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Lindsay Lohan Intervention

Michael Lohan Asked

Dr. Drew for Help

10/24/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
recruited rehab mastermind Dr. Drew for his massive Lindsay intervention last week, TMZ has learned -- but Dr. Drew declined, believing he would accidentally sabotage the entire operation.

Michael tells TMZ, he had been planning the Lindsay intervention for months ... and a couple weeks ago, he approached Dr. Drew to spearhead the mission.

But Michael tells us, Dr. Drew declined because he thought Lindsay would freak if she saw that he was involved -- defeating the entire purpose of the intervention.

According to Michael, Dr. Drew believed Lindsay needed someone with a lower profile ... someone less intimidating ... so Drew referred Michael to another intervention specialist.

Michael says he ultimately settled on someone else entirely -- someone with a connection to Lindsay's lawyer Dave Feldman -- but as we first reported, the intervention was a miserable failure ... and the cops were called.


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Funny how Jill forgets how Lindsay was found passed out in a hotel room during the filming of Liz and Dick. Or how she was accused of stealing things from her then boyfriend Sam. Or how she ran into the back of the truck while driving. Or how she hit a pedestrian while pulling into a parking garage. Not to mention the run in with Dina. Yep, this is a woman in control of her life...

708 days ago


Has Michael ever been photographed with a driver before? I can't remember EVER seeing or hearing about a driver.

708 days ago


Honestly, Jill, kidding aside. It's time someone did an intervention with you. She's in really bad shape and the bulk of her time is taken up with clubbing.

And you know what? People have compassion for an addict/alchoholic. What they can't stand is someone who tries to rub it in everyone else's face that that it's all a "misunderstanding."

708 days ago


I new it was a matter of time before that phonie Dr Drew got involed, I new his name would come up, soon. How many of his so called intervention have helped (O) How amny on that show did he help for more then five min. (O). Please go away and take that Dr Phil with you.

708 days ago

help this young woman    

Lindsay Lohan brings enough problems on herself. She doesn’t need unethical professionals to make her life even more chaotic by violating her privacy rights.

Lohan is now embroiled in a controversy over an alleged assault on an employee of the Betty Ford Center when the actress was a patient there. The employee, Dawn Holland, couldn’t resist the allure of bright lights and cable TV sleaze fame, so she gave an interview to TMZ in which she revealed various unsavory conduct by Lindsay before and during the encounter, all of which was supposed to be strictly protected by the Center as patient confidences.

In denying Lohan’s claim that Holland’s physical assault on her initiated their tussle, Holland told TMZ, “I did not touch the woman. I am not willing to risk my job over any patient”…unless, of course, that patient is Lindsay Lohan, and Ms. Holland can get fifteen minutes of fame by breaking privacy laws and blabbing embarrassing confidential information about her to the press. Holland was fired as soon as the interview aired, with the Center saying in a statement, “Regrettably, one of our employees violated strict confidentiality guidelines and laws by publicly identifying patients in a media interview and by disclosing a privileged do***ent.”

This is too late to help Lohan, however, who is betrayed by those she trusts as often as she betrays herself. The celebrities who pay big bucks to the Betty Ford Center to fight their drug and alcohol addictions frequently engage in inappropriate and potentially embarrassing conduct there—that’s why they are in an addiction treatment center. For a staff member of a clinic in this field to dish to TMZ about a patient’s behavior reflects horribly on the integrity of the Center, as well as its training and oversight of employees. Lohan was the unequivocal victim here: she is addicted and ill, and behaved the way addicted and ill people often behave. She trusted a world-renowned rehabilitation center to treat her problems, and instead it has made them worse.

Lindsay Lohan cannot catch a break.

708 days ago


Help, Jill and Del Mar are like Slinkies. They’re really good for nothing but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

708 days ago

kanye east    

HA! My new anti-grief software just decoded AA Aliana's ENTIRE Tweet that evil forces tried valiantly to edit. Unit now. here it is:

"We see what we want to see. Then we create a diversion and steal it, and blame the victim. Mommy is amazing!!. Family first!!!"

708 days ago


Does anyone else just skip over when they see the orange flower? I am so glad she uses something so noticable. Makes scrolling on my phone so much easier!

708 days ago


Fortunately Lindsay stocks up on NOHO so she can be a trainwreck, but at least a trainwreck without hangovers.

708 days ago

help this young woman    

You have got to be kidding. Lindsay went to Betty Ford to avoid going to jail. Hmmm. She had a dirty urine test so the courts agreed to send her to a good drug and alcohol rehab center for 3 months on Lindsay's dime vs sending her to overcrowded jail system where she would have been for about at most 20 days and would be on a waiting list to get any sort of minimal drug rehab on the taxpayer's dime. Duh!
As for drinking in rehab. Betty Ford said she tested clean. If she didn't they should have said so to the Judge otherwise it would be considered criminal perjury!

708 days ago


Lohan is a friggin moron. This intervention BS is just that BS.

Lindsay is a drunk and druggie who love to party. That simple.

Lohans concern with her past and current horrible work ethics, no-shows and all the rest of it. Who is going to be stupid enough to hire her.

She is no draw, no talent. She was let go from 2 movies because the investors wanted nothing to do with her. She way to much of a liability and no asset of anykind.

Forget about the casts and crews who couldn't stand working with her despite what was trying to be spun around.

she won't be so smug and arrogent when the money runs out.

708 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Guys, besides playing flag football, can we all play ignore so it goes away. Dont respond to any of it. Even if it response to you..Just ignore it. Lalalalalalalala!

708 days ago


I wonder if the enablers realize how ridiculous they sound talking about how Lindsay is fine, and she can drink, and party etc...and then in the next sentence talk about her five rehabs or her five jail stints.

708 days ago

Miss J    

I found it so funny that even after the interview Dina did with Dr Phill people still says she doesn't drink or use something very strong....hahahahaha
If she was sober she she broke the record for the lowest IQ in history!! Someone call The Guiness World Records!!

708 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan Caught Thieving AGAIN!

10/24/2012 10:41 AM ET

Gawd have mercy!

At this point, we have to assume Michael and Dina Lohan forgot to teach her an-ee-thang about ownership! (Among many other things!)

According to a new report, Lindsay Lohan stole $15,000 worth of clothing from the set of Scary Movie 5!

A production insider says Lindz' thievery was "the talk of the set in Atlanta," as she was living up to her reputation to a tee.

The insider explains:

"The clothes were on her wardrobe racks. Some nice tops and skirts and other items were gone. I guess Lindsay thought she was entitled to it, like free soap at a hotel. All the other actors knew about it, but the producers just put it down to the price you had to pay for doing business with Lindsay."

Of course, not everyone was cool with it. The insider tells our source:

"The wardrobe people were unhappy about the missing clothes, but at the end of the day the producers decided it was more trouble than it was worth to try and get them back."

Apparently the producers were just happy LiLo showed up at all!

Our insider confirms rumors that Lindsay was NOT happy about having to make fun of herself for her Scary Movie role, revealing that "even unreliable Charlie Sheen was concerned that Lindsay wouldn't show up"

Perhaps taking $15,000 worth of threads made her feel a little better about having to do a scene in bed with the Sheenster! HA!

Srsly though, the gurl has a legit problem with stealing.

We're sure Michael Lohan won't forget to mention that in conservatorship court

708 days ago
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