s name, and for good reason.

Earlier this year, Lohan appeared with bleached blonde locks and a serious tan at an amFAR gala. Headlines included “Lindsay Lohan’s Red Carpet Look Disturbs Us,” “Lindsay Lohan Ages Self” and “25 Going on 40.”

A few months later, 66-year-old rocker Debbie Harry was mistaken for the “Mean Girls” star while walking the streets of Manhattan. According to the New York Post, a cluster of paparazzi thought that was Lohan donning very large dark glasses and a thick black coat, when it was in fact the Blondie front woman.

Another story noted that Lohan even looked older than Paris Hilton, six years her senior, and known for closing as many clubs as Lohan.

According to multiple experts, Lohan's appearance is no great surprise. The half decade of personal problems that have plagued the actress appear to have taken the physical toll on her the 26-year-old’s once vibrant exterior, rendering her a woman who often looks far beyond her years.

According to Dr. Damon Raskin, addiction expert at Cliffside Malibu treatment facility, substance abuse ages the body, increases fine lines and causes premature aging.

“Key signs that indicate aging and not taking care of herself are changes in the skin tone and texture,” Raskin told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.

Heather Lounsbury of Live Natural Live Well concurred that the years Lohan has spent burning the candle at both ends would leave anyone looking worse for wear.

“Overuse of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, even coffee can cause premature aging for several reasons,” Lounsbury explained. “Dehydration, stress on the liver, vitamin C deficiency as all these substances deplete nutrients, as well as less collagen production and stress on the adrenal glands. That is why most addicts usually look older than they are.”

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, an addictions specialist and Clinical Director of the Dunes, a holistic mind-body rehab center in Easthampton, N.Y. says substance abuse-related aging can be seen on the skin.

“This includes a blotchy, bloated appearance often accompanied by broken blood vessels (when this affects the nose area, it is commonly known as "drinker's nose"), but can affect other areas of the face and body as well,” he explained.

Contrast Lohan circa 2012 with the fresh-faced Hollywood “it” girl who in 2006 -- the year before her first arrest and subsequent years-long downward spiral -- turned heads when she stepped out at the Hollywood Film Festival with a glowing complexity and lustrous long locks.

“If I didn’t know anything about her, I would think she was in her mid-30’s,” Lounsbury noted. “Maybe older.”

And that may be a kind assessment.

“If I had to make an educated guess, I would say that she has the appearance of someone in their well-traveled 40s. Having said all that, it's obvious that this young woman is going through a difficult period,” Kardaras said. “I know all too well that it's no easy task getting clean and sober at any age, in any career, much less at such a young age and in the spotlight as much as she is. Those are certainly factors that are complicating her recovery process.”

The good news for the still-working actress, some of those physical signs of aging can be reversed or at least halted.

“She needs to stop using drugs, drinking and smoking,” Raskin added. “She needs to drink more water, and exercise.”

Read more:

730 days ago


I'm hardly one to jump to a Lohan's defense, but as far as that ROL story, the source is the National Enquirer....which is not exactly a beacon of light, justice, and truth....not that I can't believe LiHo would do something like that.....because I'd be more apt to be surprised that she didn't....

730 days ago


Michael.... continue to do whatever it takes to get your daughter into a rehab setting. However, I suggest you quit talking about and go out and get this done. Actions speak much louder than words. You get no applause for failed attempts.

730 days ago


“She needs to stop using drugs, drinking and smoking,” Raskin added. “She needs to drink more water, and exercise


That will never happen. By the time Lohan is 30 (if she makes it to that age)
She will look like she is in her 60's

730 days ago


Looks like my generals goina have to give in and fire up my heating system because dam I hate to get up to a cold house and shiver half the day before I get warm....Two people live in this house not just him and I'm COLD......And it hurts my bones and causes me to ache....

This is just a filler story..just to keep us occupied till the weekend anyway.....
Boy that Liz and Dick article in the Daily Mail yesterday was a wrong move and the wrong time For Lifetime and Lohan Inc.....It Got SLAMMED !!!
Those Brit's were NOT happy at all and didn't hesitate to comment on how UNLIKE Elizabeth Taylor she looked....and slam the movie . Nobody said they would are are going to actually watch it...
Which with the comments from most of the people in the States and Canada means Nobody will be watching......except the Loonies....

730 days ago


yes, she needs someone with a lower profile, perhaps a dr that doesn't have a camera crew.

730 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Since Lindsay was out with a group of foreign men last night for "business" I doubt she will be receptive to Milo's thoughts of rehab today.

730 days ago


the more he talks the more he shoots himself in the foot. a few odd things. if using dr drew would defeat the purpose of the intervention, how is using michael lohan any better when lindsay isn't even talking to hi? and if an interventionist was chosen, why wasn't that interventionist with him when he did the intervention? isn't the point of the interventionist to actually be at an intervention? interventions don't take months to plan, so he waited months with no one doing anything about a daughter he thinks is out of control. sorry but the more he talks the more this doesn't add up.

730 days ago


"someone with a lower profile ... someone less intimidating ..."
... Someone who wasn't so obviously chosen for the TV special that ML wanted to turn this into.
Her dad is one creepy dude, willing to do anything to stay in the limelight just a few minutes longer.
Doesn't he have a newborn? Or a baby that is due in a few months? Why isn't he with the mother, trying everything he can do be the best dad he can be to the little one?
Oh ... right... it's going to be a long time before the kid can make movies and such.

730 days ago


Jill666, who are you trying to convince?
while the 2 years I have been on here I never seen one Hater switch and start liking her..
But yet I have seen "TONS" of fans lose hope for the skank an start doing the right thing and bashing her and her s***bag mother.
whats up with DAT????

730 days ago

Ellie G    

HahahahahahaSNORTHahahaha. IDIOTS!!!

730 days ago


Morning Jill,
Don't you just hate to go into defence mode before your first cup of coffee. and you have been going a lot of that lately haven't ya...You can always use a Kerrig coffee maker but I like my old regular 12 cup coffee pot that way I make it as strong or weak as I want........
Course with all that Hate you have balled up in her belly for Micheal I don't see how you can eat or drink anything at all....You need to go outside and beat the helll out of a tree stub with a axe and get that hate out of your system....You'd feel a lot better....

730 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

@ seamus

Im the Nikki from Merrick :)

730 days ago


Basically Lindsay Lohan is becoming the main topic covered by TMZ

730 days ago


The point here is Dr Drew didn't want to work with Michael Lohan.Dr.Drew knows Milo VERY well. Its a sad indictment of Michael Lohan that even a quack didn't want anything to do with him.

As for that sorry ROL story, you do know don't you it came from National Enquirer LMAO!!!

730 days ago
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