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Lindsay Lohan Intervention

Michael Lohan Asked

Dr. Drew for Help

10/24/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
recruited rehab mastermind Dr. Drew for his massive Lindsay intervention last week, TMZ has learned -- but Dr. Drew declined, believing he would accidentally sabotage the entire operation.

Michael tells TMZ, he had been planning the Lindsay intervention for months ... and a couple weeks ago, he approached Dr. Drew to spearhead the mission.

But Michael tells us, Dr. Drew declined because he thought Lindsay would freak if she saw that he was involved -- defeating the entire purpose of the intervention.

According to Michael, Dr. Drew believed Lindsay needed someone with a lower profile ... someone less intimidating ... so Drew referred Michael to another intervention specialist.

Michael says he ultimately settled on someone else entirely -- someone with a connection to Lindsay's lawyer Dave Feldman -- but as we first reported, the intervention was a miserable failure ... and the cops were called.


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Anybody want to hear a good true story just in time for Halloween? It's truely weird and if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't know what to think.

706 days ago


The pattern of these last story s leds a person to believe that TMZ already knew as far back as last week that her people had worked a deal and a generous donation to the DA's retirement fund for that charge to be dropped...with the usual "lack of evidence" they use all the time.....and played out the whole weekend deluxe package off of that knowledge....LOL......I laugh when I read how everybody said NYC would do like LA and she wouldn't get away this time......Hell , where do they think most of those Lawyers and Judges in LA learned from ? by working in NYC......thats how....
Micheal Lohan home territory...with all his questionable connections are...besides as soon as she has her new sugardaddy all tack down she will be back in LA.......thats were all her connections are......

706 days ago


Blohan is not only a CONVICTED THIEF but is renown for stealing. What, did she and her 'pack mule' L'Nor 2.0 just stuff the clothes in garbage bags and haul it out of the wardrobe department? Someone wasn't standing around watching the stuff for just these types of incidents? Anyone who isn't guarding merchandise when this SLAG is around deserves what they get. . .

706 days ago

Miss J    

Could Lindsay sue Michael for defamation?? I read that she doesn't have bases for a RO but maybe she has for defamation since apparently Michael doesn't have proof she is drinking. Since the whole family is BS maybe she could at least make us Michael Lohan free.

706 days ago


Ok It might take me a while because I am on my laptop. (I hate this thing) My computer is in the shop because of a horrible trojan that said, " This is the FBI you have violated the ........... This is the 6th day they have had it.
So It will be slow going getting this typed up.

706 days ago

Ellie G    

I am going to be a grandma again!!! I am so happy!!

706 days ago


Ok... Time to get off the computer and cook my general a early supper he's got church tonight and I got a girls night out with my girls at the young ones house....and this census I have been checking is coming up zilch !!! think I am running down the wrong lead on this one...need to get back to my client and get more info from her.....
TMZ is great for flipping screens to break the colunm blur your eyes get into when looking at long lists of things....LOL l

706 days ago


They said that Michael didn't use the interventionist that was recommended to him and he went with another, so how do you know he's not a Black man?
the supposed emails names the interventionist and it's while man with a beard, the driver, who is his driver and was later seen driving him to dinner and the airport is just that, a hired driver/goon. the other guy is a college student michael met from dial a star and they started tweeting each other. he has nothing to do with interventions and should have never been there because you don't bring total strangers to someone's house during an intervention. any moron would know that. michael did not bring any interventionist to the so called intervention. michael did not bring any member of lindsay's team that were supposedly on board to the so called intervention. he brought not one person she would trust to the so called intervention, which for any intervention, they say you should have the people she trusts the most there to support her. he did everything wrong and everything you are not suppose to do at an intervention. no interventionist worth their credibility would ever recommend what he did that day.

706 days ago


The first time I heard about "The weird light" at our ranch was a couple of months back. Our son stays at the ranch while he is going to college near by. One night he was sitting on the corral railings looking towards the big barn. He said that all of a sudden he saw his shadow move across the barn wall as if there was a light behind him casting the shadow. The moon was not out and there is no lights out there. He was afraid to turn around thinking
maybe someone had come onto the property and was standing there with a flashlight. He slowly turned around to look and nothing was there, so he took off for the house.
Last weekend my husband and I went to the ranch, come evening I went and started my camp fire out in the pit like I always do while we are there. My husband was inside watching some show and said he wasn't coming out until I had the fire going cause he didn't want to get eaten up by the skeeters. I'm sitting out there all alone except for my two dogs and decided to walk over by the side of the barn to see if I could pick up anything paranormal. I made the dogs stay by the fire and went off by myself. Strange things always happen around that barn, so I was hoping something would happen....and it did! I first notice a green ball of light way out in the field and it disappeard then again I saw another green light a little closer and it too disappeard. I said, " If there is anything out here with me make your self known, show yourself." At that moment I felt like something strange was about to happen, my hair was standing up all over my body. Off to my right is a group of mesquite trees, the leaves of one goes all the way to ground. All of a sudden a white ghostly glow lit up all around the mesquite tree. It was there for just a moment and then was gone. I went to get my husband so that he could shine a flashlight from behind the tree so that I could see if it looked the same. It did not. I could see the round glow of light coming out of the flashlight, it was the wrong color and it didn't glow all around the tree like the ghostly light did. I did't tell him why I wanted him to do this until it was over or I wouldn't have been able to get him over there.
We have found hundreds of arrow heads on the property and there is an indian burial ground just down the road, so maybe I'm getting a visit from an indian that use to call this place home. I'm going to bring my recorder with me when we return this coming weekend. Hopefully I will get some answers as to who my ghostly visitor is.

706 days ago

help this young woman    

The only reason Milo got to her door is because he said he was there to turn over back child support money to Lindsay to give to Dina.
Now the haters believe the story about the missing clothes from the National Enquirer who also said Michael Jackson's spirit was Lilo's advisor!

706 days ago


All the best!

706 days ago


Sorry, wrong spot^^^^^^^That was for Ellie!

706 days ago


Ken Baker from E News was talking about Lindsay the other day. He said he was in the media line at the Mr Pink event a week before the so called intervention. He said he was standing very close to her that night and that she seemed sober, that she was relax and that she was the most normal he has seen her in a long time. that is not the description of someone out of control and someone out of control don't take a day off to be normal hence why it's called out of control.

706 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Jill, there have been many "instances" involving Lindsay lately. You and others chose to write these off to external forces, never her fault. There has been much published about questionable behaviors. BTW, drinking is using, and these "instances" have been going on forever and then some.
In case you don't know, I have a background in chemical dependency. Some other people and I are going to do an intervention on someone that is loved dearly by many. We have it planned for the beginning of December. This is quite normal for an intervention. There are many arrangements to made from who will take his dog for 90 days, how will the bills at his home get paid while he is gone, what treatment facility will take him, how to get everybody together at the same time to tell him how much we love him and what we will no longer do to support his addiction. After the assault of Dawn Holland at Betty Ford I would imagine it is hard to get a place that will take Lindsay. This is kind of sad for her, her enablers are really strong and there is much at stake for them to keep her in that place she is in. Pity.........

706 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


So I suppose any future Lindsay Lohan film should include loss of wardrobe added to the budget. Just get it over with right off the bat.

706 days ago
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