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Lil Wayne


at His Mommy's House

10/27/2012 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1026-lil-wayne-tmz-3Lil Wayne is no different than anyone else when they're not feeling well ... they just want to home with their mommy ... and TMZ has learned that's exactly where Weezy is recouping.

As TMZ first reported, Wayne suffered two seizures this week and was hospitalized in Texas after the first one and in Louisiana after the second.

Our sources say Wayne's doctors have advised him not to fly -- so he rescheduled his flight out of LA yesterday and then cancelled it again today.

According to our sources, Wayne has not decided when he will leave town ... so he's staying with friends and family at his mom's house where we're told he's been in good spirits. 

As TMZ first reported, the seizures forced Wayne to miss a court date in Los Angeles on Friday in his case against Quincy Jones III. Wayne is suing over a documentary QIII made about Weezy. 

Wayne's lawyers are supposed to update the judge on his status on Monday, and it's looking more and more like he will be unable to testify anytime soon.


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Does he kiss his MOMMY with that mouth?

704 days ago

She's baaaack    

Explain "recovering." If he had seizures that had a start and a finish he would have a period of time afterwards (post-ictal) where he may have confusion, sleepiness and some other neurological deficits. The recovery from a seizure isn't going to take weeks or even days for even a "routine" grand mal seizure unless he is having other seizures that are hard to control. It sounds like his seizures may be legally instigated.

704 days ago


Seizures are no laughing matter so I'm not goin to get on here and make jokes about it but I will say that he had it coming. You cannot take the type of drugs and the amount of drugs that he takes and expect it not o backfire on your body sooner or later. These guys think their invincible and that nothing will ever happen to them, and then when it does, they go crying to their mom. The sad thing is with Wayne, it doesn't seem like he's going to stop using them. He's proud of his drug use and flaunts it, so be prepared to see 3 more stories about upcoming seizures. The foolishness won't end.

704 days ago

idounno bro     

oh yeah weeezy become so moody these days

704 days ago


well hell this guy lives of cough syrup, weed and vagina. wtf do u expect?

704 days ago


hope that u r n the best of health i know cause i have them and there r alot of thangs u are have to gonna do but its not the end of the world toni

703 days ago


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703 days ago


OVERDOSE! Stop drinking that promethazine-codeine!!!! That purple drank got you phucked up!!

703 days ago


I have migranes, I have had dehydration, and I have had seizures (due to exteme extreem stress). I can tell you that having a sz is NOTHING like dehydration, or a migraine. There is a huge difference! Also, if he did have 2 sz, he is Not resting "comfortably" , like was said on tv. You hurt, your sore, and you are totally exhausted !

702 days ago



702 days ago

Danny Dingle    

For all you haters laughin at Lil wont be laughin so much when you are burning in hell for making fun of a small mentally retarded boy. UGH

701 days ago


I am becoming more disillusioned with TMZ on a daily basis. This particular article is a piece of krap. Just what doesn't the "author" of this POK article understand about the fact that Lil Wayne was born and raised in New Orleans and has a very nice house of his own there. He LIVES there. So does his mother. But this "running home to mommie because he is sick" article is beyond moronic. I, myself, have lived in California for 7-years; since Hurricane Katrina brought me here. I love it in California where I live but we still maintain a home there. Maybe its from drinking the Mississippi River water but NO one from New Orleans ever truly leaves New Orleans and even if they moved elsewhere, returning for visits is essential. We do go back at least 4 times a year and its something we found we HAD to do; to refill our souls in New Orleans. You get better, Lil Wayne.

694 days ago


now he will sing about a baller ass seizure he had on his g5 plane. it was so sick, he had a stripper shake that ass on his face to wake him up. baller!!

668 days ago
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