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Katy Perry

Gives Barack Obama

Her Fashion Vote

10/25/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Katy Perry's Obama Ballot DressIf you are voting for Barack Obama then Katy Perry makes perfect fashion sense.

Wearing a white latex frock made to look like a ballot with Obama/Biden marked off, Katy performed at a rally for the President in Nevada on Wednesday night.

Katy -- who turns 28 today -- has voiced her support for Obama in the past.

Looks like Bill Clinton isn't the only prez that can leave his mark on a dress.


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I wish celebrities would shut the f*ck up, and quit trying to persuade people to vote. I'd like to think Katy Perrys' fan base is too young to vote, nonetheless, ALL of them need to shut the f*ck up.

735 days ago


Why are people saying Obama is a good pres. He had 4 yrs to get people jobs and yet no jobs out there. And don't say there are jobs cause i ve been looking ever since Obama has been in house and some of my family members are still layed off and outta jobs. So ya no job. no vote for Obama

735 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

It doesn't amaze me that this TWIT and the Hollywood , Entertainment Celeb Community are siding with Obama- They ALL have lost their MORAL CLARITY- They have NO BOUNDS of Decency anymore- Just like the "president"!!! Anything goes with these fools, these IDOLS of SEX ,MONEY -they tend to copy the Soddom and Gommorah way of LIFE---

735 days ago


She is the worst "performer" in history. I hate everything about her.

735 days ago


lets hope she uses a different section of the brain to pick her electoral candidate over that which she uses to choose her men

735 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Always funny when barely literate celebs with not much more than a GED try and talk politics or world issues.

Arent her 15 minutes about up yet?

735 days ago


Like i would take a celebrities advice on an election...NOT.... I have my own mind thank you Katy...and to all the other celebrities slamming their opinions on TV and the Internet..enough.

735 days ago


I guess she failed to inform TMZ her ticket was of the scratch off kind......

735 days ago

In Depth News    

It is No Surprise that Katy Perry supports Hard Left ideals, because Katy Perry did marry the far left actor Russell Brand .

Russell Brand believes in Open Borders (just not near him ) , Socialized Society (as long as he is getting his millions) , and agreed with the violent London rioters (cause he was not affected).

We can Assume that Katy Perry agrees with many of the far left Millionare Russell Brand's views.

Will multi millionaire Katy Perry give up her millions to live in the 'Equal sharing of Misery for the masses by not the collective few' as her left wing ideals indicate and as the new laws 2010 that the President signed puts the USA on the road to (road to serfdom. that is) ?

735 days ago


Well time to delete everything Katy Perry, dumb bitch. another hollywood star I can't stand...if you think about it I will be saving a lot of money now not buying, watching, or reading about these libtards.

735 days ago


Some people will do anything for attnetion..she's making money off the president...too funny!!

735 days ago


Hey Katy Perry............guess what, you are a business but the idiot you want people to vote for says YOU DID NOT BUILD YOUR BUSINESS.


Another celebrity idiot who thinks they are educated on issues when they are so self absorbed.


735 days ago


Hey Kate, stick to singing... idiot!

735 days ago


Katy... Who the heck are you? And who cares what you think...

735 days ago


Its always good to follow the girl who married Russell Brand.

735 days ago
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