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Justin Timberlake

I'm 'Deeply Sorry' for

'Distasteful' Wedding Video

10/26/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Timberlake
has just issued a formal apology for the "distasteful" wedding video that hit the Internet this week -- seemingly mocking homeless people -- and he's so serious ... he's forcing the guy who made it to do community service.

Justin apologized in an open letter on his website to "clear the air," calling the video that surfaced on the web -- in which real homeless people offer Justin their well-wishes for his wedding -- a "lapse in judgment." (excerpt below)

Justin says the video was NOT actually shown at his wedding, and insists he had NOTHING to do with its creation, but writes, "I am deeply sorry to anyone who was offended by [it]."

He writes, "I was always taught that we as people, no matter what your race, sex, or stature may be, are equal."

As for the "friends" behind the video, Justin adds -- "My friends are good people. This was clearly a lapse in judgment which I'm sure no one who is reading this is exempt from. But, I don't believe it was made to be insensitive."

Nevertheless, Justin says, "I think we can all agree that it was distasteful."

Justin ends the letter, writing, "You can bet your ass that I'm having my friend do at least 100 hours of community service... Boom."

Click to read the full letter below. 


To my family, friends, and fans:

The last time I wrote a letter like this, it was when I had the good fortune of attending a once in a lifetime experience by sharing an evening with some of America's finest at the Marine Corps Ball about a year ago. I was so moved by that night, I wanted to share it with everyone. Unfortunately, this letter holds a different kind of weight for me.

Normally, as some of you know, I am (by nature) a pretty private person. So, I don't really take it upon myself to comment on things that so often go misunderstood or something that has even shed any kind of dark light on what was and will always be one of the most special weeks of my life. But, in light of the recent events, I can't fight the urge to clarify my thoughts and feelings on what has been a very upsetting portrayal of the people closest to me and myself. It's not who I am as a professional or as a man.

I can't help but think of one of the many great life lessons my Grandfather has taught me... He told me when I was younger that "Sometimes, you are confronted with challenges in life that perhaps are not your own. And, when those moments arise, the right thing for a man to do is accept that responsibility, whatever it may be, and face it with honesty and humility."

So, I'm taking his advice. If for no other reason, than to clear the air so no one has to ever wonder how I feel about it.

I'd like to start off by saying that I don't live my life making fun of people (unless, of course, I'm making fun of myself on SNL)... Especially, those who are less fortunate or those in need. I grew up with a family and community that instilled ideals in me like hard work, honesty and empathy. As a matter of fact, growing up in Tennessee, I was always taught that we as people, no matter what your race, sex, or stature may be, are equal. We have a saying there that "Everyone puts their pants on the same way(maybe this saying doesn't apply to guys who wear kilts. Although, I'm sure they put theirs on the same way too...)"

As it pertains to this silly, unsavory video that was made as a joke and not in any way in mockery:

1. I had no knowledge of its existence. I had absolutely ZERO contribution to it.

2. My friends are good people. This was clearly a lapse in judgment which I'm sure no one who is reading this is exempt from. But, I don't believe it was made to be insensitive. More so, I think it was made as a joke on me not having that many friends attending my own wedding(which IS kind of funny if you think about it).

3. Like many silly rumors that I have been made aware of about the week: It was NOT shown at my wedding.

4. I think we can all agree that it was distasteful, even though that was not it's intention.
Once again, in the world that we live in where everyone thinks that they know everything, I want to be very clear... I am NOT defending the video. I agree with the overall consensus. But, to use another "pants" analogy... It seems that these days, misconception gets around the world before the actual truth even wakes up and gets it's pants on.

I want to say that, on behalf of my friends, family, and associative knuckleheads, I am deeply sorry to anyone who was offended by the video. Again, it was something that I was not made aware of. But, I do understand the reaction and, by association, I am holding myself accountable.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts. It really is a blessing to be able to speak directly to my true fans so that you can know exactly where I stand.


P.S. You can bet your ass that I'm having my friend do at least 100 hours of community service... Boom.


