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Tom Cruise

Files $50 Mil Lawsuit

Over Mag Claiming He Abandoned Suri

10/24/2012 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Tom Cruise just filed a $50 million lawsuit against Life & Style and In Touch magazines, claiming the mags defamed him by reporting he had abandoned 6-year-old Suri.

In the lawsuit, filed in L.A. federal court, Tom takes issue with the July 30th cover of Life & Style, which reads, "SURI IN TEARS, ABANDONED BY HER DAD" -- as well as the October 1st cover of In Touch, which shows a picture of Suri above the headline, "ABANDONED BY DADDY."

According to the suit, Tom claims the mags' headlines are FALSE -- insisting, he "loves his daughter dearly and would never abandon her."

Tom is suing for $50 million plus punitive damages for defamation and invasion of privacy. 

In Touch and Life & Style are sister magazines owned by the same publishing company Bauer Publishing.

Cruise's lawyer, Bert Fields says:

"Tom is a caring father who dearly loves Suri.  She's a vital part of his life and always will be.  To say he has 'abandoned' her is a vicious lie.  To say it in lurid headlines with a tearful picture of Suri is reprehensible."

Fields goes on:  "Tom doesn't go around suing people.  He's not a litigious guy.  But when these sleaze peddlers try to make money with disgusting lies about his relationship with his child, you bet he's going to sue."

Fields goes on to bash the mags, saying, "These serial defamers are foreign owned companies with their global headquarters in Hamburg.  They take money from unsuspecting Americans by selling their malicious garbage.   Having to pay a libel judgment may slow them down."

Fields says any money Tom gets from the mags will go to charity.



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Tommy Davis should sue for paternity rights.

707 days ago


Good for him.

707 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Hope he wins ~ regardless what you think of him the rags are just plain wrong and need to be stopped. This may slow down the future lies....

707 days ago


Scientology spend millions per year suing people and abusing members through the court- Tom is insane. SUE ME SHORT MAN.

707 days ago


My mothers neighbour is working part time and averaging $9000 a month. I'm a single mum and just got my first paycheck for $6546! I still can't believe it. I tried it out cause I got really desperate and now I couldn't be happier. Heres what I do,

707 days ago


I didn't read the entire do***ent, but it does mention he is suing because their two magazines exploited Suri by putting her picture on the cover, along with the word "abandoned".

I can't say I blame him for taking a stand. You would think permission from a parent would be needed to publish pics of minors on such a large scale.

707 days ago


These magazines are so stupid. They really need to cut the lying out. I don't think it's right to post sh*t they know nothing about or make up stuff to make a person look bad on purpose. I hope he wins actually.

707 days ago


in his religion he is supposed to never contact them again.

707 days ago


I don't blame him. These magazines continually throw lies out there and people not only believe it they eat it up! Just like those of you on this blog who are indicating Tom Cruise is gay. NONE of you know that for a fact, you just believe everything you read without knowing the facts. This is why it is so easy to scam Americans because basically were not thinkers!!

707 days ago


I support Tom, these *******s should be taken to bank and emptied.

707 days ago


if he wins is he going to give the proceeds to suri?

707 days ago


I am so shocked to find support for Tom here. Bravo I am one of the few that defend him. Leave Tom and all of his children alone. No one knows what his relationship with Suri is and I am sure if he were a bad or neglective father Katie would have brought that up in the divorce.I hope he wins this case and the tabloids back off all children of celebrities.

707 days ago

Kowny Krush    

Who cares about him or his mess. Nobody's given a dam.n about him since "Risky Business" and "Top Gun". Please, TC, go away already.

707 days ago


Scientology: They take money from unsuspecting Americans by selling their malicious garbage.

707 days ago


Good, I hope he wins and puts the money in a trust for Suri.

707 days ago
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