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Mitt Romney

Author Who Saw Divorce Transcripts

Says Romney Didn't Tell Truth About Staples

10/25/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The ex-wife of one of Mitt Romney's closest advisers says Mitt lied on the witness stand in her divorce about a key asset -- the value of Staples, the company her husband founded -- and as a result she was grossly shortchanged in the property settlement ... this according to an author who helped the ex-wife write her story.

Sadi Ranson says she reviewed the transcripts of the divorce between Staples founder Tom Stemberg and his wife Maureen during the collaboration on the book.  Ranson tells TMZ ... she reviewed boxes and boxes of transcripts and claims Romney testified the Staples stock was a pipe dream because the company was not successful -- something Maureen says was flat-out untrue.

The Boston Globe goes to court today in an attempt to unseal the transcripts and lift the gag order on the case.

Romney's people tell TMZ, the Governor does not oppose unsealing the docs because there is simply nothing there.


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Why is this news? Obama has lied to the whole country for the last four years.

706 days ago


TMZ STOP bringing up old news about Romney. How about posting the story about the Obama administration hiding the fact that it was a terrorist attack in Benghazi.
This site is so jaded and full of BS liberals trying to save Obama Harvey You are an A$$ HOLE

706 days ago


Really TMZ??? Romney headlines again???!!! Nice try but you are not gonna change my mind,,, how about some BS on Obama! he's got plenty! Oh I fogot,,,don't wanna print anything about a person of another race,,,, then you'd be racist! TMZ SUX!

706 days ago

joe fryzel    

just another bitter bitch

706 days ago


Are you competing with Trump to see who can be more irrelevant? Stick to what you know ... BS about stupid people that no one gives a rats a@s about.

706 days ago


A few problems with this:

1: Seems like it is just a woman scorned...
2. 2 weeks before an election- a bit fishy
3. No proof because papers are sealed- the reason no real news outlet will touch it
4. Who cares?
5. GLORIA ALLRED is involved

Question: if no one is supposed to talk about this, how is it out there? A bit fishy with the timing.

706 days ago


Hey, wasn't Romney and his son Tagg Romney involed with the folks who started Stanford Financial Group which ended up being the second largest Ponzi scam since Madoff.........Google Tagg Romney and Standford Fin Group....Amazing

706 days ago


Why a court is relying on another party to tell about the finances of a business is insane. Where's the independant audit that legit businesses have done every couple of years or so?

706 days ago


Romney should NOT have any Political position at all in USA, Not GOV Not nothing........He is not a good person.

706 days ago


Romney didn't tell the truth about scotch tape either

706 days ago


Just checking, but isn't Sadi Ranson, the author who worked with the Ms. Stemberg to write her "story" and the only one on record saying that Romney lied in his testimony, also the "British poet and author" described on Wikipedia? Does she have any economic background? I know she can claim a political background as "Senior Cultural & Political Editor" with Cyrano's Journal Online (cjournal dot info). Cyrano appears to have mainly a far left viewpoint, with Noam Chomsky as an editor and Gore Vidal as a former editor emeritus.

706 days ago


Such a joke and I hope this proves to be the end of Gloria Allred. These women are coming off as pathetic money grubbing losers who cannot fend for themselves or make a living for themselves, they need a man to give them everything. Nice try, but no one cares about Allred anymore. She is so irrelevant.

706 days ago


"Obama refuses to show birth certificate before being elected thereby proving there's something very dishonest about him"
Why is this news?
Oh wait that's not what the headline says...

706 days ago



I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

706 days ago


Romney needs to go sit down somewhere....He was sweating like Nixon at the debate...

706 days ago
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