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Good for JT. He always seems like good guy.

691 days ago

Throwback kid    

Hey Justin, how about donating some of your time to a soup kitchen feeding these people? When you see how they live, how they struggle every day just to get a meal, you and your rich friends won't think there is anything funny about their lives. And I disagree with one of your statements in the letter, you said it was not meant to be distasteful? That's exactly what is was meant to be! everyone at your wedding party was going to have a good laugh at a person who is homeless and missing their teeth. If your friends think that is funny you are all horrible

691 days ago


Eddie? is that you?

691 days ago


knew Justin was not behind this, but somebody in his camp. Justin is not like some white people, who are still racist to this day. Instead of dwelling on this, I will make myself busy while making $45/hr online this is what I always do, View More

691 days ago


Justin has no reason to apologise. As for the video: everyone has a different opinion of what they consider funny and his friends as well within their right to think the video was funny. I'm sure we could all do/say some things that certain people wouldn't find funny. Whatever.

691 days ago


i love you JT!

691 days ago


Justin it is pretty sad that the last letter you wrote like this one was for the Ball and how proud you were of the men and woman in our armed forces. It is disgusting that your friend now has dishonored some of those soldiers that you claim to have respect for. Some of those soldiers are finding it really difficult to find jobs they are poor and homless and now that their tour is over no one cares and your friend thinks it is funny to make fun of people less fortunate than him, and you can not make your friend do any kind of communit service. Maybe you and your bride should take the responsibility for his 100 hours of community service because in your own words e is a good person. If this really disgust you you should take responsibility for your friends action the one you claim is a good person and you and your bride do the self imposed 100 hours for having disgusting friends. If you reallly care about the military you were so honored to be a part of for that one knight than lets see you take responsibility on behalf of the now homeless service men and woman and you and your bride do the self imposed 100 hours of community service for having such disgusting friond that is in your words a good person.

691 days ago


Lying peices of sh*t say what now? He and his wife are trash. I hope to never lay eyes on anything from either of them again.
Justin your career is about to go away and note to TIMBALAND: you keep backing this boy your career is going even farther into the toilet than it already is.
There will be no more buying music from Timbaland or anyone else anyone else who partners with Justin. I'll give the money I would have spent on the to the homeless.
Hopefully Justin will be sitting on a cardboard box one day soon to learn compassion.
If Justin and all of their rich friends have it in such a way that the lowest and most suffering of us is a joke to them, for any reason, then I don't need to waste my time or money buying their records or movies.
There are millions of teenagers and young people out there who would be more than happy to switch places with Justin and Jessica. They'd handle their celebrity status with honor. Hugh Jackman and NPH do it every day of their lives without any problems.
So let's make the good entertainers happen instead.

691 days ago


Its nice that Justin did that letter, but I still think the guy (his friend) who made it should be sued, he had no right to take those people and mis-use them like that or make fun of their appearances, etc. That is so evil and rude. You never make fun of the poor or any other people, that was foul.

691 days ago


I never liked Justin T. and what is did was done in very very poor taste. I don't care that he apologized. He's weird, always was. I don't even think he has talent, along w/his new wife. I think he's a NO TALENT NOTHING. Go away....Nobody cares...eww

691 days ago


Yes, but is he sorry for his music?

691 days ago


"Announcing 'I'm offended' is basically telling the world you can't control your own emotions, so everyone else should do it for you." I'll be the a$$hole, I thought it was actually pretty funny.

691 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

The letter is way over doing it. It screams of guilt. Try humility.

691 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

I think the people who thought this video up should be the ones writing the letter Huch and Rachel.

691 days ago


I hope his Grandfather also taught him the old "with friends like that who needs enemies". I don't know in what world this would even be considered mildly funny and find it more repulsive that his "friend" tried to get the video pulled from Gawker with threats of a lawsuit and we all know how well that works, ask Tom Cruise and Scientology about that ...

I hope he is sorry because it was repulsive, low-class AND not because it was leaked.

691 days ago
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