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Jessica Simpson's Dad

Out and About

with Fab New Look

10/26/2012 3:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

10026_joe_simpson_launch_v2Just days after news broke of the demise of his marriage, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's newly single father Joe Simpson was spotted out in L.A. on Thursday sporting a much more, er, youthful look.

Doing his best Ellen DeGeneres impersonation, the 54-year-old rocked blonder highlighted locks, a fitted yellow sweater, black skinny jeans and matchy matchy spiffy kicks.

As TMZ reported, Joe's wife Tina Simpson filed for divorce last month -- after being legally hitched for 34 years -- claiming their marriage has become "insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities."

Hopefully, Joe can rebound with someone more to his liking.


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Throwback kid    

1 Roman Empire haircut check!
2 Justin Bieber pants check!
3 Teenage sneakers check!
4 morning coffee check!
To Do List
1 Find a Glory Hole

664 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

He's creepy and looks grosse!!!

664 days ago


Hi Ellen....

664 days ago

Ozzie X    

Doesn't look gay at all. He looks European to me.

664 days ago


Gay dad.

Fat, washed-up daughter.

Way to go Simpsons!

664 days ago


Joe: Your trying too hard. It must feel wonderful to let the world know your gay, but for crying out loud , the hair, the skin tight jeans and those loud shoes, observe what other well heeled gay men are wearing. Your a decent looking man, go shopping.

664 days ago


I see craziness runs in the family! He doesnt even look the same, in any way. I have to go with the majority, and see he looks very GAY! Not that there is anything wrong with being gay. If gay is your way, that's ok. But seriously dude, YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS!! what the love child of Ellen Denegeres and David Bowie looks like!

664 days ago

James B    

I kind of feel sorry for him. As a young guy 30 years ago in the 80s it would have been really difficult to live openly as a gay man and for those who did it took a lot of courage as the world then was a lot less forgiving than it is today. Having said that, I don't think it's right that he married and had children if he knew he was gay. If you really love and respect someone (his wife) then you don't deceive them on that level. It's just wrong. The world today is very different so now there really is no excuse for staying in the closet or marrying a woman if you know you'd rather be with a man (or vice-versa). There's some people in the movies who really could do with coming out (cough**** Mr Cruise) as, if everyone knows, it diminishes you if you're going to be that dishonest to people. Just a thought, eh!

664 days ago


When I logged into TMZ today I thought to myself "hey, remember that dream I had where Jessica Simpson's dad looked like THAT...haha thank god that was just a dream" then I saw this and ARRGGGH IT'S REAL.

I don't care if he's gay, bi or straight - he looks RIDICULOUS. Joe, dude, stop trying to look like you're in Jess and Ash's age bracket, it's so embarrassing.

664 days ago


I thought that was Ellen!

664 days ago


Fine if he is gay, but do not treat all of us like morons with your rep's comments. And, act your age-54, way past the young 20's, gay man look.

664 days ago


Isn't he a preacher that pimped out his daughters, had them dress slutty and allowed them to get pregnant while unmarried? Yeah, he does everything right as a father and a "Father".

664 days ago


Another parent trading on their child/children's "celebrity". Is he famous for anything other than donating the sperm that led to creation of Jessica and Ashlee? Anything at all, delivering mail, driving for UPS, working as a teacher??

And for the record, perfect picture of 54 ways to look ridiculous.

664 days ago


So he's out of the closet then.

664 days ago


So he was on the down-low all his life. How could men do this to any woman it makes me sick to my stomach . NASTY, NASTY.

664 days ago
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