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Lindsay Lohan's Mgmt Team

She's Hell-Bent On

Financial RUIN

10/25/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is careening toward financial ruin ... by making stupid business decisions and recklessly stashing her money in unsafe places -- this according to her management team.

TMZ has seen text messages between Michael Lohan and Lindsay's lawyer Dave Feldman, discussing Lindsay's recent promotion deal with an energy drink named Mr. Pink.

As we reported, Lindsay flew out to L.A. earlier this month in order to attend a launch event for the beverage -- just hours after her blowout fight with her mother Dina in NYC.

In the text messages, Michael claims Lindsay was paid $150,000 for the event IN CASH ... which Lindsay then gave to her brother Michael Jr. to hold in his bank account for safe keeping.  Michael expressed fear that Dina had access to Michael Jr.'s account and would raid it for herself.

Dave expresses outrage in response, claiming Lindsay should have looped him and her business manager in to the Mr. Pink transaction in order to provide her more financial protection ... but she never did.

In the messages, Dave says Lindsay was even more stupid for not including her management team on the Mr. Pink deal because -- as Dave says -- they could have gotten her even more money for the job ... but again, she didn't.

As we reported, Lindsay's dad is terrified she has fallen back off the wagon and needs a conservatorship because she can't handle her affairs -- and based on these texts, he might have a point.



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so much BS in this story. making and getting deal for $150,000 isn't financial ruin or show reckless judgement and certainly not even close to grounds for a conservatorship. is tmz insane? any of use would love to make that deal. her lawyer isn't going to be talking about her deals to ml, that's against attorney client confidentiality and if he is, he needs to be fired.

727 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

And to think that these are the "good" days of her brilliant comeback.

727 days ago


Lohan should be concerned about all her past and current BS. No one is going to be stupid enough to hire her.

She's way too much of a liability and not an asset of anykind. She's no draw of anykind. She's hollywood poison. She was dumped from 2 movies because the investors wanted nothing to do with her. Just look at her track record. That says it all.

Casts and crews can't stand working with her when she feels like showing up. No talent and too much of a migrane to be worth anyting.

Lohan already owes back taxes. Once the IRS has you red flagged, they don't go away. The follow the returns. Now she's throwing her little brother under the bus who will be lible tax wise should that 150k in cash should be true. I still don' believe it.

This is Lohan still trying to appear like she's a somebody. Not relevant in any way. Her own fault. Gods sake she's pushing 27.

727 days ago


No wonder they flew out to escort her there, to make sure she showed up, since they paid her cash.

I'm sure the IRS will be interested to know that Mr. Pink is paying cash to their clients. Hopefully they read TMZ or someone informs them.

And way to screw your management team out of their cut, Lindsay. Next we'll be hearing about your management team suing you.

727 days ago

What the?    

First thing I would do if I were her would be to fire the lawyer. He has no business talking to her Father.

727 days ago

janet true. This is why this getting paid 150k cash is BS. They aren't going to risk that. Not for Lohan or anyone.

Ive been saying this for quite some time now. Lohan won't be so smug and arrogent when her money runs out. Which is probally not that far down the road.

Christ sakes...Lohans burned everybody who has tried to help her and cut her a break. After her BS with Scary movie 5 (with the reported steaing wardrobe clothes) that I believe, no one is going to stupid enough to hire her.

It's very expensive to look and appear relevant. Espically when you can't and nothing more than a tabloid joke and laughing stock.

727 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Imagine this, if you will. LieLo: "Mike jr. go to Vegas with the 150 large, walk into a casino, and lay it on a roulette wheel, and play red. I have a feeling it will double my money!"
Couple of days go by and LieLo calls her brother. "Did you do what I said?" Mike jr.: "I sure did!" LieLo: "Did it come up black?" Mike jr.: "It sure didn't!" LieLo: "WoooHoo!!!" Mike jr.: "It came up green double zero" LieLo: "Doh!"
Moral of the story: Like grains of cocaine in a coke grinder, so are the days of LieLo.

727 days ago


150K for a SINGLE promotional event?! Sorry, I cannot believe that, not even A-listers make that much in a single day. Maybe the contract includes more promotional events, commercials, etc...

727 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay got 150K for sleeping with all involved with Mr.Pink Energy drink. She did spend five days with her new turban wearing man, that flew out to NY to get the "HOMELESS HOTEL HOOKER" Thats why she got paid in cash. Any bussiness deal is done in check form and taxes are taken out.

727 days ago

Spicy mag    

It had to be $150,000 pesos.

727 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


727 days ago


Anything from Lohan, Dina and Michael is nothing more than a joke. All BS for attention.

Dina is $1.3 million in debt and growing with the interest. Lohan has no money to speak of despite all her BS to the contrary. Instead of Lindsay and Dina getting drunk and drugging together they can file bankrupsy together. Hey that would be something new.

727 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Cant wait for Dina to get out of her drunken coma and see this story.

727 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

The 150K...Bwahahahahha! Another Lohan LIE!!!!!!

727 days ago


150 or whatever it is, if it's paid in cash and she's not declaring it as income, the IRS better be after her. No matter what she got, it's going straight the to the other junkie Dina to just pay some of the interest on that 1.3 million mortgage debt she has.

727 days ago
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