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Meat Loaf


'America the Beautiful' at Romney Event

10/26/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


There he was ... Meat Loaf harmlessly singing "America the Beautiful" with Mitt Romney at a campaign event yesterday ... when all of a sudden, Mr. Loaf went COMPLETELY OFF THE RAILS. 

Meat decided the traditional rendition of the song was a little too boring ... and sane ... so he mixed things up a bit -- with some improv shouting and yelling that he probably considered "creative improvements."

What ensued was nothing short of a musical train wreck.

It's awesome -- ya gotta watch Mitt's face.


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Lisa G    

Any one else notice that Romney's folks can't put together a decent representation to save their lives?? First, letting Mr Eastwood go on stage with no planned statement (just an empty chair to talk to) and now this washed-up musician who has as much tact, singing our national anthem, as bulldog eating meatloaf.

696 days ago


He sounds like the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz.

696 days ago

Lisa G    

oops!! make that singing America the Beautiful - not our national anyone could make heads or tails of that "rendition" anyway...

696 days ago


Another graduate from the Rosanne Barr school of patriotic entertainment.

696 days ago


OH MY ____!!! They all sang horrible, does anyone know the words. WOW

696 days ago


Look at Romney distance himself. THAT is what his presidency would look like.

696 days ago


It's very fitting since both the democrats and republicans have totally butchered this once great country and it doesn't matter if Romney or Obama win in November, either one will continue to butcher this country and it's people.

696 days ago

Lynn M    

I laughed. Have a sense of humor, for goodness sake! Don't blame Romney for stepping out of the picture with him, however.

696 days ago

Crazy Cuban    

BENGHAZI, Lybia...Our Embassy destroyed, 4 Americans killed while the Obama administration watched via unarmed drone. O's administration lied to us & blamed American made video. Video creator arrested in US, land of free speech. Anti-Mulsim video bad.....urine soaked Christian cross good......yeah..worry about how Meat Loaf sang.

696 days ago


Straight disaster

696 days ago


TMZ used to be fun when they just reported stories and the posters gave "their" opinions instead of the story reflecting Harvey's opinions.

696 days ago


I will be glad when this election mess is over with. I hope that once ole Mittens is defeated he will GO AWAY and STAY AWAY. I am tired of seeing him smirk that nasty smirk of his, his arrogance, his lies, and everything and anything about him. The man SERIOUSLY creeps me out.
Obama didn't do everything right in his presidency but at least we all know he's a nerd. That I can live with. And the fact that he's funny too. There aren't that many skeletons coming out of his closet. However, with Mittens, you almost have to have a shovel to shove them all back in. They just keep tumbling out. And Obama may not be a 'cool" president like Clinton was but he has a hell of a lot more personality than Mittens will EVER have.
And yet people like and respect ole Mittens. He CLEARLY doesn't like women much and he has little or no respect for the vast majority of the people who pay taxes in this country and keep this country running. What, he thinks his millionaire buddies are going to keep this country afloat.?????Nope, it's the common working man. Jane and John Lunchbucket.
I DESPISE Romney and everything he stands for.

696 days ago


would've been appropriate to also have Clint arguing with an armchair in the background.

696 days ago


He HAS to be an undercover Obama supporter to butcher that song in Romneys presence. That was not a good look for Romney

696 days ago


How do you resize the embed? 640 is WAY too wide for a lot of blogs

696 days ago
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