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Mitt Romney

Judge UNSEALS Docs,

Allred Gets Shut Down

10/25/2012 5:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Mitt Romney's testimony in his friend's divorce case -- in which he's accused of lying under oath to screw over his friend's ex-wife -- will be unsealed today and released to the Boston Globe ... the judge has ruled. 

As we first reported, Mitt testified in the divorce of Staples' founder Tom Stemberg -- and Tom's ex-wife Maureen claims Mitt lied under oath, falsely undervaluing Staples' stock in order to shaft her in the divorce.

Mitt's people have already said the Presidential hopeful doesn't care if the testimony is released -- he has nothing to hide.

Things didn't fare so well for Gloria Allred -- her request to ungag her client was shut down by the hot judge ... because Gloria never submitted an official motion to the court.

Gloria was grasping at straws in a last ditch effort to get the judge to cut her a break -- but she was shot down, hard.

The transcripts will be released to the Globe any minute.

8:30 AM PT -- Gloria denied accusations she's a "surrogate" for the Democratic party ... who's only representing Stemberg in order to wreak havoc on the Romney campaign.

8:20 AM PT  --
During a news conference, Gloria accused the Boston Globe of pulling a "double-cross" because she says the paper abandoned its motion to have the gag order against Maureen Sullivan Stemberg lifted.


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Maybe TMZ should be as interested in Obama unsealing his college and passport records. I thought you you ran for president your life is an open book? All these exceptions made for Obama because he's black just sad how the media twists things. I can't believe Harvey says he cares about our military but don't see you holding Obama the liar accountable for Libya. Harvey you really are a sad pathetic little man.

690 days ago


somebody gag this media whore.....please....its obvious whats she is trying to do!!!!

690 days ago


Why don't they worry about unsealing Obamas history and some information about him instead of a dumb ass divorce case????

690 days ago


Wow TMZ on a witch hunt are ya?

690 days ago


Four people died in Lybia because of our government and we are going to pay attention to some disgruntled ex-wife? Geesh - TMZ has become a joke.

690 days ago


This will have the opposite effect. A rich, bitter, nasty divorce, is trying to destroy Romney because she didn't get the billions she wanted in the divorce. That is a sure way to get him the election. This is SOOOOOOOOOO evil, and they make themselves look like the nasty pieces of work they are.

690 days ago

Susan Liuzzi    

Just an FYI, the president and his wife both got disbarred.. Yes!!!! Barack LIED on is application. If you really want to a journalist..... Report everythin.

690 days ago

Stacy Allison    

What a media whore! This is a waste of our judicial systems time!

690 days ago


Wow they are so worried that Romney will win they do embarrassing for them. How do we know what his wife said isi TRUE? My ex lied her ass off in the divorce. Insane and a waist of the legal system's time and $$.

690 days ago


And jumped the shark!!

690 days ago


Tmz just reached a new low.

690 days ago


If you want to be able to speak about something later on, don't agree to the gag order. She got tons of money from it and was happy 20 years ago. Now she isn't happy? Ridiculous.

690 days ago


"blah blah blah...I'm a dirty publicity slut" Who cares?

690 days ago


Allred is such a media whore!!!

690 days ago


Douchebag. I wonder what offshore accounts and million dollar investments this "well- intentioned sympathizing" liberal has? Does she pay more in taxes or does she only want everyone else to? The disease that is liberalism has infected all facets of are once great society.

690 days ago
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