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Sam Lutfi

Britney's Dad Threatened


10/24/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Britney Spears' father Jamie Spears sent a text message to Sam Lutfi back in 2007 ... threatening to beat the crap out of him so badly, he'd wind up in the hospital ... so says Lutfi.

Lutfi is on the stand in his defamation case against Britney and her family ... and has asked the judge for permission to use the text message as evidence in the trial.

According to Lutfi, the text reads, "If and when I met u one thing is going to happen I am going to jail and u r going to the hospital."

The judge has not decided whether or not the jury will be allowed to see the text.

During today's hearing ... Lutfi says Jamie made good on his threats and attacked him at Britney's house. Lutfi claims Jamie punched him in the solar plexus and threatened to kill him.

Sam says he eventually locked himself inside a game room to get away from Jamie.

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Good! What Dad wouldn't?

699 days ago


Good! Any loving Father would protect his Daughter from s*** like this jerk. He didn't do shut up and go away.

699 days ago


I think Sam should be sentenced to getting his ass kicked by Brit's dad.

699 days ago


if Jamie Spears DIDN'T't threaten to kick this guy's ass, he was remiss in his fatherly duties. however one should never write that stuff down, I guess.

699 days ago


He is such an evil parasite who caught a vulnerable woman and destroyed her with drugs. Now, no one wants him, because everyone knows what he did to Britney, and he's whining to the courts about HIS reputation? He made it. He has to live with it. The courts need to teach him a valuable lesson and made him swallow the same pills he fed to Britney! Then see if he thinks they helped him.

699 days ago


You guys spew so much hatred on Lutfi, it creeps me out. Really disturbing. It reminds me of that infamous incident, (leaked on youtube) when Britney leaned over the car window and started to throw dirt at a certain obese journalist, calling him a "fat ****". She had a great laugh and you would laugh along with her, calling her "cute, brave Britney". Oy yes, she is 'so hot when she's angry". And it is your understanding that Jamie Spears was within his full rights to beat the living cr8p out of Mr Lutfi and send him to the hospital bed. And now tell me you're calling yourself "catholics". That's what frigging sickens me the most. On one side, you pray for her well being but on the other side, you wouldn't mind spitting into Sam Lutfi's grave after killing him with your bare hands. You'd love to stop the heart of anybody that dares to breath one negative word about Spears's family, and so many people have already pointed out (milions of times) that if Britney is able to do the tour, give interviews and JUDGE other people's performances ont Xfactor she should be also capable of taking a stand in the court and testifying. She can't have the cookie and eat it, you know? Oh, I think you do know, but you'd better turn a blind eye on and dissemble what's inconvenient. You stop your ears to critics and refuse to accept the fact that your Idol is human and does some mistakes in her life, just like anyone else. That's just another proof of how immature you guys are. Even if people appear to have solid proofs against Team Britney you keep screaming: "I can hear you lalala!" and refuse to listen to the voice of reason.
as For Fernando.. It's not the end. I just know it's NOT THE END.

699 days ago


Too bad he did not kick Lufti's ass. I hope that he does not get a dime and that he has to pay Brit's attorneys for this frivulous lawsuit. Greedy bastard.

698 days ago


Props to Jamie for singlehandedly SAVING BRITNEY'S LIFE!

Read the comments on here - universal condemnation of the s*** that is Lufti like I've never seen before.

Lufti as we already know is ****ING STUPID - when the text message is allowed as evidence the jury will ask themselves "Why was a father's motivation so strong to send such a threatening text?" The answer - Jamie was absolutely convinced Lufti was KILLING his daughter and would do anything to protect her. - oooohhh Backfire Lufti

Lufti you may have concocted the plan of getting Britney hooked on crystal, lacing her food with crushed up Rx drugs, pretending to be her manager and now you think you're gonna cash in?

**** YOU LUFTI! The entire planet, judge, and jury watched how your 'management' nearly destroyed Britney as your court track record has already proven with anyone else you touch.

You will not see a PENNY of Brit's money you sleazy ****ing bastard.

698 days ago


Consider yourself lucky that you got a warning. If it was my dad, you would be pushing up daisies, and there would have been no warning.

698 days ago


The choice of words is too clinical to be a truthful statement. No one says "I was punched in the solar plexus." They say "I was punched in the stomach".

698 days ago


Isn't it a bit odd that he didn't file a report when this incident occurred and that he "saved" a text message for 5 years?

698 days ago


Someone PLEASE figure out how the man's name is spelled!!!! LUFTI or LUTFI. I know he's a jack@$$ no matter which way it's spelled, but misspellings like that are amateurish and annoying.

698 days ago


"punched him in the solar plexus and threatened to kill him." He is lucky thats all he did.,
The Spears family is from southern Louisiana, and daddy could have feed his slimy a$$ to the gators.

698 days ago



698 days ago


Too bad Jamie didn't take care of Lufti...this world needs one less parasite.

What a troll.

698 days ago
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