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Homeless Guy

I Got Paid $40 to Appear

in JT's Wedding Video

10/25/2012 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the homeless men who appeared in a video reportedly featured at Justin Timberlake's wedding says he was paid $40 ... and had NO IDEA he was the punchline in a sick joke. 

TMZ spoke with the man -- "Eddie" -- who tells us he was just minding his own business in Hollywood when he was approached by a man who offered him money in exchange for saying a few pre-written lines into the camera.

Eddie says the cameraman told him the video was being made for a friend's wedding -- Eddie had no idea it was for Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

When we told him how the footage was used, Eddie told us, "That makes me feel really bad ... that was a trick played on me."

In case you're wondering why Eddie is dressed so nicely in our video -- it's because he was out looking for a job yesterday.

"I'm gonna do my best to change my life."


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Wait a minute....aren't Justin and Jessica liberals that support Obama and are fighting for the common folk? Yeah...riiiiiight.

726 days ago


Why shouldn't the rich mock the homeless? They all have nothing but disdain for what they consider the "unwashed masses". But you know what? We have ourselves to blame. Every time we buy his CD, every time we see one of her movies, we put them just a little higher, and let them become a little more arrogant and dismissive. I hope all who read this remember it when they go to the polls, and think about the 47% speech. I hope all who read this remember the disdain shown to all those who are not as fortunate.

726 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

You guys are bashing J & J off of a TMZ camera guys incorrect interpretation of the video. The people in the video looked crazy funny and not homeless. They all new this was for a joke. Who in there right mind would think this was for a serious thing

726 days ago

mike holly    

come on. it's a homeless dude making a first living for the first time in his life. be proud, don't hate

726 days ago


OR...ORRR? They could have just replayed Justin's "where's my mommy" damn near tearful meltdown from Punk'd many years ago when he thought all his "stuff" was being repossessed & he thought HE was about to be HOMELESS. You are the company you keep, tsk tsk

726 days ago

Second Opinion    

So TMZ posts this story (twice now) to keep/gain readers in order to sell ad space and generate revenue. So after essentially making money off this same man, I curious to know how much money TMZ gave this man. Since TMZ seems to be concerned with his perceived exploitation, did they offer him a job or assistance finding one? Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black -- except you didn't even give the man $40.

726 days ago

BB not bb    

He never saw the video. He should go to the library and watch it because it does not make homeless people look bad. He got $40 to be in it besides. Maybe that was the little push he needed to feel like he could get a job. Maybe that video changed his life for the better.

726 days ago

Tabloid Diva    

Disgusting to do this to anyone down & out...and those 2 are gonna end up divorced anyway cuz JT has one hell of a roving eye, so good luck to u Jessica...oh and that pink dress was hideous btw

726 days ago

Michelle Marie    

A very bad attempt at humor by Timberlake's people.
Just proves the wealthy have no concept of the hardships of fellow Americans.
I really respect this man for going out there to look for work and I really hope he finds something...
It's not Justin or Jessica's fault...but I am sure between them they could come up with something to make this right...maybe a job?

Just a thought....

726 days ago


TMZ you guys are NO BETTER in this, your company made money (waay more money than $40 from them & maybe the couple hundred & new outfit from your captain obvious camera man) off this man's unfortunate place in this world right now.

726 days ago


And you belong to the part that can't read.

726 days ago

Mr. Clean    

Hell yeah, good for him! Out looking for a job! Good luck dude!

726 days ago


If Justin and Jessica were the type of people who thought it was in poor taste to make fun of people who were less fortunate than them, this tape would not have been made. Clearly, someone who was picked to be Justin's best man would know what Justin and Jessica's sense of humor was like, and whether or not this would be deemed acceptable joke material at a wedding. Unfortunately, it looks as though this is the type of stuff they find funny.

726 days ago


This guy dresses pretty sharp for being homeless???!!!

Crap maybe I should just go on government dole myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

726 days ago


The homeless man looks nice and clean good for him! I hope he gets a job he seems intelligent! Best of luck Eddie

726 days ago
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