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Lindsay Lohan Intervention

Michael Lohan Asked

Dr. Drew for Help

10/24/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
recruited rehab mastermind Dr. Drew for his massive Lindsay intervention last week, TMZ has learned -- but Dr. Drew declined, believing he would accidentally sabotage the entire operation.

Michael tells TMZ, he had been planning the Lindsay intervention for months ... and a couple weeks ago, he approached Dr. Drew to spearhead the mission.

But Michael tells us, Dr. Drew declined because he thought Lindsay would freak if she saw that he was involved -- defeating the entire purpose of the intervention.

According to Michael, Dr. Drew believed Lindsay needed someone with a lower profile ... someone less intimidating ... so Drew referred Michael to another intervention specialist.

Michael says he ultimately settled on someone else entirely -- someone with a connection to Lindsay's lawyer Dave Feldman -- but as we first reported, the intervention was a miserable failure ... and the cops were called.


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who takes some random kid he met on twitter for an intervention for his daughter and doesn't even bring the interventionist?

736 days ago


Richardwww, apparently your reading comprehension has slipped . TMZ has stated they saw the e-mails and the texts.

736 days ago


Jill, who was the driver of the car ? How do you know that wasn't the interventionist ?

736 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Yesterday HELL(P) was going on about Milo kidnapping Lindsay.

Here is HELL(P) on twitter. HELL(P) is a nut job!

21 OctDayz_Nites‏@Dayz_Nites

@michaeljlohan I have screen capped your twitter page, your threat to kidnap Lindsay is on record.

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21 OctDayz_Nites‏@Dayz_Nites

@mikelohan Look at your fathers twitter page, he said he would drag Lindsay "kickin' if I have to!" thats a threat and a police matter.


21 OctDayz_Nites‏@Dayz_Nites

@michaeljlohan "shawn was/is on board" LOL! Shawn Holley despises you as most people do.YOU need help,you're a pathalogical liar.


21 OctDayz_Nites‏@Dayz_Nites

@michaeljlohan "kickin' if I have to" that sounds like a threat to kidnap Lindsay.You are seriously demented. @k8major Milo is dangerous

736 days ago


Maybe the personw that Michael took with them is someone that's already been through an intervention and knows what it's like and was there to lend support to Lindsay???

736 days ago

Ellie G    

Milo may be a total loser but that doesnt make Lindsay any less of a drunken, thieving skank.

736 days ago


OMG... Are you telling me that help turned "I'll drag her kicking if I have to" into Michael kidnapping Lindsay???


736 days ago


Why Kidnap her..........All he has to do is Wait.......It won't be long before she get her ass in trouble again and the First thing out her mouth as they lead her away going be...."Call my Dad ! Somebody call my Dad !".......

736 days ago

kanye east    

HA! Linds Tweeted a picture of one of AA Aliana's recent spawn, then deleted it within seconds. I just happened to catch a glimpse. By coincidence. It was a GINGER! Duuuuuhn duhn DUHN duhn.....

736 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Oy! TMZ! Where's the story about Lindsay's latest theft? $15,000 worth of clothes. Get on the stick! Chop, chop.

736 days ago


They said that Michael didn't use the interventionist that was recommended to him and he went with another, so how do you know he's not a Black man?

736 days ago

help this young woman    

Loony haters, Lindsay did Lindsay really have a wardrobe on SM5. After all it was a bedroom scene with Charlie Sheen. Was she ever alone on the set? As I recall she had an assistant and hairdresser with her from LA and Gavin with her on set.
BTW is the ROL story written by Amber Goodhand who is best buds with Kate Major, just wondering?

736 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

H8turds up.

736 days ago

help this young woman    

Oops! I guess TMZ and Milo forgot this interview!
Dr Drew Pinsky would agree, and even stated that his 'work' as an Interventionist is "dangerous for everybody".
Both Dr Drew Pinsky and (rehab counselor) Bob Forrest expressed concern that Lohan's new occupation has become the latest host on which his codependency will feed.
"His co-dependency now is infiltrating his work where he's spending his time saving addicts," Pinsky said. "He, himself, has such bad boundaries that it is dangerous for everybody."
Bob Forrest told Lohan that on first sight he could tell that he " lacked basic recovery tools".
"There's a guy that doesn't know that he's powerless, there's a guy that thinks if he gets his daughter treatment she'll survive and she'll get well," he said. "You don't have a say..."
Forrest recommended a private therapist or Al-anon meetings (recovery for families of addicts) for Lohan. "Just like you caught Kate's illness, you'll catch these people's illness," Forrest said.

736 days ago


She white trailer trash and steal stuffs like jewerly, I sure want hang around her. What f**king whore and a drug addict.

736 days ago
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