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Rob Pattinson & K-Stew


at the Prince Concert

10/26/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The couple formerly known as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson ... reunited last night to see the artist formerly known as Prince ... in what appeared to be a real deal date night ... and TMZ has the pic.

Rob and Kristen rolled up to the Sayers Club in Hollywood in the same SUV ... and sneaked into the back entrance to see the Purple One live in concert.

A short time later, the couple rushed back into the car -- trying to cover their faces -- but it was too late ... they'd been made.

It's unclear if the two are officially back together -- or if they're just toying with the media in what could be a shameless publicity trick to hype up their new movie.

In related news, the show was pretty good -- he played "JUNGLE LOVE" .... the one he wrote for Morris Day & The Time!!!!!!!



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The very naughty Ms Twist    

another lame Photo op. God s***mit your PR team are a bunch of morons. Maybe if you want your stupid cons to work then you should have got one pap to take photos instead of every pap on the planet. You expect us to believe that many photogs just happened to be outside that prince concert... and if you want people to believe that they were on a date night then don't send them to a concert in a black suv with a driver. Realistically no one should have known where Rob & sten were, they had been back in the country less than 24 hours. La is a huge place do you honestly think we'd buy that the paps would know where those two were without prior warning....Your PR team have to be the biggest bunch of idiotic morons that ever were. S***mit give up this stupid "reconciliation" ploy and stop using these two young actors private lives to sell tickets to that insipid last movie...Counting down the days until Rob can show the world he's not really ***** whipped pattinson...Its digusting what this movie studio are doing to these actors. S***mit entertainment you're parasites and morally bankrupt to exploit these young actors private lives for your corporate greed...Losers

725 days ago


They really are together and there are reports of PDA between them if they are happy I'm happy for them!!

725 days ago


She is a special person, all this talk about Kristen is because are ignorant, do not bother to notice her: she is a great actress, a humble and sweet girl ... , she does not care for fashion, but has a beautiful heart, is an admirable person, though so young, Kristen has many qualities, and Robert knows all!!

724 days ago


ok the movie ex's are making it look like they are ,,, when in fact they are not... after the movie releases all over and the sales are in i bet anyone they will call end that fast.. everytime you see R, pat he is either on his way to getting drunk or hung over.. you can see he is only doing this for press. saw her smile for the first time ever ,,, thought her face would crack.. since i dont think she has ever smiled.. it was soooo fake i want to scream... when is this movie crap for them going to be over.. so i dont have to watch this fake crap.
remember the movie all american sweethearts.. this is the real thing... here.

724 days ago


So what if robbie boy likes the taste of somebody Else's slong.

724 days ago


WHAT IS IT about this girl man? where is the appeal? are you seriously gonna tell me shes better looking than the millions of absolutely mindless girls who actually liked your ****ty movies? wake the **** up!

724 days ago

The very naughty Ms Twist    

S***mit just make it stop. Stop putting these two through hell to ramp up interest in your ****ty movie. they shouldn't have to pander to the crazy twi fandom, Jeez you know these fans are already struggling to seperate the actors from the characters, you're just making them even crazier and the rest of us sick...Please Rob stand up for yourself and tell s***mit to **** off using your nice nature to force twi fandom to forgive that cheating slag. Nothing you do is going to help save her reputation, it wasn't that great before she whored herself out to her director, all it's doing is making you look like her pu$$y whipped bitch. She's foul and self obsessed and your continued association with her is damaging your credibility to play a leading man in film. You can't expect your movie going public to find you believable playing a strong man when they know you let that stinking slapper lead you around by your trouser anacona....

724 days ago

The very naughty Ms Twist    

Make it stop...It's getting more unbelievable with every staged photo op. S***mit you wankers you're making those gormless twi nutters crazier than they were. No one but the crazy twi ****s believe Rob took that self obsessed slapper back. You should be ashamed of your company for not only exploiting your actors but exploiting the mental health issues of that insane fandom, you know they can't distinguish between the actors and the characters they portray. Its unethical to prey on the stupid....

724 days ago


I really wish everyone would STOP with the PR crap. Do you really think that Breaking Dawn 2 needs will make a lot of money. Rob and Kristen do not need to do personal PR for it. Please leave them alone...Be Kind!!

724 days ago


Hey Idiot TMZ writer! The song Jungle love was written by Jessee Johnson and Morris Day with a little help from Jamie Starr (Prince). And the dam% line is NOT "OheeeOheeeOh" It's OHWEEOHWEEO! I know these facts for a fact so GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

722 days ago
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