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Homeless Guy

I Got Paid $40 to Appear

in JT's Wedding Video

10/25/2012 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the homeless men who appeared in a video reportedly featured at Justin Timberlake's wedding says he was paid $40 ... and had NO IDEA he was the punchline in a sick joke. 

TMZ spoke with the man -- "Eddie" -- who tells us he was just minding his own business in Hollywood when he was approached by a man who offered him money in exchange for saying a few pre-written lines into the camera.

Eddie says the cameraman told him the video was being made for a friend's wedding -- Eddie had no idea it was for Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

When we told him how the footage was used, Eddie told us, "That makes me feel really bad ... that was a trick played on me."

In case you're wondering why Eddie is dressed so nicely in our video -- it's because he was out looking for a job yesterday.

"I'm gonna do my best to change my life."


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Ok TMZ how much did you pay for him to tell you he got $40.00. Why not give him a job Harvey, can't be any worst than the Staff you have now

726 days ago


They should be ashamed of themselves. I highly doubt there were many "surprises" at this wedding, considering how high profile it was... Meaning, I'm sure JT and Jessica knew about this. At the very least they should give this guy some money.

726 days ago


How come this hasn't made it to various news outlets, but there wedding day did? SMH I hope it will come to the media's attention soon.

726 days ago


Sue them!!!!!You are down on your are being abused for the amusement of these punk rich people that have no reaol life problems....SUE THEM BRUHHH!!!!!!....make those aholes a lil less rich and get yourself off the streets if you rerally are on the street my man

726 days ago


So, a camera man asks you to give wedding greetings to complete strangers and you think it's genuine and not some sort of joke? And you live in the movie capital of the world? Dude, please. Not that I agree with the wedding video Justin's friend made, but this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. Bad joke? Yes. Now keep it moving and TMZ should not be hunting down people.

726 days ago


Hutch and Rachel must be idiots.

726 days ago

Robert R    

He got $40. Who cares how it was used.

726 days ago


Can we figure out a way to donate to this man to help him change his life? I'd be willing to! He shouldn't be treated like this.

726 days ago


Eddie needs to lawyer up and sue their pompous asses big time!

726 days ago


I hope he gets a job, he seems so friendly and funny without being silly. a good people person

726 days ago


This is extremely disgraceful. Unfortunately it is linked to JT&JB and that ain't right. At least they could, once of honeymoon, address it. Bad PR.

726 days ago


OMG, give me a break!! Everybody makes a big deal about everything these days.

726 days ago


Calling it a "sick" joke is being overly dramatic. Was it in poor taste? Yes, but not sick. For comparison, what that guy from Real Housewives did a week ago, punching the homeless guy in the nuts, is a sick joke.

726 days ago


I am so proud of the compassion shown here. And to all of you haters. You should be ashamed of yourselves. This man is not out there as celebrities are trying to get attention. What was done to him is inexcusable. Eddie is a human being and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.I hope things work out for this man he seems like a sweetheart.

726 days ago

The Truth    

I know Eddie "the homeless guy". He actually has quite a bit of cash and is in no way homeless. The first day I met him he pulled out around 1000 in cash and several credit cards. He also gave me his cell number. Don't be fooled by the missing teeth. This guy is way better off than a lot of us.

726 days ago
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